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2014-09-24, 08:51 PM
Hello, folks.
I've been working on an action manga RPG for a few years now, but I always end up rebuilding it from scratch. I think I've finally found the core mechanic I want and I have enough side mechanics to work into it. The thing I need help with is naming.

There is one stat which works more or less as level in D&D or Essence in Exalted. It limits how much dice you can keep from any roll and how much effort you can spend for each action. It represents your spiritual awakening. How should I call it?

In the game system, you make a roll when combat begins. From that roll, you pick some dice for your initiative, you use the rest of the dice to set up your actions. I don't know what to call the initial roll. I'm calling it initiative for now, but that's not it.

There are a few ways in the game to 'power up' a dice, spending spiritual energy to go from a d6 to a d10. I don't know what to call this dice. I'm using 'energized dice', but I don't like it.

2014-09-25, 03:29 AM
Ki? 10 chars

2014-09-25, 03:57 AM
Ki? 10 chars

I ended up going with nagi. Nagen is spiritual energy, nagi is your personal "core" of spiritual energy.