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Peter Harris
2007-03-13, 06:29 PM
I know this is a ridiculously D20-friendly board, but does anyone here run the HERO System?

2007-03-13, 09:47 PM
Not anymore. When I can compare a game's complexity unfavorably to Rolemaster, I'm not about to keep playing it. And I enjoy complex games.

2007-03-13, 10:46 PM
Run? No. I've played it. It's fun, but character creation takes too long.

And, just by the by, this is the wrong subform. This is a tabletop RPG, so it belongs in "d20 and General RPGs." This is the forum for any game that ISN'T a tabletop RPG.

Peter Harris
2007-03-14, 12:35 PM
Whoops, my bad. If a moderator could move it, I would be much obliged. Still learning my way around the place.

While I agree the game is quite complex, I appreciate the fact that (I believe), more than any other game I've come across, HERO is capable of emulating any genre, any game I want. The only thing that comes close is GURPS, and I'd really rather not have to buy fifteen books to get all the information that I need. (Though, if you and your friends have an unlimited income, GURPS is pretty fun.)