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2007-03-12, 04:43 PM
I'm going to be running a campaign at some poin in the next few weeks, and this is a rough draft of my rule or fluff changes for the world, please peach.
Thank you.

Arcane: In Balskiva , arcane magic is simply another element, such as air or fire, only instead of manifesting itself as flame or wind; it drifts around, permeating everything. Your average person has no idea what kind of forces are all around them, however, some are simply born attuned to this power, known as adepts, sorcerers, or bards. Their are no wizards in Balskiva. An adept is the least in tune with the energies of magic, and therefore has the least spell casting power. Bards occur when a person’s limited power manifests through performances and suchlike, and Sorcerers are people who are the most aware of the forces of magic.

Divine: Divine magic is power requested and granted by the gods. As such, Paladins, druids and rangers must worship a god, and Druids can loose their power in the same way a cleric and paladin could, but only if they cause massive intentional damage to the natural world, such as burning down a forest without sufficient reason.

Undead: Undead of any kind are not evil or “unholy” and therefore cannot be turned or rebuked, nor do druids consider them unnatural. Skeletons and Zombies are just bodies that have been animated, such as an object would be, and are therefore are of neutral alignment. To replace the lost turn or rebuke attempts, clerics gain the ability to smite evil if the are of good alignment, and smite good if they are evil. Neutral clerics may choose either.

Racial variants: No racial variants, such as drow, duegar, sea elves, or suchlike exist. Elves are elves, dwarves are dwarves are dwarves are dwarves, and gnomes are gnomes.

Dwarves: -2 charisma is replaced by -2 dexterity. Dwarves are tough but not nimble or fast.

Half-orcs: Half-orcs no longer suffer from a -2 charisma penalty

Elves: As wizards are no longer a class, elves have a new favored class of ranger.

2007-03-12, 07:00 PM
I really REALLY like it. They work. maybe however, for purposes of smiting, undead should take on the alignment of their animater? 'twould make sense.