View Full Version : Original System Regarding Armor Types and Nuances

2014-09-24, 08:46 AM
So in D&D and however many other RPGs there are a plethora of armors, not really much different from one another. Scale Mail. Breastplate, and Banded Mail all have their "how they were made and what of" text blocks, but statistically the armor rating difference is usually by one point. So why even bother?

The idea is that it'd be easier to give three classes of armor Light, Medium and Heavy, each category covering a range of numbers. So it'd look something like...

Light Armor covers +1 through +5 AR armors and are usually made of Cloth, Leather, Chain etc, while Medium Armor covers +6 through +10 AR armors and are usually Scale Mails, Breastplates, Banded Mail, and so on.

Each category has its own differences (Light armor adds Agility to find your Defense, Medium armor adds Endurance, Heavy armor adds Endurance but gives penalties to agility and certain actions. Standard stuff) So there could be exceptional armor like a rare or legendary set that grants +7 AR but is considered Light.

I feel like this is easier, and also gives a little more character description freedom right?

At least that's how I justify it. I honestly can't tell if this idea is lazy or genius... Thoughts?