View Full Version : Shadowrun (4th Ed) rules, Marvel Studios Cinema Universe setting

2014-09-24, 02:04 PM
Hey everyone,

I'm working on setting up a Marvel Studios Cinema Universe RPG using the Shadowrun 4th Edition rules (5th just came out, but it doesn't feel right).

For now, I'm just trying to see if there is any problems I might need to consider.

Immediately: No other races besides human, no technomancers, and no magic users (for now). Weapons will be from the Runner's Black Book unless it is a modern weapon (M4, M16, MP5s, and the like). I'm putting the Point Buy total at 400, with the only limit on the Qualities being that it has to make sense. Nuyen will not be coming from the 400 BPs but from the skills and equipment. In addition, I am asking for a general idea of the backstory.

House Rules:

I enjoyed the way 5th Ed handled the skill checks and equipment. I am therefore going to apply the same concept to the skills here (max basic limit will be 12, not 6). Might also be handled differently.

What do you all think?