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2014-09-24, 06:47 AM
Ok guys, this one is going to be a little bit tricky to explain.

Basically what I want to do is set up a persistent on-forum town that players from different campaigns can visit while asleep, called "Dreamside" which is a play on Moonside, an area in the game Mother2/Earthbound.

This would be likely set up in a PBP fashion, as players interact the town would grow over time, being shaped by the actions of the players.

This would be a cross-setting cross-campaign cross-system area, it would be non-hostile and players would be loaded in sort of a "holo-deck with the safety settings on" type situation, it's not intended to be a combat zone.

The main point of the exchange (whatever is being exchanged for whatever) is that the input and output is creative, it's not intended to be a replacement for anything in-game but rather a place for players and DMs alike to come up with wacky and fun inventions and throw them around.

Thoughts? Interest?

2014-09-24, 06:50 AM
It does sound fascinating. Situations where people from different worlds, times and dimensions meet are a personal favourite. (See: Sandman: World's End, etc.)

2014-09-24, 03:54 PM
Shouldn't this be in the recruiting forum? I can't imagine what mechanics would be necessary to implement this. Sounds like a free-form with the only required rule being, "Don't god mod like a jackass."

2014-09-24, 09:09 PM
Well, considering its 3.5e, we'll need some feats or spells or such to get there.

Also, I'd be welcome to be a shopkeep.

2014-09-25, 05:10 PM
Hmm, I don't think spells would be necessary, but it would require some sort of dreamtravel either from the player's side or the npc's side.
For most campaigns in 3.x or 3.P this would probably fall into the dreamscape (as described in the planar handbook) and some sort of link that when a player falls asleep their dream forms beside dreamside and allows sort of planar docking to take place.

The mechanics are more about what (as a template) can a character give and take without it disrupting a campaign or attempting to seek out-of-campaign means of improvement or optimization.

Tricky question, but I'm sure there's some good answers.

2014-09-25, 05:34 PM
Yeah, I can't think of any reason this needs mechanics. It's basically an out-of-continuity crossover of characters from any game on the forum. Applying mechanics would just break some characters almost any way you do it, unless you limit it to characters from one system only, and I can't think why you'd want to do that.