View Full Version : D&D 3.x Class The ROBOT Template: A way to suck the personality out of every monster [PEACH]

2014-09-22, 09:18 PM
The other day, I started to think about what would be the best way to suck all distinctive features and ecology out of a creature with just one template. This is what I came up with.
NOTE: This template needs a CR assessment and has various optional add-ons that also need CR assessments.


Type-Change to Construct

HD-Change to d12s

Special Attacks-Change unrobotlike attacks as needed, add special robot attacks as needed

Special Qualities-As above, but add Artificial Intelligence ability also

Abilities-Change int and con to --


2014-09-22, 09:19 PM
Artificial Intelligence (Ex) The monster given the template keeps all skill points and has access to the same amount of feats, despite having no intelligence score

Swallow Whole Alteration (Ex) If the monster has a Swallow Whole ability, it keeps this ability but the mechanics are changed. When a creature is swallowed by the robot, it is trapped inside an enclosed space with breathable air for a number of rounds equal to the damage normally taken per round by the base creature. The room has tough walls and cannot be attacked from the inside. A swallowed creature can still affect others inside the room or itself if it so wishes.

Optional Ability-Rockets (Ex) Every 2d4 rounds, the robot can fire rockets dealing damage equal to 1d8 for each hit die the base creature possesses. A creature takes half damage if the rockets' attack roll is greater than their flat-footed AC.

Aura Alteration (Ex) All auras generated by the robot are caused by toxic gasses and are Extraordinary abilities.

2014-09-23, 02:00 AM
Maybe instead of making attacking robots from the inside impossible, you could just give their interior a hardness?