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2014-09-27, 02:16 PM
Hey playground! It's been AGES hasn't it?

Anyway, I've recently started picking up Iron Gods to run for my skype group, along with the Technology Guide, and I've discovered something abit odd really: There's very few technological weapons for my melee focused folk to take advantage of. I mean, yeah we've got the stun rod, chainsaw and the dangerously insane Monofilament Whip (Seriously, who would use that? I feel like critical fail rules could turn that into an...incident) But other than that, it's kind of barren.

So I guess it's time to homebrew, isn't it? Thus far, all iv'e determined is that I want to turn some of the Scrapwall enemies into oven-mitted mooks to wield Siccatite shivs.

So, who's got ideas?

2014-09-28, 11:20 AM
I have some ideas/WIP homebrew stuff that may interest you. The melee weapons I've been tinkering with are steam powered, not high-tech, but I assume that should basically only matter in terms of fluff and minor related mechanical differences (like the steam boiler being replaced by batteries/energy cells/whatever the Numerians/aliens use). I've had a bit of an agenda when designing these melee weapons, hoping they can help change the UP problems melee combat and classes (by Paizo) struggle with. As you probably are well aware of, the problem has rarely been about poor damage output, so I don't have much in the way of 3d6 dmg chainsaws (mechanically speaking), but hopefully some stuff with a bit more versatility and more fun tactical stuff besides damage.

And I also happen to have no less than two mittens as well, though I'm afraid they aren't nearly as awesome as your "siccatite shivs with scrapwall-foe oven mittens" idea. Why didn't I think of that? I mean, it seems so perfectly reasonable now that you shown me the light! I'm thinking really fluffy pink mittens, preferrably with something homely and heartwarmingly cute vowen into them ("Golarion's Best Mommy" and some happy piglets?), big enough to almost completely hide the "deadly tapid combo" - one nasty siccatite bread knife in each mitten-clad hand, one hotter than hell, the other colder than the grave! Hmm... Bread shivs would also be great for insta-toast and keeping your lembas frozen fresh all through the adventure... You really have thought of everything! :smallbiggrin:

Here's the light weapon half of the seven or so more complete and play-tested ones (don't have the Tech Guide, if there are any special rules mechanics Paizo uses for tech weapons you'd like to see on any of these ideas, let me know and I'll try making them compatible):

+1d6 bonus to the damage rolls of up to 2 unarmed strikes per round; 3 lbs.; monk, disarm, performance; can not be disarmed

This pair of articulate powered gauntlets improves the wearer's grip and unarmed strikes. Once per round, when hitting the same target at least twice with unarmed strikes using the pugilist pistons, the wearer can initiate a grapple with a +4 bonus to the CMB check (as if having the grab ability). A wearer able to make more than two unarmed strikes per round must decide to use the pugilist pistons before making an attack roll in order to receive any of the bonuses.

The pugilist pistons can be made in any metal suitable for weapons, and are treated as a single light melee weapon for the purpose of determining effects of magic (including magic weapon enhancements and special abilities). The wearer is considered to be making both an unarmed strike and a light melee weapon attack when making an attack using the pugilist pistons, but they are otherwise treated as normal gauntlets (http://www.d20pfsrd.com/equipment---final/weapons/weapon-descriptions/gauntlet).

Special: A wearer with the flurry of blows or brawler's flurry class feature can choose to gain the benefits of the pugilist pistons on all her unarmed strikes when using her flurry ability.

+2 bonus to damage rolls and crit range 19-20 with one pair of claw natural attacks; thrown (see text); 4 lbs.; deadly, disarm, trip; can not be disarmed

Slaad harpoons are a pair of advanced mechanized gauntlets, covering most of the wearer's lower arms and hands in interlocking metal plates. The gauntlets are specifically designed to enhance the wearer's natural claw attacks, automatically locking its finger and hand plates to the lower arm when an attack is made. In addition, the wearer can shoot four of either gauntlet's razor sharp claw sheaths, each connected to the gauntlet with an extremely thin but strong cord. The wearer makes a ranged attack, treating her claw as a thrown weapon with a range of 15 feet plus the wearer's natural melee reach, and twice that distance as maximum range (i.e. 20 ft. range / 40 ft. max range for most medium sized wearers).

If the target of the ranged attack is within the first range increment, the wearer of the slaad harpoons may treat the attack as a melee attack, for example adding her Strength instead of her Dexterity modifier to the attack roll, the attack provoking no attacks of opportunity, and adding all bonuses applicable to melee attacks, such as from Power Attack. The attack is treated as a melee attack in all respects, and the wearer can make disarm or trip attempts using the harpoon attack, but it does not gain any bonuses, or trigger any actions, which are dependent on the target being within melee reach (such as attacks of opportunity and grapple attempts). The gauntlets instantly retract and re-attach the projectiles to the gauntlet after the attack has been resolved.

The slaad harpoons can be made in any metal suitable for bladed weapons, and are treated as a single light melee weapon for the purpose of determining effects of magic (including magic weapon enhancements and special abilities). The wearer is considered to be making both a natural (claw) attack and a light melee weapon attack when making an attack using the slaad harpoons, but they are otherwise treated as normal gauntlets (http://www.d20pfsrd.com/equipment---final/weapons/weapon-descriptions/gauntlet).

(Note that the slaad harpoons do not grant the wearer claw attacks and provide no benefits to a creature which lacks claw attacks.)

When loaded: 1d8 slashing, 19-20/x2; range 20 ft.; 4 lbs.; deadly, sunder

Despite the razordisc's compact size and its seemingly simple design, the razordisc is an unusually versatile and deadly weapon in the hands of a capable warrior. Vaguely resembling a handaxe with a strangely thin and circular blade, the razordisc is comprised of a metal shaft with a handle and controls near one end, and a thin hardened metal disc, five or six inches in diameter, mounted at the very tip of the weapon's other end. The shaft contains a highly efficient motor, responsible for keeping the disc spinning at an incredible speed, enabling not only it's razor-sharp edges to easily cut through virtually any material softer than hard metals or stone, but also the option to hurl the disc with deadly force and precision.

Attacks made with a razordisc ignores armor bonuses from any armor with a hardness of 5 or less (i.e. any material not harder than "typical" wood, including for example natural armor bonuses and the armor bonuses of cloth, leather and hide armors). Magic armor enhancement bonuses provide protection as normal against razordisc attacks, regardless of the magic armor's hardness.

The razordisc is both a melee weapon and a projectile weapon, but the wielder adds her Strength modifier to the damage rolls of ranged attacks made with the weapon (like attacks made with a sling). A razordisc shaft without the disc is still a weapon, but is treated as a light mace (http://www.d20pfsrd.com/equipment---final/weapons/weapon-descriptions/mace-light) instead. When loaded, the razordisc belongs to the axes and thrown fighter weapon groups. Reloading a razordisc is a move action which requires two hands. The razordisc is treated as a light crossbow for the purpose of meeting the prerequisite of the Rapid Reload feat, and it provides the same benefit as for light crossbow wielders, reducing the reload action for razordiscs to a free action.

Unlike other projectile weapon ammunitions, the disc of the razordisk is treated as a thrown weapon in and of itself and does not risk being destroyed when used in a ranged attack, regardless of whether the attack hits or misses, or whether the disc is a magic weapon or not. A character can carry to up to ten discs on her person that can be retreived as a free action.

The razordisc can be magically enhanced as a single weapon (a slashing light melee and projectile weapon), or the shaft and the disc separately. The shaft is then treated as an unloaded razordisc (a light mace and projectile weapon), and the disc is treated as a thrown weapon, but gains applicable weapon enhancements or special abilities from the shaft just like other ammunition. Similarly, any attack made with the loaded weapon gain the benefits of all applicable special abilities of both parts.

Grizzled Gryphon
2014-10-25, 10:38 PM
Crazy thought, but I was hit with it upon reading your request...

An energy blade weapon. Yeah, I know, barely heard of idea, but there it is. Call it... Oh, I don't know, something like a Lucent Blade, or something...


2014-10-26, 04:57 PM
I would love to see some rules for making tech based vehicles, also Grizzled good to see another griffon, hows it going?

2014-10-28, 12:03 AM
Last time I had seen this thread, I thought that maybe the best thing to do was to perhaps consider making "Weapon Templates" similar to how

3.5 did in one of the source books. Never took off for some reason, but the general idea was that in addition to materials, you could further customize weapons to be crafted with special innate abilities. A similar system here would need to be more radical, but in short, convert existing weapons to fit in a more scifi oriented work by using slight modifications.

Consider perhaps a vibroblade or chainsaw weapon template, applied to any weapon.
Vibroblade weapons would perhaps negate some or all of the enemy's armor, while chainsaw would have an easier time dismembering or perhaps sundering someone, such as an innate sundering attempts on someone's armor on a natural 20.

Grizzled Gryphon
2014-10-28, 06:55 PM
Things are fine, IKilledTheDevil.

I like the template idea, but I think the two you suggested would only be for bladed weapons. You could have something like impact piston for blunt and piercing weapons. Pneumatic for ranged weapons. Or even rocket assisted for ranged weapons. Perhaps one adds to the damage, and another adds to the range?

Depending on how high tech you want to get, you could have fire and forget munitions for ranged weapons as well. Heat seekers. Heck, a lot of the tech stuff emulates spells, right? So life seeking (or unlife, as the user prefers) weapons instead of heat seekers.

And then there are accessories for weapons as well. Like scopes that allow you to look through a certain thickness of various materials.

And other items come to mind as well. Personal force fields. Armor that increases the strength, dex, and/or con of the wearer. Various sensor systems that can be included in armor, or at least helmets.

I haven't looked at the guide myself, so I hope I am not just parroting whats already in it.

2014-10-28, 10:01 PM
Some ideas:
* Guns that are also melee weapons. Think RWBY, or Squall. Or this thing. (http://carpeomnisdotcom.files.wordpress.com/2011/10/dsc02679.jpg)
* As an inverse, Bayonets.
* Jet-powered rocket hammer.
* Automatic grappling hook. Either to pull you towards your enemy, or vice versa.
* A weapons material that is basically sold anti-magic, or better yet, makes magic explode when it hits.
* Chainswords, or chain-weapon as a template. This hasn't been said already why?
* Buzzsaw axes.
* Exploding pikes that can ether be thrown, or stabbed into opponents for massive damage.
* Monofilment weed-wacker.
* Tech version of "normal" magical weapons, Like a sword soaked in oil or one with an electrical charge in it. Let them stack...
* Alternate a weapon made of a poisonous material.
* Whipswords. Not like a uremi, but more like this thing. (http://www.google.com.au/imgres?imgurl=http%3A%2F%2Fi604.photobucket.com%2F albums%2Ftt127%2Fnamine199%2FMadokas_whipsword.jpg&imgrefurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.crunchyroll.com%2Fforum topic-861433%2Ffavorite-or-least-favourite-weapon-&h=367&w=680&tbnid=JxhJ6xKhng_jXM%3A&zoom=1&docid=-6rfI-LiqmxtBM&ei=U1dQVOjUDIfV8gW_44CgBg&tbm=isch&ved=0CCsQMygOMA4&iact=rc&uact=3&dur=816&page=1&start=0&ndsp=46)
* Even better, one made with a blade of non-newtonian mateiral: basically a liquid sword that can still cut people.
*Power fists. Particularly ones you can launch.
*Drills. Never enoguth drills.
*Stick grenades. A sane man would throw them...

Grizzled Gryphon
2014-11-04, 12:13 PM
Of course, there is the laser edged weapons, as well. Essentially an edged weapon that has been made using high tech or futuristic technology to craft it, leading to mono-molecular (or near enough to not matter) edges. These could be bladed weapons that essentially have the keen enhancement.