View Full Version : D&D 5e/Next A couple miscellaneous 5e house rules

2014-09-25, 04:43 PM
None of these little homebrew rules warrant a thread of their own, they're all small house rules we play with in 5e. Some are adopted from house rules we had in older editions.

True dueling fighting style: You get a +4 bonus on attack rolls if you forgo a shield. If you use a shield, just a +2 bonus. (This is to compensate for the relative lack of representation of my favorite fighting style in D&D--one handed weapon with nothing, not even a shield, in the off-hand.) This replaces the regular Dueling fighting style.

Halfling subrace: Hobbit. Hairy feet, fat belly. +1 Cha, +1 Con, must consume food six times per day. (I always put hobbit as a halfling subrace in Pathfinder, so why not here?)

Arming sword: 1d6 slashing damage, 3lb, finesse. (Because I needed a finesse slashing weapon.)

I'll update this thread later if I come up with some more.