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2014-09-23, 10:40 AM
Reposting this from a very old thread that someone started, and then it got locked for age. I got Vaynor to unlock it (thank you!), but feel I should re-post this in case he wants to re-lock the old thread. This is mostly so I can take my sweet, lazy time about fixing the table.

Long ago I wrote an expanded deck on playing cards (more than one 54 card deck's worth), and made a listing in a notebook for the ones too complex to fit on the cards... Still have the cards, but the notebook went missing very soon afterwards. A FEW of the cards seem to be missing too... a major theme was that EVERY card was BOTH good and bad depending on the circumstance or character drawing it. Actually, on review, there are some purely good ones, but even those TEND to be situational as to their value None of the penalties or bonuses to levels or ability scores are removable by anything without divine rank 1 or higher.

Anyway here is the text from the cards (I will be filling in missing or untexted cards as well as I can remember or guess):
1| Dancing Flame|+6 untyped permanent bonus to Intelligence, -6 untyped permanent penalty to Wisdom (Min. 1)
2| River|+6 untyped permanent bonus to Wisdom, -6 untyped permanent penalty to Intelligence (Min. 3)|7H
3| Mountain|+6 untyped permanent bonus to Constitution, -6 untyped permanent penalty to Dexterity(Min. 1)|10C
4| Zephyr|+6 untyped permanent bonus to Dexterity, -6 untyped permanent penalty to Constitution(Min. 1)|10H
5| Brute|+6 untyped permanent bonus to Strength, -6 untyped permanent penalty to Charisma(Min. 1)|9C
6| Nymph|+6 untyped permanent bonus to Charisma, -6 untyped permanent penalty to Strength(Min. 1)|9H
7|Ebenezeer Scrooge| Lose 1 level & 2 points randomly distributed among abilities. Gain 3 diamonds, each worth 5,000 GP and a number of GP, SP, and CP each (all in mixed sacks) equal to number of XPs lost.|3D
8| The Serf|Lose all material possessions, but gain a +1 untyped perminant bonus to each ability score and gain 1 level|2C
9| The Dream|Elemental Effect whenever you fall asleep. (will try to remember to type this up later.|8D
10|The Romantic|You are pursued by a construct suitor. He or she is indistinguishable from a warrior of your level (and gains or loses levels to keep this true), and has appropriate equipment for such an NPC. If any of the equipment is removed from him it vanishes. All equipment vanishes if (and most likely when) he dies. S/He serenades in a horrid voice, writes atrocious love letters, and challenges to death duals or outright attacks anyone who has or tries to win your affections. He will not go away and the GM should have them act in the most inconvenient way possible at any given moment. If you return his/her affections or even attempt to have a civil conversation with them, they protest that you are so high above them they could never think of doing whatever it is you are granting them. If killed or trapped away from you they reappear, fully healed and re-equipped within 10' of you 3d20 hours later... The GM should award experience for creative and/or catharthatic means of disposing of them each time.|BJo
10|Amadeus|+2 untyped permanent bonus to all ability scores, move to the midpoint of the next level, and permanently Hasted, but age at 50 times normal rate.|10D
12|The Sacrifice|Die. This is not a death effect. Only Wish or Miracle(costing 5000 xp) can make it possible for you to turn to life and even then separate spell needed to actually do so. One ally per level receives benefits of Heal, Feast of Champions (Ebberon Campaign Book), 1 gem worth 1,000 gp per drawers level, and 100 xp per drawer level.
13|The Mouse|Gain the services of a large number of rodents (Lost the table for this, but you got multiple rolls on the table and everything it gave you... went from mice through guinea pigs and squirrels, all the way up to dire-rats and a were-rat... will recreate later if people ask me to... or maybe even if they don't|3C
14|The Iron Warrior|currently worn armor gains a total of +5 worth of enchantment bonuses and/or enchantments, but can never be removed. Hatches allow eating, drinking, elimination, and (technically) sex.|4S
15|The Wanderer|Gain granted power of Travel domain, and may use the 1st-3rd level spells of that domain as Spell-like abilities 1/week each (these start out, the 4th and 5th level spells 1/month each, the 6th and 7th level spells 1/year each, and the 8th and 9th level spells of that domain 1/decade each. Caster level is equal to ECL for these purposes. ?The 1st and 2nd level abilities start out "charged" the higher level ones start out halfway each to their respective recharge times.?|6S
16| Mid-Life Crisis|Lose 1 point from your highest ability score. Gain Magic Item worth up to 5,000 gp and one level in a specific class. ((Another complicated one... will type up when I have more time))|KiC
17| The Iceberg|Gain the [Cold] subtype|5D
18| The Volcano| Gain the [Fire] subtype|10D
19| The Rock| -4 on Reflex Saves, +4 on Fortitude Saves|AceC
20| The Fly|-4 Will Saves, +4 Reflex saves|5S
21| Raistline(sp?)|-4 Fortitude Saves, +4 Will Saves|4D
22| Lightning|Electricity damage now heals you at 1 point of healing per 2 points of damage it would normally deal. Do not roll saves vs electricity damage. Damage from Fire, Cold, Acid, and Sonic all doubled.|2D
23|The Puppy|Gain Scent special quality but -4 to all diplomacy checks (because people don't take you as seriously), and -2 to saves versus charm because you are now more trusting of people.|4C
24|The Chicken|Permanent Feather Fall (you may surpress for a round with a free action), but -4 to saves versus Fear (if you have immunity to fear from a race, class feature, or template, such immunity instead changes to a +4 bonus, and you don't take the -4 penalty).|2H
25|The Rhino|ALL senses completely unable to detect anything more than 60' away from you, but gain extra +2 to hit and your ECL to damage when charging.|2S
26|The Fated Blade|At start of of each combat roll 1d20, if 1 or 2 then your first single attack (including the first attack of a full attack action, the first arrow fired with Multi-shot, etc) in that combat gains the effect of True Strike. After the 10th such time you get a 1 or a 2 this ability goes away(still granting the effect for that time).|7S
28|The Rose|Heavenly pheromones give +6 to diplomacy checks, but even HUMANS can easily detect and track you as if they had the scent feat, and a minimum number of ranks in Survival equal to half their ECL.|3H
29|The Troglodyte|Anyone who has not spent at least 1 hour within 30 feet of you within the last 24 and is within that radius must make a fortitude save with a DC equal to (10 + 1/2 your ECL + your constitution modifier) or be sickened whenever they are within that radius for the next 24 hours, or until they have spent the aforementioned 1 hour in that radius, also even HUMANS can easily detect and track you as if they had the scent feat, and a minimum number of ranks in Survival equal to half their ECL.|3S
30|Eye of the Bird|Viewpoint permanently shifted to a point 2 to 100 feet above your head and always looking straight down. At will you may chose to make everything above your own eye level invisible for these purposes. (Insert extensive suggestions to GMs for mechanical effects of this here...)|7D
31| The Tutor|Immediately gain 8 skill points (all skills count as class skills for this purpose, but you must still observe the 3+Level limit on ranks in any one skill.) OR 1 Feat that you qualify for.
32|Fires of Heaven/Hell|30' radius Fireball centered with caster level equal to your ECL and DC (13 + 1/2 your ECL). You and your allies gain a +2 bonus on their saves for each alignment component they share with you, enemies gain a -2 penalty on their saves for each alignment component they DON'T share with you. Half this damage results directly from (Un)Holy energy and is not subject to resistance nor immunity to fire.|10H
33|Heroic Hour|((Gain just about every buff in the PHB and then some, duration 1 hour.))|KiS
34| Insight| ((Gain just about every divination effect in the PHB and then some, duration 1 hour.))|AceD
35|The Lawyer|Gain the services of an Expert class lawyer of your own race (technically a construct). Alignment on Law/Chaos axis matches your own, but always Evil. Skill Focus and maxed ranks in Profession(Lawyer). Class levels equal to your ECL and gains or loses Expert levels to keep this true.|JakC
38|Trouble|Every time you take hitpoint damage, each ally within 60 feet of you takes half that much damage which can not be prevented or resisted, or regenerated.
40|The Canary|Gain the services of a large number of birds ((Yeah, need to recreate the table for this from sparrow all the way up to were-eagle))|QuH
42|The Steed|Gain services orf construct horse sized for you to ride (so one size class larger than you) w/ abilities equal to those of a Mount or Phantasmal Steed(if sufficiently high caster level) cast by a Sorcerer 2 levels higher than your ECL. As you gain or lose levels the horse's abilities are adjusted to match.
43|The Eye|60' Blindsight, +5 untyped bonus to spot checks. Immune to Blindness, Power Word, Blind, and all spells and spell-like abilities that emulate such effects. -10 to saves against gaze attacks.
44|Obleck|Tangle-Foot bag substance covers all creatures and floor to a radius of 300 feet in all directions regardless of line of sight or effect.|10C
45|The Nerd|+6 untyped permanent bonus to Intelligence, -6 untyped permanent penalty to Charisma(Min. 1)|4S
46|The Ditz|+6 untyped permanent bonus to Charisma, -6 untyped permanent penalty to Intelligence(Min. 3)|QuH
47|The Guru|+6 untyped permanent bonus to both Intelligence and Wisdom, but completely unable to detect any creature that does not have Intelligence+Wisdom = 20 or greater by any means (so effectively deaf and blind to them etc).|5C
50|Valhalla|ALL creatures with 600 foot radius of drawer(including drawer themselves), ignoring line of sight and line of effect, gain the effects of Feast of Champions (Ebberron Campaign Book) and a first level level barbarians rage for the next 12 hours. No mortal means may end either of these effect early.|8C
51|The Fluffy Bunny|ALL creatures with 600 foot radius of drawer (including drawer themselves), ignoring line of sight and line of effect, gain damage reduction 4/- that stacks with all other sources of damage reduction, an +4 untyped bonus to all saves, and SR equal to 10 + the drawer's ECL against effects that do not allow a save. All these effects last for 12 hours.|4H
53|The Runner|Permanent +10 feet to base land speed.|6S
54| Rebirth|Receive Benefits of Restoration, Greater, Regeneration, and Attonement. Lose 3 levels (min. Character Level 1), Gain 2 ability score points to distribute as you choose and may reduce your physical age as low as you like at that moment (this DOES allow a greater lifespan and DOES remove the bonuses and penalties of age catagories if it crosses the cut-off for such). Gain a gem (and other benefits that aren't listed on the card) for each such level lost.|8H
55|Magic Repeller|Gain Spell Resistance equal to 10 +(1/2 CURRENT ECL). This amount does NOT change with level. You may NOT lower this SR even when unconscious, asleep, dead, etc. Whenever you attempt to cast a spell you must roll against your own SR or the spell fizzles and is wasted.|3D
57|Growth|You and all your gear permanently increase one size category. Apply the effects listed in the Monster Manual to your physical ability scores (so NOT the ones for Enlarge Person). Effects on reach, hide checks, grapple checks, etc, etc are as normal for a size increase.|6C
58|Distillation|You and all your gear permanently decrease one size category. Apply the effects listed in the Monster Manual to your physical ability scores (so NOT the ones for Reduce Person). Effects on reach, hide checks, grapple checks, etc, etc are as normal for a size decrease.|5C
59|The Turtle|Your land speed is halved, but you gain a +2 untyped bonus (so it stacks with racial and magically granted increases) to your natural armor.|4C
63|The Knight|All movement speeds and bonuses, including those granted by magic currently or at a later time halved, but you never provoke attacks of opportunity for moving. Since half of infinity is still infinite, this has no effect on Teleport, Teleport, Greater, Plane Shift or similar magics, but it does halve the maximum range of any Dimension Door or similar spell or effect that includes you.|KiC

One I accidently came up with because I forgot what "The Dream" did:
The Vision:Your companions vanish and you are compelled to adventure forth alone for 1 hour. If you die, or the hour ends, you "wake up" to discover that it is only 10 minutes since you drew the card... it was all a dream... however everything is as you remember. This insight is not precise enough to grant bonuses to die rolls, but does allow you to remember the locations of traps and hidden doors, the types and equipment of enemies, etc etc. (Might be better to make this the whole party... the playing care just has the number and the name.)

2014-09-23, 11:28 AM
If you can get another card effect (getting it to a solid 64), you could use 4 suits of 15 cards, like so:


With 4 Jokers (two black, two red)

Alternatively, a modified Jass pack with 7 suits could work:

Ace (As)
King (Konig)
Lord (Ober)
Jack (Under)
10 (Banner)

With the seven suits of Acorns, Bells, Coins, Cups, Eagles, Shields, and Roses. Yes, those are all real suits; a normal Jass pack consists of Acorns, Bells, Shields, and Roses - might be hard to get your hands on one.

Ooh, or 9 suits of 7 cards each. I could see an Eberron-based deck with a suit for each God in the Sovereign Host, with 3 Domain cards (each representing a domain as a pictograph), a Prayer card (with a brief prayer to that Deity on it), a Priest card (representing one of their Clerics), a Weapon card (with an pictograph representing the Deity's favoured weapon), and a Visage card (has a representation of the Deity in question on it.)

Works great as a spotting guide for the different faiths, and they could even be something that certain temples (looking at you, Kol Korran) would sell as a means of fund-raising...

Oops, sorry. Have I ever mentioned how much I love cards?


I actually don't have anything else to say. :smallredface: