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Bud the CHUD
2014-09-24, 01:13 AM
I had been out of the loop when it comes to tabletop gaming for about 10 years. Well, early on this year some people decided to start a Skype and Roll20 based game on a weekly basis. Great, grand, wonderful. Well we haven't been as consistent so fill the void I started to write a setting. I want to leave it open for now to allow for addition and interpretation but it is as follows:

I started by writing the genesis which is a single being with two offspring that become the holders of the heaven's and hells. The part that feels weird is that the heavens created the 'core' races for the most part and the other made the greater 9 evils. I'd really like some input before I get too much farther on this.

TLDR; I failed at putting the link in here SEE BELOW! Thanks!

2014-09-24, 01:56 AM
Input on what? You have one sentence of worldbuilding which basically boils down to "in the beginning God created two more gods which created sentient beings". What are these '9 greater evils'? What about everything else? What you have here isn't a setting. It's not, as presented, an outline nor even a hint of a setting: it's the first line of a fairy tale..

Honestly, this isn't asking for input, it's asking for someone else to do the job for you.
If you need ideas for a setting and can't get farther than this, read up on existing settings and either use them or just strip them for parts for your own. There's nothing wrong with stealing from other sources for your game.

Bud the CHUD
2014-09-24, 02:00 AM
OH OH OH! The stupid link didn't paste, wait for it:


2014-09-25, 12:24 PM
Wouldn't it be easier to just copy/paste the whole thing into your post? The only thing that wouldn't transfer over is your graphic at the top, which I'm not sure I understand anyway.

As creation myths go it seems good to me. I tend to breeze past that sort of thing in favor of information about the present day of the settings I play in, but I've enjoyed games with weaker creation stories than this one. I do have a few questions though.

If I understand right, Faa'm himself is not evil but his offspring are essentially the Archdevils of your setting, and in giving them the power to create their own realms he either died or was left in a severely weakened state. Do I have it right?

Meanwhile, So'ac created all the player races that inhabit the world, right? And his original creations (the first of each race, I guess?) are revered as gods themselves?

Do Faa'm and So'ac have worshipers themselves? How about Ola? Do any of the three of them still take an active hand in the world? How long has it been since the world was created?

Bud the CHUD
2014-09-26, 03:41 AM
Well. The archdevils in later edits will become petty. They will quarrel and Faa'm being crippled and weak will be unable to keep them in line. This will be the foundation for the nine hells.
They are revered but not as gods but more like great ancestors. The celestials will show up a few centuries later as keepers of the mortals. Soa'c will also grow weak from trying to keep the mortals from wiping each other out.
I want it to explain low god interference, high devil/demon and celestial interference, and explain that the ancestors were each given one artifact from Soa'c that allowed them great powers. Think Appollyns ring but less deadly.
The setting should be more martial but should not exclude magic. However magical and wondrous items are next to impossible to obtain. Divine casters draw from the heavens instead of one domain or god and arcane casters... I haven't worked yet.