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2007-03-14, 12:21 AM
I've noticed that the only thread about OGame died without a single reply. I'm hoping this won't happen again.

I would like to announce that a new OGame universe is opening on March 20. I propose that we, the Giant in the Playground Forumites all join ASAP, start our own alliance, and seriously DOMINATE THE WHOLE OF UNIVERSE 30!!!!!!

My preliminary research tells me that Universe 30 will be in double time. This means that it won't take forever to get anywhere, and we wil all gain power and glory exceedingly rapidly!

Join the Revolution! And we will conquer OGame Universe 30 together!!

Official Roster:
Call me Fate
Steve the ERB
sam de cheese
Jo Jampa (Nullspace)
coolgaelbert (gaelbert)
Inyssius Tor (Inyssius)

2007-03-14, 12:41 AM
To ask the obvious... what is OGame?

2007-03-14, 12:50 AM

Here's the link, the site is wierd in the sense that pretty much every part of it is under the same url, so you'll kinda have to navigate it yourself. Check it out, it's fun and it's free and doesn't require hours of continuous play.


Here's the link for the help menu, please excuse it's broken English, the site is run by Germans.

2007-03-14, 01:31 AM
Ah, one of these. I've played them before.

I'll look into it later, when I've gotten some sleep.

2007-03-14, 01:36 AM
Well, I suppose I'll come back to this around the 20th. Looks interesting enough.

2007-03-14, 01:39 AM
Before anyone takes me too seriously, it would actually be quite imposible to dominate the whole of any universe in OGame. In each universe, there are 9 galaxies, each with 499 solar systems, each with 15 planets.

But that doesn't change the fact that we could easily become one of the top alliances.

2007-03-14, 03:43 AM
Ah, Ogame, I tought it was actually quite boring, there are alot better games of it's kind out there.

2007-03-14, 06:03 AM
I do play this game, in Universe three at current. I'm not that far yet (only colonised three planets so far). So perhaps I could join.
Tekar, you say there are other better games of it's kind out there? Could you state some? I have played another game like this a while ago (http://www.spacepioneers.co.uk), hence my interest.

2007-03-14, 07:30 AM
Ofcource this is my oppinion but I think Spaceminers (http://www.spaceminers.net/) is better because of the different races and their weak and strong points.
EDIT: And if you don't mind a medieval setting then Utopia (http://games.swirve.com/UTOPIA/) is still the best imho.

2007-03-14, 04:09 PM
Not trying to be rude or anything, but this thread is about trying to create GitP Alliance in OGame Universe 30, so please keep at least about OGame in general.

Here's the post on the message boards advertising Universe 30.

2007-03-14, 05:18 PM
Sorry for the derail, but I played Utopia for a while and found it fun for a while, but not very engaging.

This looks fun though.

2007-03-14, 06:52 PM
I'm starting an official "Interested Roster" on the OP. I ask that anyone that is interested in trying this out with me state explicitly whether or not I can expect them to join (at least to try it out).

Also, anyone interested in joining after the launch of universe 30 need simply to ask, I'm making the only requirement of membership to this alliance be that you MUST be a member of the GitP boards.

2007-03-18, 02:14 AM
You can expect me to join. I'll focus on colonisation, muhaha..

2007-03-18, 02:54 AM
I forgot to mention that it will be 12am Germany time, so that's really going to be 7pm Eastern time the day before (the 19th).
*NOTE* I'm not 100% positive on this.

AND, since we now officially have at least four people to join up, we can start talking about things like Heirarchy (I don't much care for the concept), Exact wording of the Alliance name (Giants in the Playground, Giants From the Playground, etc.), our usernames, and most importantly (after we register), Home planet location. With any luck we won't be spread too far from each other.

2007-03-18, 02:54 AM
Count me in, although i may not be able to join on the first day, but i probably will by the end of the first week.

2007-03-18, 07:36 AM
Proposed Hierarchy: Democracy. We are currently with few enough to rule by membership consensus. As for the alliance name, Giants in the Playground sounds fine to me, but if you want from, that's fine by me too. As for usernames, try to use forum usernames, but it shouldn't be a requirement. Home planet location is random, so that'll come after we register as you said.

2007-03-19, 05:22 PM
I play... eventually.... if the game gives me a cool planet :smalltongue:

2007-03-19, 06:00 PM

Maybe it was noon Germany time, so I guess that would make it 7am Eastern time...

2007-03-19, 06:17 PM
...and 4 am where I am.

2007-03-19, 07:51 PM
I'm in, if I remember tommorrow morning. I'll dominate (heh). I love these types of games.

2007-03-19, 08:53 PM
I'm in, if I remember tommorrow morning. I'll dominate (heh). I love these types of games.
You don't need to join immediately if that's what you are thinking, my OP does say "as soon as possible."

Fualkner Asiniti
2007-03-19, 09:32 PM
I'll play! looks like fun.

2007-03-20, 09:22 AM
OK, what is the alliance name? I'm in as call_me_fate.

2007-03-20, 10:30 AM
I'm in the game too; Zweanslord. Galaxy 2, System 283, planet Citadel.
If the alliance is not made yet, you could consider Playground Giants as name, heh.

2007-03-20, 10:51 AM
Galaxy 2 system 67

2007-03-20, 11:21 AM
Ingame name: Krade2k20
Planet name: Fridero

Alliance Name: Giants in the Playground
Alliance Tag: GitP

Yuki Akuma
2007-03-20, 11:23 AM
Hm.. I may give this a go. I'll join when I get home from work later.

2007-03-20, 11:48 AM
For the record, we will NOT have ranks. The only reason I'm "in charge" is because the game requires someone to be. However, if you want a silly rank name, I would be happy to oblige.

2007-03-20, 11:51 AM
I used to play Ogame... a GitP alliance sounds like the kind of thing to entice me back to it. I'm up for it- my account name will probably be Dragor. Expect me to make an account at around early Wednesday, English time (Can't remember our GMT, damnation!)

2007-03-20, 11:54 AM
Sign me up for a silly rank name. Plus, you should make at least a rank so that I can see the other members. Something above 'newcomer'

2007-03-20, 12:00 PM
Any idea what you might want your silly rank name to be? Also, you may have to wait a bit for me to figure it out, so bear with me.

2007-03-20, 12:03 PM
Meh, the specifics don't matter, but being able to see the alliance list does. It is a big help, especially once we start getting attacked.

2007-03-20, 12:07 PM
Okay, I figured it out. I'm going to give everyone the ability to process applications for the sole purpose of not making someone wait to get in since I won't be on constantly.
To Call_me_Fate: I gave you a temporary rank name and your rights (seeing who is online, taking applications, viewing member list, and writing circular messages).

Edit@\/: How about "Supreme Lord Pipsqueak" ?

2007-03-20, 12:08 PM
Go ahead and make a rank called Supreme Lord Admiral, or just something like Pipsqueak.

2007-03-20, 03:12 PM
I have found a slight oversight that leads to the advantage of the players:

The fusion reactor produces energy at the cost of deuterium, however, they double the speed at which you gain resources and did NOT double the consumption of the fusion reactor. Basically, this means that the efficiency of Fusion Reactors has been significantly increased.

Edit: I'm off for the day. 'Bout time to go to work, be back in about 8 hours.

Edit Jr: The above post is wrong, any belief in it may result in severe eye irritaion, dry mouth, ear infections, migraines, projectile vomiting and gout.

2007-03-20, 08:25 PM
I'm in at 3:368.

2007-03-20, 09:21 PM
Sorry it took so long to post...
In game name, The Herald
location 3:386:7

2007-03-21, 12:19 AM
Sorry it took so long to post...
In game name, The Herald
location 3:386:7
Don't forget to apply to the alliance, we can't let you in if you don't apply.

Also, don't forget any silly rank titles you might want, right now my default title for everyone is "Not Newcomer for (Your Name Here)." Remember the ranks mean nothing, everyone gets the same amount of privileges. Consider yourselves lucky as well, I don't get to change my rank. I am forever stuck as "Founder," what a weak title!

2007-03-21, 12:38 AM
So what do you have in mind for our alliance page? I was thinking something with the OotS, but I don't know what is safe to use, other than banners I guess. I wonder if we could get some avatar artists to make stickified Ogame thingies... That would be cool to put in there.

2007-03-21, 12:49 AM
So what do you have in mind for our alliance page? I was thinking something with the OotS, but I don't know what is safe to use, other than banners I guess. I wonder if we could get some avatar artists to make stickified Ogame thingies... That would be cool to put in there.
I was thinking much the same thing, but figured we could wait until we were a little bit more established. As far as stickified Ogame thingies, It might be kinda hard for someone to do that. I was thinking something more like an iconic depiction of giants stomping around on a playground, something other people might get a chuckle out of if they look at our alliance page. But that's just me.

2007-03-21, 01:19 AM
Make me...

Supreme Lord Banana.

2007-03-21, 06:59 AM
Didn't the Giant get the entire idea for 'Giant in the Playground' from some Sci-Fi TV show? Maybe we could find some references to that.

2007-03-21, 03:47 PM
Make me...

Supreme Lord Banana.

I thought the name came from his giant-like presence in the WotC Forum and how the rest of the members there were as children playing on the junglejim next to his nigh(sp?) divine grasp of all things related and pertaining to WotC? Either that or pancakes, I can never remember which.

Edit: Yeesh, you guys are growing much quicker than I am, I need to step up my production a bit, maybe stop going to work/school which has been taking all my time these past couple days. Or maybe I should have just woken up before noon and got registered sooner. Whichever.

2007-03-21, 04:29 PM
Despite its obvious problems (game design and the quality of players we've run into in oGame), I've managed to have a bit of fun in some of the later universes these past few months.

Double speed is probably going to be very annoying later. Battleships launched from a few systems away landing in 25 minutes? Ug.

Up to rocket launchers so far, but not in any hurry to get off the ground yet.

2007-03-21, 05:35 PM
I've found that you don't really need defense if you keep all you resources spent. No one's going to attack you if they won't get a good haul.

And before I forget, are you, Lokey, going to be joining the Alliance?

2007-03-21, 05:37 PM
Didn't the Giant get the entire idea for 'Giant in the Playground' from some Sci-Fi TV show? Maybe we could find some references to that.

I think, actually, it was Everquest. He saw some really high-level people in a low-level area and they were likened to giants stomping around a playground.

But that's just what I seem to recall. Don't know how accurate it is.

Well, the FAQ reveals that I am wrong--it is the WotC forums. And, apparently, a Sci-Fi show.

2007-03-21, 05:41 PM
Tip: The important part of spaceminers Ogame is your fleet, it is worth alot of resources (well, it will be) and is a very attractive target for larger players. Once you start getting a bit of a fleet you should really fleet save it everytime you'll be away for a long while (send it on some meaningless mission at very slow speed) unless you want to lose it.

2007-03-21, 06:00 PM
Heh, I learned that all too well the last time I played. Player ranked in the top ten saw some easy pickings and devastated me, like one hour after my fleet returned from fleetsave. It is hard to do perfectly.

2007-03-21, 07:10 PM
I've found that you don't really need defense if you keep all you resources spent. No one's going to attack you if they won't get a good haul.

And before I forget, are you, Lokey, going to be joining the Alliance?
Sorry, have a group already. I'm near some who have posted (galaxy 3), but won't raid you too obnoxiously ;)

2007-03-21, 08:32 PM
Raid raid raid. Then I get to attack back! Heh, ranked 140 somethingith... wont stay like this though. I start strong, but I fall into the middle 500s after a while.

Everyone make sure you have a few defenses up by now. I have the ability already to make a small fleet, and it is 'blind raid' time. This is when you head to a planet with a few fighters and a small cargo. You don't spy first, since that tech is still not something you have yet. Krade's strategy of using all your resources won't help for the next week or so while people do blind raids.

Also, I will be colonizing new planets within a day or two. Let me know if anyone gives you a bunch of trouble, and I can move in next door.

2007-03-22, 03:10 PM
Alright, I'm on my way. Account is being created tonight- sorry for the lateness, completely forgot.
If I get a silly rank name, can I have 'King of the Moles'?

2007-03-22, 11:56 PM
1) Lateness is OK. We're not striving to be the best (contrary to the OP, but that was mostly propaganda), we're trying to have fun, so the head start of signing ASAP is not so crucial.

2) Of course you get a silly rank name! What is this "if" business?

2007-03-23, 03:35 AM
I'm in 4:264 10 name: Natania.... My planet is soooo cool :P
It's been soo long since I've played the game that it will take some time for me to get back into it...

2007-03-23, 05:57 PM
Don't forget to apply to the alliance, we can't let you in if you don't apply.

Also, don't forget any silly rank titles you might want, right now my default title for everyone is "Not Newcomer for (Your Name Here)." Remember the ranks mean nothing, everyone gets the same amount of privileges. Consider yourselves lucky as well, I don't get to change my rank. I am forever stuck as "Founder," what a weak title!
I find this post to continue to be relevant.

2007-03-24, 08:23 PM
Weeee! I enjoyed my first few raids so far. All successful so far! I should be colonizing tommorrow. How is everyone else doing? Anyone giving you trouble? I've had some probing, but no attacks so far.

2007-03-25, 02:29 AM
I've been attacked on multiple occasion. Probed even more, heh. Lately, I've had somebody attacking me with four heavy fighters, and my seven light lasers were no match.. I ain't doing raids either, opting for the more peaceful approach. Unfortunatly it does not seem like I will be colonising too soon if I am raided before getting the needed materials. And I still need two levels of impulse drive, though it seems like research will have to go towards heavy laser defense aswell. Still need a level of energy tech and laser for that. But otherwise, I'm doing pretty good with metal mine 15, crystal 12, deuterium 6 and solar plant 16 in construction.

2007-03-25, 09:35 AM
Cool. Most of the Ogame hints and tricks I have read said to raid early, and ofter the first week, keep an eye out for the planets that go (i), since they will have resources and no or little defense. These blind raids tend to slow or stop once people get built up some, but it is a good idea if you have someone raiding you to let them know you won't be a farm. Getting those defenses up will be important for you. I have already settled into farming two planets near me, and they have yet to put up much resistance. If they did, I would just stop and find someone else. Hopefully you can get that impression accross to them and they will move on.

EDIT: Colony ship underway. New planet in 30 mins!

2007-03-25, 04:57 PM
So far I've been raided thrice, with the last one taking this much:
11.427 metal, 7.640 crystal, and 4.437 deuterium, and 2 light lasers and 2 esp. probes.

So I believe ouch is the appropriate term here, he had 11 heavy fighters, 2 light fighters, and 6 small cargos. I killed 1 of the cargo ships.

At the imediate moment, I'm running towards heavy lasers as fast as possible.

2007-03-25, 05:02 PM
Wow, bad raid. So far I have been raid free, but in the nearby area there are not many people ranked above me, and those that are higher are far enough away that they only probe me, they don't send a raid all the way.

I am surprised my colony has not been raided yet though, since it is too young to have defenses for another few hours.

Saithis Bladewing
2007-03-25, 05:04 PM
I'm short on time, but I might find some time to join next time one of these restarts comes about.

2007-03-25, 07:41 PM
I just saw something that is kinda depressing. The guy that attacked me hit me so hard that he's now strong enough to not be allowed to attack me anymore.

2007-03-26, 12:53 AM
Now that is harsh.

But I was hit too.. an hour ago I lost 8.164 metal, 3.602 crystal, and 3.364 deuterium and 2 rocket launchers, 2 light lasers and 1 heavy laser to a fleet of 4 light cargos and 10 heavy fighters. I had 4 rocket launchers, 4 light lasers and 3 heavy.. and I shot down nothing of his. Seems like I will have to invest all my resources on defense now.. Oh well.

2007-03-26, 08:04 AM
I must just be in a very lucky spot, because so far I have not been hit at all. Just a few probes. I don't have so much defense up that a swarm of heavy fighters like that couldnt knock it down. Hmm... lucky me.

2007-03-26, 11:51 AM
Wow, did anyone else notice that we are the 11th worst alliance 1,224? We suck!

And Dragor: You joined the alliance but as yet it seems you have done nothing at al with you planet. I'm not going to boot you but I do ask that if you are not going to actually play that you leave the alliance. Unless, of course, there is an explantaion for your absence, then disregard this message.

2007-03-26, 12:05 PM
Kinda scary that there are single member alliances that have more points than all of us combined!

Nice little alliance stat page though... Now I know who to raid!

2007-03-26, 12:30 PM
I just had an idea.

OK, bear with me on this. We should find an empty solar system (or two) and all go there to colonize it. I'm pretty sure the entirety of galaxy 6 is empty at the moment, so we could go there.

Edit: And now I'm thinking it's about time to actually do something with our alliance page. Should we go over to Arts n' Crafts or do we actually have someone that's able to do it that's already in the alliance? I'm betting on the former more than the latter.

And I'm leaving all the creative design and ideas to someone else, as my artistic ability/vision is, in a word, reallyreallyreallylame. What? That's one word!

2007-03-26, 12:36 PM
Heh, you know how long it will take to fly out there? Plus, then we have to start all over basically. Right now I prefer to colonize right next door, then my planets can share resources more freely.

2007-03-26, 05:19 PM
Clustering in an out of the way place is something you should probably undertake later. After all it takes like 10k deut to fly a colony ship say 4 galaxies in less than three days...well 1.5 days in this uni. But that 10k deut is probably the biggest hurdle to getting your second colony ship out ;)

I think it's also important that your alliance grows together. If the top two guys are flying fleets of cruisers around while the bottom 5 haven't gotten a colony up yet...well let's just say there isn't that much meaningful that you can do together, except for the lower guy to provide fodder he can't afford to lose for the higher ranked guys.

Lag on 30 is painful, hope it gets better. I got raided by 20 HF yesterday, but no one has stopped around to smash my two shiny new heavy laser yet ;)

2007-03-26, 06:47 PM
It's kinda hard to grow together when one of our guys hasn't done anything, another went on vacation mode a day or two ago, and another is who knows, he hasn't said anything or interacted with any of us in days.

Aside from that, there's the inexplicable event of the other growing much faster than me and I can't seem to catch up. So yeah, I think growing together flew out the window within hours of starting.

2007-03-26, 06:48 PM
I just successfully defended against a raid. I took no casualties. They inflicted no damage...

2007-03-26, 07:51 PM
Very cool. Good job there. No casualties is nice.

2007-03-26, 09:29 PM
Call me Fate, you must be lucky, and I must be very unlucky, because I just got attacked by a fleet having 2 cruisers already. (And 6 heavy fighters plus 8 light cargo.) Luckily, I managed to stall it to a draw with my 11 heavy lasers, 5 light lasers and 2 rocket launchers. Ofcourse.. I lost a rocket launcher, 2 light lasers and 3 heavy lasers, but still. The other guy only lost 5 light cargos and 3 heavy fighters though. Blegh.. now I want to research a shield dome.. no colonisation for me here for a while; I am going for defense.

2007-03-26, 09:44 PM
Wow, cruisers already? Not me. I do tend to skip them though, for the more research efficient battleships. Nice that you got it to a draw. Good luck on keeping it up. Now I think I will turn more to defense, with that warning.

2007-03-26, 10:42 PM
I just successfully defended against a raid. I took no casualties. They inflicted no damage...
I don't mean to smash down your glory or anything, but I looked at the debris field for your planet and it has 1500 crystal and no metal. Which means you weren't really raided, somebody sent 5 esp. probes at you and you shot them down mercilessly.

2007-03-26, 10:51 PM
I don't mean to smash down your glory or anything, but I looked at the debris field for your planet and it has 1500 crystal and no metal. Which means you weren't really raided, somebody sent 5 esp. probes at you and you shot them down mercilessly.

I did wonder why they didn't shoot back...:smalltongue:

2007-03-27, 12:49 AM
Thanks for the good luck wishes Fate. Also, about debris fields, perhaps I should try researching a recycler to harvest back the 15,000 metal and 13,800 crystal in my planet's debris field. :smalltongue:

2007-03-27, 10:16 AM
Hmm... recycler... not a bad idea.

2007-03-27, 11:10 AM
The only problem is that reaserching the combustion engine that high takes WAY too much deut.

2007-03-27, 11:12 AM
Yeah, I don't really care much about the old combustion engine right now, and that deut can go to better use. Right now I am in a race to get the next good planet in the system I'm in.

2007-03-27, 11:18 AM
I don't know why, but I haven't been attacked for a while even though I've haven't really done anything to stop being a good target. Oh well, I've finally started researching impulse lvl 3 so within a day I'll colonize my first planet! WHOOO!!!!

2007-03-27, 11:20 AM
Cool. Grats. Sometimes, being a farm doesn't last since the attackers get too strong. That happened to me just recently, so I had to switch targets.

Newest colony sucks. I named it 'Planet go BOOM Soon' cause I am going to use it for some fast mining then blow it up once I need the colony space again. Anyone else with another colony? How many fields have you gotten? My first was not too bad, but this most recent one is only 60.

2007-03-27, 07:34 PM
60 fields is still good for a while, that's 2 x level 17 mines, level 17 solar, a bit of shipyard. I scored a 188 field in slot 9 myself.

Slots 4, 5 and 6 trend largest, but you can get any size at any planet location if you throw enough colony ships at the slot.

2007-03-27, 08:53 PM
I managed to log on just as I got enough resources to build the clolony ship. So colony ship is now underway. The only problem is that I don't think
I have enough deut to get to a galaxy that has one of the good planet slots available. By the time the ship is finished, I'll have about 2.5k deut, and I don't think that will get me very far.

2007-03-27, 09:23 PM
Meh, just get one in your own system for now. The second set of mines is more help than having a good planet for right now. I have my two colonies in my home system, all funneling recourses to my home (mostly).

2007-03-27, 11:21 PM

Well this sucks! I finally got another planet and it has a staggeringly low number of fields! 33! 33 fields. It will take me a day to fill that up.

I named it Fridero Jr. ;)

Edit: Well, I've already filled up more than 2/3 of the li'l bastard planet known as Fridero Jr. I can't wait until I can afford more colony ships and destroy the wee piece o' crap!

I'm thinking of dismantling the solar plant and building satellites instead when I can. It would free up my planet to build better mines, but then they could easily be destroyed. On the other hand, it's close enough to the sun that each one will give me 50 energy.

2007-03-28, 09:35 PM
Well, no more attacks on me lately (gee, would the 18 heavy lasers have something to do with that?), so I just ordered a colony ship. In my solar system there is a Destroyed Planet at 8, so I am going to see if I can colonize there still or something.. because the other places free are 3 and below and 13 and up.

2007-03-28, 10:14 PM
The destroyed planet will reform soon, and then it is a rpime target to get. Even a 'bad' slot is a good first colony, because oyu can still use the planet to mine, and ship the stuff to your home. My newest colony is only 33 or something, but I will build up some mines and start shipping ASAP.

2007-03-28, 11:30 PM
Tip: you can still probe and attack destroyed planets. They have the same stuff they had on them when abandoned and continue to produce resources.

Since this uni is double speed, planets slots open in about 24 hours.

2007-03-28, 11:48 PM
Hmm... that is crazy. I will have to try that then!

2007-03-29, 01:51 AM
Well, I guessed that I can make another colonization ship within that time, so I already colonised another planet at slot 3, 63 fields, and a beautiful red planet..

2007-03-29, 04:29 AM
I'm convinced that the way the the Alliance Statistics page is ordered is retarded. A few hours ago we were a couple hundred from the bottom, now we are 149. I think it doesn't actually seperate Alliances whose members all have under 1,000 points, and since Fate now has over 1,000 points, we shot up like 900 positions. Oh well.

In other news, I've started my second colony ship and Fridero Jr is full. I think I'll take down the power plant and replace it with satellites, as that will give me an extra 10 fields.

Edit: WHOO! 175 fields in slot 13! WHOO! AND it looks cool as hell. It's big, blue, and has a ring. I am just SO glad it didn't turn out being another small one cuz dam, that would suck.

Edit jr: Can't think of a name for it though...

2007-03-29, 09:14 AM
Nice planet there, 175 slots is a keeper!

In other news, I have a fleet about to attack me right now... Wait till they get there and I have the planet emptied!

2007-03-29, 09:23 AM
What kind of defence do you have? It would be funny as hell if the attacking fleet ended up getting destroyed.

2007-03-29, 09:25 AM
Heh... well it is 18 ships, and it includes some cruisers. Since I only really have 40 rockets, 25 light lasers, and something like 5 heavies, I don't think I will beat him. Unless there is only one cruisers, I can't see the fleet breakdown. I can't immagine him attacking without knowing he will win though, he did probe me first.

HAHAHAHA Battle report:

He had ten cruisers,,, no way I'd win that one, BUT he only got about 1000 metal TOTAL in the raid, and I SHOT DOWN BOTH CARGO SHIPS!! He didn't loose his cruisers, or the few fighters, but the cargoes went BOOM, and I get to repair most of my defenses anyway, so I am laughing this one. He may have the 'win' but I think this round goes to me. I bet if I left my fleet there to defend I could have taken out a few cruisers, but I didn't want to loose them all too.

2007-03-29, 09:54 AM
Who was it that attcked you? He's definitely a higher rank than you but you could see exactly without too much trouble. Just click on the link of where the fleet came from and it will take you to the galaxy view of his solar system where you can check his statistics.

2007-03-29, 09:58 AM
spiritual, at [2:61:5] He is only rank 309, and I'm 581. I would have expected someone much higher than me to attack. That close, and it seems pointless. Hit up the lowbies that are still attackable. I mean, I can hit people that are still without rank. Those are my targets, not people just below me.

2007-03-29, 10:16 AM
Did you check out his Alliance's page? Talk about elitist toads! Damn!

Speaking of which, I've noticed a strangly large number of (insert obscure country here)-only alliances.

And, while we're on the subject of lame alliance pages, let's talk about ours. I made a post about it on the last page but it looks like it was kind of ignored.

2007-03-29, 10:24 AM
Oh, I missed it then. I would love to work on some sort of alliance page. We need pictures, of the OotS mostly, and we need a section to say we want allies, unless you guys want to solo this. Other than that, I guess take a peek at some of the other pages to get some ideas.

2007-03-29, 10:49 AM
Never really thought of looking for allies, the idea has some merit. Now that our rank isn't so abyssmally low and people might actually want to apply (however unlikely it may be), it might also be a good idea to explain that we only accept people who are members of this forum, which isn't even a particularly difficult requirement to meet.

2007-03-29, 11:02 AM
I wasn't even thinking new members, I mean just alliances that we can join teams with and not fight against. It is nice cause they also wont fight us.

2007-03-29, 11:23 AM
It's fun with Dr. Clarification time!! YAY!!!

Never really thought of looking for allies, the idea has some merit. This part was about being friends with other alliances. (what you are talking about)
Now that our rank isn't so abyssmally low and people might actually want to apply (however unlikely it may be), it might also be a good idea to explain that we only accept people who are members of this forum, which isn't even a particularly difficult requirement to meet. This part was about the slim chance that a single player might want to join OUR alliance.

Edit: Please don't get upset at my sarcastic antics, it's all in good fun.

2007-03-29, 11:26 AM
Heh, yeah, whatever... *leaves alliance* take that! Just kidding.

Just got me a little confused. I ran the two ideas together.

Also, someone has recyclers already, as I have had my debris cleaned up for me. I need to get there too, but the combustion cost is so high.

2007-03-29, 01:21 PM
Oh man, I am in the same solar system as a guy with ranking 166 and 21 cruisers.. just got attacked. No cargos were along, so he 'only' stole 13k in resources. I am about to head to bed, and luckily my colonisation ship was constructed only afterwards, but spot 8 is still not reformed. Will most likely be done when I wake up, but if I get attacked again.. gone be my colonisation ship. So hope for it to survive and try to take spot 8, or take another? Decisions..
Edit: Okay, he is appearantly in a one-man alliance with alliance ranking 196.. and we, together, are at 166.. I think I'm just going to take a different spot lest I get attacked for the recources my planet makes during my sleep and his forces blaze away my colony ship.

2007-03-29, 01:44 PM
Ouch... yeah, I think in this case going for any other planet for the sake of your colony ship not going boom is a good idea.

So far the closest guy to me that is ranked is two systems over.

2007-03-29, 03:14 PM
The number 16 guy of is in the number 4 alliance has a colony 2 planets away from my home planet. He's the one that attacked me last time that took so many of my resources. Luckily, I'm still on newbie protection from him, but that won't last forever.

2007-03-29, 03:16 PM
I don't have newbie protection from even the highest, at least not last time I checked. Of course, I'm on enough that I can try to keep my resources low, and not make myself a good target. Too many people in the nearby places are on newbie protection from me though, so my choices are getting fewer and fewer.

2007-03-29, 03:50 PM
Here's the full espionage report on a planet literally right next to my homeworld. I was quite upset to see the whole "61 Light Laser" thing. So if anyone wants to come and hit this, and has something that can get through that many lasers, I invite you to do so.

Resources on Homeworld [2:376:5] (http://javascript<b></b>:showGalaxy(2,376,5)) at 03-29 22:46:59


Rocket Launcher 8
Light Laser 61

Metal Mine 16
Crystal Mine 13
Deuterium Synthesizer 7
Solar Plant 16
Robotics Factory 2
Shipyard 3
Research Lab 3

Espionage Technology 3
Computer Technology 2
Armour Technology 2
Energy Technology 2
Combustion Drive 3
Impulse Drive 2
Laser Technology 3

Chance of counter-espionage:0%

2007-03-29, 03:53 PM
Wow, that person has put a lot into some defense, but only light lasers at that. With all that metal, I am surprised someone hasnt come by to ruin thier day.

2007-03-29, 09:24 PM
Okay, I think my attacker wanted to actually delay/annoy/halt me, because he attacked three times again, with lesser cruisers each time, pulverising more and more of my defense as it went by, and stealing only some recources, because my main planet has even less recources now then my first colony! And that one has zero defense due to lack of shipyard. Glad that I send the colony ship towards a new planet though, now I got a planet where the picture shows a moon, but the galaxy view doesn't :smalltongue:
Oh, and quite typical, no debris field at my planet other, while I lost plenty of defense to generate enough recources.. so somebody is recycling too.. And wow, because of his attacks, my points actually decreased..

2007-03-29, 09:50 PM
Wow... I don't know who that guy is, but he seems to have it out for you! If I get my fleet up I might pay him a visit. Where is he at? Err, what rank too, cause I don't want ot mess with someone really high.

2007-03-30, 12:34 AM
Did you try asking him nicely to stop? I've seen a couple places that suggest that asking nicely actually does help. Not guaranteed to work but you don't have anything to lose by trying.

2007-03-30, 12:51 AM
Heh, I don't think you want to mess with him, considering he is now ranked 185, and the single-man alliance he is in is ranked 163, while GitP is ranked lower then that. He is in the same solar system as mine: Galaxy 2, System 283, slot 9. He is sportforall and he has no other planets in the system. And if I read my battle reports correctly, he has weapon tech 7, shields tech 4 and armor tech 7..
I think he is out for me to prevent me from building a colony ship that would take slot 8, which he might want. Considering that I am the only one who has more then 1 planet in the system so far, it might seem threathening to him that I am conquering planets.

But I will heed your advice, Krade, and send him a message. It might just work! Or not, but hey, not like typing up a message is so much work.

Edit: Oh and the second colony I got has 178 fields! So, not too bad that I settled for slot 13 instead of waiting for 8.

2007-03-30, 01:28 AM
I cant imagine he'd be after that slot 8 too badly. If he has that much to throw at you without really gaining too much, there is no way he needs that planet because he probably has at least four others at this point.

Edit: Well, I've been up for the past 22 hours. I'd say it's about time for me to sleep. After tomorrow, I'm going to start making cruisers to raid people, because aside from the one guy who is too strong for anyone around me (including me) it looks like I'm the strongest in my system.

2007-03-30, 06:18 AM
Wow, very nice new colony there Z! I wish I was having the same luck. As for the messages... I find that a nice message has worked for me in the past, but at the same time I have had a few not work. There was one guy that threatened a total war with me if I didn't leave a system out in galaxy 6 one time. I stayed, let him attack my little coony a few times, then sent my fleet after him and in the end he left the game. Sometimes dipomacy works, sometimes. Of course, I know you are smarter than this example and won't use threats. Really, if I was farming someone and they asked me to stop, I think I would.

2007-03-30, 09:16 AM
As for me, I don't really find the appeal of hitting other people to get ahead, and if I could avoid it, I would. The only problem is it is so tempting to break down those 61 light lasers and have a field day at the expense of someone else.

2007-03-30, 09:32 AM
Well, the point of the game is conquest, and that really only can happen through the abuse of others... well, I guess not only, but really the others expect some fighting. It makes the game fun.

On that note, I am a few seconds from getting hyperspace tech, the first step in the battleship chain!! If I am this slose, I would not be surprised to see five breathing down my throat tonight.

Also, I sem to have found a flaw in my lan to gather up new colonies fast, to get resources. It increases my points, but with things like mines and cargo ships. I have no attack power to compare to these others with points near mine. I just have to be good about keeping my planets empty.

Also, I think you are right about the alliance point system. It only counts 1k points, but only as whole points each player has. It does not add them together, but rather counts the numbers only past 1,000.

2007-03-30, 12:02 PM
I've started breaking down my solar plant on my tiny colony and replacing it with satellites and using the space to upgrade the mines. I know it's risky, but it could pay off quite nicely. My plan is to have Metal 12, Crystal 12, Deut 8, Shipyard 1. Now, it will take something like 22 satellites to support those mines, but so long as I keep the resources on the planet low, I shouldn't have to worry about losing them. The only problem is some people will attack just to stop you, not so much to advance themselves. Those are the people I need to worry about here.

The report of that planet with 150k metal is also no longer accurate. There is now under 20k and almost 100 light lasers. So I'm gonna say it could be a bad idea at this point to attack it. I did, however, find another planet near me that has only 10 rockets launchers and 20 light lasers with plenty of all kinds of resources. So as soon as I get about 5 or so Cruisers, I'm going to raid that planet.

2007-03-30, 02:07 PM
That first planet you talked about sounds goofy to me. Are they being 100% turtle? Sounds like they are putting such a large amount of time and resources into defense they must be advancing very slowly otherwise, and once the battleships start flying, most turtles are not advanced enough to resist.

As for that plan with the solar satelites, that is not a bad idea. Since the planet is so small, it is a good way to save space. I have one also very small like that. I might just do the same, but I don't even have a robotics factory there, much less a shipyard. I filled it with mines too fast.

2007-03-30, 02:43 PM
The funny part is that I'm pretty sure he's advanced enough to get heavy lasers, and yet he still gets more light lasers. He's up to 133 now.

For my small planet, I built up the robotics factory to lvl 2, built a shipyard lvl 1, and then dismantled the robotics factory. The upgrade times get pretty killer but it'll pay off later. And, since I'm so close to the sun on this planet, each satellite gives 50 energy.

And while we're on the subject, the formula for how much energy satellites gives is this:

Energy = (Planet's Max Temperature / 4*) + 20
*Rounded down

By this formula, you can calculate whether or not it's worth getting satellites on your planet without having to make one to find out. As you might well imagine, my planet's temperature is rather high at 123, which is pretty close to the max, as there have been reports of planets with 124 or higher where satellites produce 51 energy.

2007-03-30, 02:55 PM
Heh, sounds like a nice lace to work on my tan. I might swing by later this week, you don't mind if I stop in?

I found the turtle of my system too today. He is on his way to 100 light lasers as well, but he has limited techs and mines. Seems like a waste. I am about to finish up hyperspace tech, then it is hyerspace drive. Four levels of that and I am ready to push out the Battleships.

2007-03-30, 03:20 PM
Well, some defense is more important in this uni since mines produce so much.

Off hand, a pedestrian metal 14, crystal 12, deut 10 will kick out enough resources overnight to make someone want to raid you. With the top players hitting 5000 (expect to see battleships soon, and they can do ugly things), there is nothing you can do to stop them from taking your stuff if they are persistent enough about it. Having more defense than your neighbors helps, keeping less resources around than your neighbors helps. But they can ruin your day if they feel like it, and spend a great deal more time than you logged in to do it in.

Now might be a good time to discuss fleet saving and the trends that an oGame universe tends to follow ;) And to diss the game designers for the horrid brokenness of battleships and the relative suckiness of defense.

2007-03-30, 03:50 PM
Heh, sounds like a nice lace to work on my tan. I might swing by later this week, you don't mind if I stop in?
Go right ahead. I bet you could use a tan what with being in Michigan this time of year.

I found on the oGame tips site that ocket launchers and light fighters and other such cheap and ineffectual measures of defence/attack still serve the purpose of cannon fodder. The more weak ships/defences you have, the less likely it is that your stronger ones will be hurt, and the more damage they will do to the enemy. I saw somewhere that a good defence was something like 500 Rockets, 100 Light Lasers, 25 Heavy lasers, 25 Ion Cannons, 10 gauss cannons, 5 plasma turrets, 1 small shield dome, and 1 large shield dome. A defense like that would be tough to break, although still possible for the determined enough attacker, and even then, a good defense is important as a deterant rather than a something to kill enemy ships with.

2007-03-30, 03:54 PM
Heh, well since I skipped over Ion tech totally, I don't think I will be getting the ion gun for defense soon. I could just get it up really fast, but I am on the path to battleships right now, and ion tech is a cruiser thing.

Yeah, I agree that the little things are good fodder. I would rather loose a few little ships than a battleship. A good defense is always important because it builds back partially, so even if you loose, they can't just start sending in the cargos. They still need to fight it down.

Also, since I see people talking about getting waves of attacks... IIRC there is a rule about bashing, that you are only allowed to attack someone three times a day. Is that the same in this double speed universe?

2007-03-30, 04:08 PM
No, that's the old rule. In a typical universe now it's 6 attacks per target (specific planet or moon) are allowed per day from the same player. In 30 it's...you'd better be sitting down...
12 attacks per target per day allowed.

Right now, don't invest too heavily in rockets, unless the metal is just sitting around. Cruisers chew up rocket launcher and light fighter like you wouldn't believe.

2007-03-30, 04:14 PM
Oh, this ought to be fun... with that many attacks... Oh the posibilities... WEEE!

As for the rockets and fighters... well the fighters are not for defense. They fly away when I go AFK. As for the rockets, I find that my 70 rockets are a bigger deterance than my neighbors' 25, so I'll take anything I can. Plus, like you said, it used up the metal lying around nicely, to make the planet even less attractive to attack.

2007-03-30, 09:06 PM
He's up to 200 light lasers. Apparently he doesn't realize that that's not really how you get ahead ahead in oGame. Oh well.

The other guy I mentioned before has built 2 heavy lasers, but nothing else. So the only thing keeping me from a veritable gold mine is 10 rocket launchers, 20 light lasers, 2 heavy lasers, and my almost complete lack of a fleet. Right now I'm about 12 minutes from my 3rd cruiser. After I get 5, I'll make 10 heavy fighters and 20 light fighters. After that,I should be able to take a few lasers.

According to this, so long as the things that have rapid fire against light lasers are NOT involved, light lasers are the most cost efficient and effective defense (in obcenely large numbers).

2007-03-30, 09:10 PM
Working on cruisers? I bet you could mop up my fleet then. All I have is a few heavies and lights, plus the cargos to move my stuff around. Of course, when I get battleships tommorrow...

2007-03-31, 04:39 AM

I would like to anounce that I have absolutely terrible judgement when it comes to the chance of 4 carriers destroying 50 Rocket launchers. Thank you.

2007-03-31, 08:51 AM
Isn't there a battle simulator for Space Miners? You should look around the forums for it, it's really invaluable.

2007-03-31, 11:15 AM
Why do you keep saying Space Miners? What is this Space Miners?

And I looked for oGame simulator, but I couldn't find it.

2007-03-31, 11:36 AM
for ranks, how about
etc corresponding to our tags?
or not?
P.S sorry for the interruption

2007-03-31, 11:43 AM
I shall join tommorow!

2007-03-31, 11:52 AM
for ranks, how about
etc corresponding to our tags?
or not?
P.S sorry for the interruption
Real ranks suggest heirarchy.
Heirarchy is useless.
It suggests real organization, which we do not have.
It suggests that some people are more important than other, which is not true.

The only time we might consider organizing in such a way is if we got up to around 20 people or so, and I don't really see that happening. So Ranks are out.

I shall join tommorow!
Then let me be the first say "Welcome to the Alliance!" Don't forget to actually apply to the alliance. When you log on, click on "Alliance" in the right left column, click on "search for alliance" and type in our name, "GitP" or "Giants in the Playground." After you get our alliance page up, click on apply. Don't bother writing anything with your application, you WILL be accepted.

And a silly rank name, don't forget that.

Edit: Well, I've sent a colony ship to 6:314:4. As of this edit, it will take aproximately 21 hours and 30 minutes to get there and it only took about 3700 deut to fuel the ship. I know it's a bit early to be doing this, but I don't feel like trying my luck colonizing another planet that's not in one of the best spots, or around people who could easily hurt me very greatly. I'll probably colonize at least two other planets in that system and basically have a completely seperate miniature empire out there. If anyone wants to try and join me way out there in the boonies, you're more than welcome.

2007-04-01, 05:19 AM
I hadnt actually signed up for uni 30 yet. I was gonna to join this (im a good player) but its full. I'll sign up as soon as theres space.

PS: I was really goos in uni 11, until I got bored and left. I tried going back on but my account was deleted due to inactivity ):

2007-04-01, 09:14 AM
I'll help. I actually am quite good at Ogame. Yes, I'll help.

2007-04-01, 09:30 AM
Wow, got attacked by a joint fleet today. About 20 battleships and 30 cruisers between the two of them. Lost a good amount of metal, but my other stuff was used recently, so I don't think it was too bad. I did loose my cargoes though, since they were not out on fleetsave.

2007-04-01, 01:08 PM
SO. PISSED. OFF!!!!!!!

I went to check the system I had sent my colony ship to and guesss what! Somebody else JUST HAPPENED TO PICK THAT EXACT SAME PLANET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!one!!

2007-04-01, 04:05 PM
WOW. That is the definition of bad luck.

2007-04-01, 09:12 PM
Wow, got attacked by a joint fleet today. About 20 battleships and 30 cruisers between the two of them. Lost a good amount of metal, but my other stuff was used recently, so I don't think it was too bad. I did loose my cargoes though, since they were not out on fleetsave.
My defense...something like 60RL, 100LL, 20HL, 2 GC would blow up 12 of the cruisers. I'm fairly certain I won't have enough on my planet to justify those kind of losses. It's if they can muster together say 50 battleships before I can put up a few more gauss, that kind of fleet could get my defense without losses.

Granted I'm still building stuff up and haven't put much into the air yet. There's still time, but the lag on serving a page in this universe is atrocious most of the day:smallyuk:

2007-04-01, 10:05 PM
So I got my first colony today. Developing it now.

2007-04-01, 11:09 PM
I just noticed, on the technology page, something called a battlecruiser, under the deathstar... This is new to me. What is it?

2007-04-01, 11:21 PM
Realistically, it would be in between a cruiser and a battleship.

2007-04-02, 12:11 AM
It's there because it's the most recent ship introduced. It's just that no one bothered to put it in a more approprite place.

And I think it's closer to the bomber in terms of how advanced it is.

Ok, here's a much better scenario than my previous attack attempt:
8 cruisers and 5 S. Cargo vs. 7 RL

More news in about 30 minutes.

The result are in! Not a bad raid if I do say so myself. :smallamused:

The attacker has won the battle!
He captured
13.100 metal, 13.100 crystal, and 5.199 deuterium

The attacker lost a total of 0 units.
The defender lost a total of 14.000 units.
At these space coordinates now float 0 metal and 0 crystal

Since that raid, I've now raided that planet twice more. So much fun is had by me. And my colony ship finally got back after being recalled. So now I've sent it even farther away, to 9:74:4. It should get there a couple hours before I wake up on tuesday.

2007-04-02, 07:13 AM
as someone who would only go on once a day, is it worth me joining?

2007-04-02, 12:18 PM
Well, since this Uni is in double time, it might be dangerous with raids, but its up to you if you want to join or not. Personally, I'd rather you did, but that's just me.

2007-04-02, 12:20 PM
Joining at this time, you would have noob protection from the badasses, and you might be able to biuld up a good bit before things get too rough for you.

Also, Battleships in one half hour... well, finishing the tech to build them. I will likely get a few more colonies up before I start to mass a fleet.

2007-04-02, 03:03 PM
Now I almost feel sorry for this guy I keep raiding, but so far as I can tell, He hasn't been on since I started raiding him. Right now I have 4 fleets (each with 1 cruiser and 1 s. cargo) on their way to raid him some more, and now he only has 1 RL. The past four attacks were just cruisers, meant to get rid of what few defenses he had left. After these four, that makes it either 11 or 12 times I've hit him. So I'll have to back off until tomorrow, giving him time to get more resources.

You know, this is more fun than gaining the resources on my own.

Edit: Has anyone else encountered what I have dubbed the "probe-miss?" Basically what happens is you send out a probe, the overview says it got to where it was going, but there is no report. Then the overview says it has returned, but its not at your planet. The fleet screen says it hasn't reached its destination and the only way to get it back is to recall it.

Edit II: I wish I could set a queu(sp?) for research. Right now I'm researching Impulse Drive lvl5 and I have almost 100k metal and no crystal. If I could set up a queu, I would be able to have it start researching the next level of armor tech to spend that metal.

Edit III: And my little planet that I was powering entirely by satellites got attacked, instantly destroying the 21 satellites. I have decided that it would be too expensive to rebuild them and risk another attack, so that little planet is going to go bye-bye rather soon.

2007-04-03, 12:30 PM
Heh, you kept editing... and I never knew you had new info. I am about to go ahead and update ion tech, so I can get plasma. Battleships coming later, but I don't know if I will have enough to do much raiding anytime soon.

Sucks about your solar planet. I stayed away from that so far, but I think I might put up a few, just to help it some.

2007-04-03, 03:20 PM
My colony ship finally got to where it was going. I now have a planet at 9:74:4. Again, I would like to extend the invitation to come out there and join me in my seclusion. Someone did colonize a planet 1 system over, but he still has newb protection from me, so I don't think he would be much to worry about.

And, since it looks a lot like my homeworld, Fridero, and it is kinda like an empire on its own, I named it Fridero II. And it has 235 fields, so that is pretty cool.

Edit: Nicely enough, with Impulse at level 5, it only take 4 hours for small cargoes to get between it and my other planets. (although at a cost of 321 deut each)

2007-04-03, 03:22 PM
Nice. I think I might send someone out to join you. I have a colony ship kickin around here doing nothing. Gotta get some more deut first. Do you care which I take?

2007-04-03, 03:40 PM
I would prefer if you took the next system over, 9:73. If you want, you could go to 9:75, but as I said, someone's already there (not like you'd be able to do anything to each other seeing how if he has newb protection from me, he definitely has it from you).

2007-04-03, 04:00 PM
Are you planning on moving the whole of your opperations out there? Not so many people to raid, and that is the way to get ahead, but also fewer to raid you, and that is a good way to loose points. I might set up shop out there. How many colonies can we have? I remember eight, is that right?

2007-04-03, 09:32 PM
You can have 9. I currently have 8, and no place in my system anymore, so my last colony might aswell be over there, way far, heh. Any preference for a single colony to join you nearby in seclusion?

2007-04-03, 10:15 PM
I don't mind if you want to join me in 9:73. I'm heading to slot 5, since if someone beats me ther I figure they will take 4, that way I dont get turned arround. I plan to get 4 if it remains free though.

2007-04-04, 02:46 PM
Are you planning on moving the whole of your opperations out there? Not so many people to raid, and that is the way to get ahead, but also fewer to raid you, and that is a good way to loose points. I might set up shop out there. How many colonies can we have? I remember eight, is that right?
I'll eventually colonize 6 planets out there, and if I ever get far enough for it, a seventh in slot 1 to get graviton (you need 300k energy to research it, and the only feasible way to get that much is by satellites, making the relatively small increase each satellite gives the closer you get to the sun save you hundreds of thousands of crystal and deut.). You can't abandon your homeworld without deleting your account, so that one will have to stay. And I'll be keeping the other large planet I already have as well. So I'll still have 2 planets to raid from and do research.

2007-04-04, 04:19 PM
Cool. I have my ship heading out there now, still about 11 hours away. I am not sure about moving my whole operation that far out, but a few planets to safely hold my fleets and fleetsave to is never a bad thing.

2007-04-05, 10:51 AM
I'm gearing the planet I have way out there towards being able to produce a colony ship every 12 hours. To do that, you need Metal 8, Crystal 13, Deut 11, and Solar Plant 15. Right now, I have Metal 8, Crystal 9, Deut 5, and Solar Plant 11.

So after I get the mines to those level, I'll fill out my planets within a couple days. Good times.

Edit: Or I could just load up the resources needed to build colony ships and send it out there. Cargos are faster and more fuel efficient than colony ships, so it would also be better than sending colony ships straight there. This way, it will only take 5 hours to get enough resources there to build 2 colony ships.

2007-04-05, 12:11 PM
I see you spying on me... I see your little probes checking my Way Out There planet out!

2007-04-05, 12:22 PM
How high is your espionage tech anyway? I sent 5 probes and can still only see resources.

2007-04-05, 12:23 PM
It would count as 7, 5+2 for Technocrat. I did not know that it counted on a planet that did not have anything on it though... good to know.

2007-04-05, 12:26 PM
So you payed for the technocrat? Why? I would have gotten the engineer or geologist. (If I were willing to pay for a free service)

2007-04-05, 12:28 PM
Got them too. For the minor cost, and how much I like the game, it is cheaper than WoW, and I pay for that monthly too.

EDIT: And so the battleships start coming. I plan to deploy them out at that far away planet, so if you send in a few more probes and they blow up, I warned you.

2007-04-05, 03:25 PM
So, assuming you also got the fleet admiral and commander, that's $50 for three months or $200 a year. Is that cheaper than WoW?

2007-04-05, 04:00 PM
Well, I did not get the fleet admrial, since I never had problems with fleet numbers. WoW is $15 or something a month, or $45 every three, so that makes it about the same, yeah.

2007-04-05, 04:36 PM
A word of caution: be as careful out in the middle of nowhere as you are in a warzone. Most of my best hits in other universes come from traveling the higher galaxies and cleaning up stockpiles and busting fleets around clusters of planets out there--whether the same player or same alliance... Plus there's no new players filling slots out there, practically every planet is worth raiding.

2007-04-06, 02:08 AM

At first I thought any resources you lost reduced your points, but now I'm not so sure. This guy I've been raiding everyday has lost thousands and thousands of resources to me yet he still doesn't have newb protection from me. This leads me to believe that if you only lose resources in a battle and no ships or defenses, your points don't decrease.

Does anyone have any evidence that might refute this?

Edit: WHOO! I'm up to 1704! Pretty soon I'll actually be ranked! Alright! I'm so happy, this could very well be the defining point of my whole existence! (jk)

Edit: Hyperspace Drive is expensive! I've already started researching level 2 but DAMN!! Level 3 is going to be 80k crystal. Needless to say, it could take me a while to save up numbers like that.

Edit: My newest colony at 9:74:6 has 315 fields!! When I saw that I made one of the strangest noises ever. I couldn't even try to describe it, but suffice to say that it was so strange, my dog came over to see what the hell happened.

2007-04-06, 11:52 AM
Wow, nice new colony there. I have only ever had one higher than that.

Hyperspace gets even more after that... and you need level 4 to get the big guns.

You only loose points for lost ships and such, you only gain points for built ships and such. Resourses alone do not give you points.

2007-04-06, 11:30 PM

Here's a handy-dandy link to the OGame Tips site about defenses. It seems like a pretty good ratio and the responses are also pretty helpful.

2007-04-08, 10:53 PM
Had to give up on 30. Just too much lag in page loads, too many errors thrown.

Defense varies in use. If you're not getting attacked, it's worthless. Sadly the thing that keeps you from getting attacked most seems to be rank and to a lesser extent rank of your alliance.

If you're being attacked regularly, you pretty much know what to expect. You have to be able to blow up a value of ships that's at least twice what can be taken, that is getting harder now that people have battleships (which are fast, tough, hit hard, carry a lot and other unbalancing things).

Rockets and light laser are fodder. They might kill espionage probes with one hit, that's all. Heavy laser will kill a light fighter, has a chance to kill a heavy fighter. Gauss will kill a heavy fighter, has a chance to kill a cruiser (small chance, not miniscule). Plasma will kill a cruiser, has an ok chance to kill a battleship.

The things not to stock on your planet: crystal and deut. It varies which one will be more tempting to take depending on where you are in techs...

I was playing turtlish in 30. When I set my account for deletion on Friday, my main planet had defense of 100/400/25/5 RL/LL/HL/G plus small shield and 5 anti-IPM missiles. My first colony had something like 30/50/5, the other two a bit less. On those planets I had the deut mine at about 40% production, crystal not quite at max for about 14/12/8 mines. I wasn't pursuing plasma yet (had cruiser techs and the hyper drive, was starting the engine)...but would have taken the LL count on my homeworld to 1000 and the colonies I would have kept up to about 250ish. And added about 10% to that per week, maybe a bit more...

As for the ratio of defenses...just build what you have the resources for. Cruisers have rapid fire to RL, so I'd go lighter on them until fleets get more battleships heavy. Metal is by far the easiest resource to grab in raids, etc... 30LL cost the same as one battleship and are enough to kill 3 battleships outright and 3 out of an attack of 4, but you need them anywhere battleships are going to attack and all ;) That ratio doesn't hold when you increase the numbers involved, 60,000 LL don't stop 10,000 battleships (you'll take out ~600 when everyone has 8/8/8 weap/shield/armor while only 6000ish LL will survive, but on average 70% of the light lasers will be rebuilt).

2007-04-09, 12:53 AM
Okay, this is depressing. My colony ship can't hold enough deuterium to go to the other galaxy and at home.. I have 7 colonies, but building up defense is useless. Every day, I get attacked multiple times by this guy which has 24 battleships. So all defense I could build up in a day is not enough, and would be downsized each time. No way that I can ever muster up enough defense.. so I am just trying to build up other things with the harrass, but it's just depressing really. I am not online enough to keep my recources low, and it does not even matter; the 24-battleship-guy seems to want to attack me just to keep my defense low enough.

2007-04-09, 03:53 AM
Did you try asking him to stop? ;)

That's why it takes so long to get that far. You can reduce the speed and that will save you some deut, but make it take longer. On the other hand, you can send cargo(s) with it to carry the extra fuel, which will get it there faster at the cost of more deut. It's up to you. You can either have it take something around a day and save some deut, or you could get there in about 8 or 9 hours at cost of extra deut.

Oh yeah, I finally broke the top 1500, and at a blinding speed. I'm around 1400 now, and the little plus sign say +155. That's awesome. With 9 planets and Z's troubles, I'll be past him in no time. (I may even pass Fate. Maybe. In a few weeks. Maybe.)

2007-04-09, 03:56 AM
Yes, I tried asking him to stop earlier.. when we talked about it earlier. But he gave no response. Thanks for the advice about ships, I had not noticed that..
Edit: Okay, colony ship off to 9:73:6, will be there in 30 hours..

2007-04-09, 09:20 AM
See you in 30 hours Z!

As for the guy attacking, I really don't know what to say. Normally, a reasonable player would stop harrasing so much if you wrote them. I would. It sucks he wont.

2007-04-09, 12:36 PM
Don't forget that messages don't stick around forever. He might not have seen it the first time.

And what rank is he now?

2007-04-09, 12:46 PM
Yeah, that is why I just send him a message. Okay, so it was maybe because he send three fleets at a planet of mine which held 100k metal and 40k crystal or so (which I now luckily managed to use on upgrading my crystal mine ebfore they reach it, and send the remainder of the recources away), and few defenses because it just seems so futile (they will just get blown to bits whenever he decides to attack with his way-too-strong fleets), but still, annoying, as I was just away taking my dinner. Anyway, he is ranked 589 and he has a few dozen battleships. Edit: First fleet had 20 battleships, for example.

2007-04-09, 12:56 PM
I do agree that leaving for only a few hours can be terrible. I think there are a few easy targets near me, because so far I have not been hit more than the first time. I even found out I have someone ranked 33 near me. Most of the others though are lower than I am, and my two main planets have os much defense I bet the other guys are more appealing.

2007-04-09, 01:01 PM
Few hours? Consider 8 hour sleep, college, etc. It's annoying to wake up and see that you do not have all your recources at your disposal, but oh well, at least I am progressing enough, there are enough recources left like that. Making somewhat of an attempt to get to plasma tech, only need last energy technology for it, after which I hope to get to plasma defense or something.. though very unlikely it will work. Anyway, second of his fleet shad 5 battleship and 9 cruisers and third had 7 cruisers. So yeah.. gone is my defense. 2 rocket launchers and 1 light laser left.. on my most metal+crystal productive planet.. sigh.

2007-04-09, 01:09 PM
I just started Hyperspace drive 4. So in about 14 hours I can start making battleships.
Battleships ready for production.
And I need +1 energy tech and +1 laser tech until plasma. Too bad you need plasma tech 7 for the plasma turret.

Edit: So... Lucky for Z that sportforall went into vacation mode (I check your system every now and again). That's cool. Same thing happened to me (sort of). The guy who, at one time, was ranked #9 has a colony in my system. He went on vacation mode and now he's #234 and still dropping. The only difference is he only attacked me once, while this sportforall fella seems to be a complete a-hole. I bet he was trying to make you quit to free up all those planet slots for himself.

Edit: I noticed that bombers and plasma turrets have almost equal levels of tech to research. You need same shipyard level, 5 plama for bomber and 7 for turret. The only thing you need diffenet is impulse 6 and by this point, anyone should have at least impulse 5. So after I get my plasma turrets, I will only be 1 research away from bombers.

Edit: OK, here's a thought. This guy could be on vacation mode for a while. If he is, then Z and I (Fate's already there) could have stronger fleets than him. In that case, then I say we all fleet crash the S.O.B.'s homeworld when he comes off vacation.

2007-04-11, 12:56 PM
Hey, I'm all for a fleetcrash. Building up the battleships now.

Also, we have a new applicant. I see it, but since I am not the founder I don't want to assume I can let them in.

Also, if you want help with the home page, can you give me the rights to edit it? I would love to help.

2007-04-11, 01:16 PM
Oh my gosh! I.. I.. I was wondering why I was not attacked recently! And then I read here that my assaulter is on vacation mode. Wow.. anyway, I still need to research battleships.. Oh, and ofcourse: Hey neighbour in a far-away galaxy!

2007-04-11, 01:23 PM
Heh, I did not even see you had landed. I think I will set up one more planet eventually out there. I plan to have three there, three in Galaxy six where I am setting up, and then my home world and the rest in two. Seems like a nice spread without being too far thin.

2007-04-11, 03:41 PM
I am so glad I made sure that those 11 L. Cargos I sent to my homeworld didn't get there until about an hour ago because about 7 hours ago, I was attacked by 91 Battleships! I lost all of my fleet and 14.352 metal, 13.908 crystal, and 19.364 deuterium.

Edit: I declined the request because it was the only way I had to message him and told him that he had to be a member here and post in this thread.

And Fate, I gave you the ability to edit the page. Have fun.

2007-04-11, 03:45 PM
Wow. That... that is a lot of battleships.

2007-04-11, 05:57 PM
20 S. Cargos
5 H. Fighters
75 Cruisers
47 Battleships

The attacker has won the battle!
He captured
738 metal, 13.900 crystal, and 27.914 deuterium

I'm not liking all this sudden attention (this attack wasn't from the same guy). The worst part was that all my cargos were destroyed in the last attack, so I couldn't even fleet save. I had to spend my resources, and that didn't help much. I ran out of metal to spend so I couldn't spend any more crytal or deut.

2007-04-12, 06:32 AM
Oy! My application was declined!

2007-04-12, 07:39 AM
Send it in again. I will give it an OK.

EDIT: Also, be prepared for my points to drop a few soon. I am out of room for new colonies, and my first to go will be the little 33 that I have right up near the sun. It has been helping me nicely with growing, but it has served its purpose and will soon blow. This is a good chance to catch up to me!

2007-04-12, 02:40 PM
Oy! My application was declined!
Yeah, sorry 'bout that. But I didn't recognize the name (I recognize your avatar though) and I wasn't sure if you were on the boards or not. I wrote why it was declined and I thought it would have been sent it to you.

Edit: Well this is wierd. The overview says I have 0 points and ranked 0. The member list of the alliance page says I have 5824 points. I also have noob protection from EVERYBODY!! Did this happen to anyone else? Is it just me? This could work out rather nicely for me, but it will probably fix itself after the next point update, and if it doesn't, I guess I'll notify a GO.
Or I guess it could just work itself out immediately.

2007-04-12, 06:31 PM
OK, so anyone have any suggestions as to what the alliance page should say? Do we want to invite NAPs and such? I think it would be a good idea, since we are not a big group, to have a few.

Now that I have the syntax worked out, I can add in more pics if you guys want, to a limit of 5000 characters. Right now we are no where near that.

2007-04-12, 07:17 PM
I was thinking of trying to become allies with the VGCats alliance. They have 16 members and are ranked 147 right now. I think it would be cool on it's own just because we are both Alliances based from webcomic forums. Think about it, we could form the UNITED WEBCOMIC FEDERATION!! or something.

Oh, and I know that you have it mostly figured out now, but I found the tips article about alliance pages. http://www.ogametips.com/168/alliance-page-decorating

2007-04-12, 07:24 PM
Write them a line, see what they say.

2007-04-12, 07:31 PM
Yeah, I'll go drop them a line on thier message board a little later. Right now, Ima gonna go find some foodstuffs.

2007-04-12, 07:38 PM
HOLY WOW! THey have a thread there, for Ogame... it is 149 pages! Dang!

2007-04-12, 09:26 PM
The only thing you need diffenet is impulse 6 and by this point, anyone should have at least impulse 5.

Yeah.. totally right. Uhm.. *tries to hide the fact that he only researched impulse 5 last evening, and still does not have battleships* :smalltongue:

Neat thought about alliances.

You are blowing up your 33? Perhaps I should too, with my 2 33 planet's.. and one 46?

2007-04-12, 10:22 PM
Yeah... in the begining, the extra resources to help grow faster make a low planet like that worth it, but by now, with no more room for colonies, it is time to blow them up. Anything under 150 is no longer a keeper for me, and I hope to hit a few over 200. I plan to ultimately have three in galaxy 2 near my home, three in 6, and three in nine. If I can get some prime locations then I can get them all over 150 easy.

2007-04-13, 01:21 AM
I just filled 24 L. Cargos from my colonies in galaxy 9 and sent them to my homeworld. They are carrying 272.870 Metal, 228.431 Crystal and 87.191 Deuterium. Those resouces will be spent entirely on research and defence. Very quickly.

And the guy that hit me with those 91 battleships is probing me again. which means a high probability of bad things happening to me again. Especially if all those resources stay on my planet very long.

Edit: I also made sure that thosecargo ships won't get there until AFTER I wake up tomorrow (They get there at about 12:30pm. Here time.)

2007-04-13, 06:52 AM
Could my rank be "resident trekkie" ?

2007-04-13, 07:00 AM
Sure, the others can do that.
And blegh, somebody else found me in galaxy 2.. attack of 76 battleships. Sigh. But, on the other hand, my latest colony has 235 fields. And looks cool with a meteor.

2007-04-13, 09:26 AM
It is all about the looks, afterall.

2007-04-13, 11:38 AM
A guy in 9:80 has dicovered my colonies out there. He is ranked 851 and is an alliance ranked 145. I really hope he doesn't start trouble.

Edit: Ahhhhhh, nothing quite like spending 653k resources in a matter of minutes. Really gets the blood pumping you know.

Edit: Anyone wanna buy some deut from me? I seriously have way too much. I really cant spend it faster than I'm getting it.

2007-04-15, 10:47 PM
So, I'm afraid I've gotten a bit bored with this... feel free to raid me all you want, guys.


2007-04-15, 11:06 PM
Heh. OK. Really?

Edit: darn noob protection.

2007-04-16, 04:06 AM
Im a few mins away from esp probes.

Also got attacked but won easily.

2007-04-16, 10:08 AM
So, I'm afraid I've gotten a bit bored with this... feel free to raid me all you want, guys.

That's okay, No one here is going to hold it against you. oGame is definitely not for everybody anyway.

The noob protetection keeps Fate, Z, and I from raiding you, and the others aren't strong enough to do it yet. So no raiding from us.

And do we want to just remove him from the alliance or just leave him on until his account is deleted?

2007-04-16, 10:15 AM
I don't think there is any reason to take him out. Unless we get some new members of NAPs that don't like us keeping inactives. Speaking of which, did you ever chat with the VGCats?

2007-04-16, 11:00 AM
Oh... right... VGCats.

I'll get right on that.

Seriously this time.

Edit: Oooooooooooooooooooooookay... No one's allowed to register on the VGCats forum at this time. It did not give a reason though.

2007-04-16, 12:58 PM
Woo, I should be able to colony ships tommorow!

2007-04-16, 07:53 PM
Arg! VGCats forum does not take new applicants, so I can't make a log in name and ask them to join! Do any of you have a user name there? It seems like the best way to contact them, although in Ogame would work too.

2007-04-17, 07:02 AM
Are we anti-officer, cos if we are we should use this http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a319/Dannysquirrel/antiofficercopy213.png to express our dislike.

Also if anyones got spare crystal, please send it to me so I can start building colony ships. (Pulling isnt against the rules)

2007-04-17, 11:17 AM
I should hope we aren't anti-officer because Fate has three of them.

As for the crystal, there's a couple thing I need a bunch of it for, so after I get those done, I'll see what I can do. How much do ou need?

Edit: ah what the hell... 20k crystal coming up.

Edit (again): No can do. Forgot, you have newb protection from Fate, Z, and I. We can't even help you.

2007-04-17, 07:49 PM
Horray for logging in five minutes before an attack, clearing out the entire planet, and making the attacker turn around, wasting all his deut!!

2007-04-17, 09:57 PM
Edit (again): No can do. Forgot, you have newb protection from Fate, Z, and I. We can't even help you.
That doesn't matter for transport missions. You can send whatever you want to whomever you want, bugs notwithstanding.

2007-04-17, 11:47 PM
Really? Huh. Figures.

And Fate. I did the same thing earlier. But he didn't turn around because he still made off with about 70k metal. (I didn't have enough ships available to get everything, so I just emptied the crystal and deut and whatever space I had left for metal.)

Edit: Well Doglord, just say if you still need some and I'll be glad to help out. 20k cryastal is nothing to me. Between my 9 planets, I produce 21,959 Crystal every hour. And 2 of those planets are currently working on upgrading the crystal mine. So sending you 20k will set me back less than an hour in production. It would also only cost me 458 deut to get it to you in about 4 hours.

Edit: And just for the hell of it. I make 32,242 Metal and 5,010 Deut per hour.
I noticed that while many of my planets have the same level of Deut Synthesizer, they all vary in production by a few (+/-5) per hour. Is it like this for anyone else?

2007-04-18, 07:24 AM
Yes i do and it depends on temperature

2007-04-18, 08:17 AM
Deut production works backwards of solar energy production, so that the far away planets have some advantage.

2007-04-18, 12:00 PM
Okay, Crystal is sent, you'll recieve it in about 4 hours. I also sent some deut because colony ships are painfully inefficient.

2007-04-19, 01:13 AM
Yay! My first colony! Only 106 fields though.

2007-04-19, 01:44 AM
Where is it? If you dont mind my asking.

2007-04-19, 07:03 AM
6:364:8 also can I have my rank back?

2007-04-19, 09:23 AM
Rank back... how did you loose it? That is odd.

2007-04-19, 11:17 AM
Oh yeah, he somehow got out of the alliance. Either by accidently leaving or accidently getting kicked. I would bet on the former since I didn't kick him and the only other person that can is you, Fate. But it doesn't really matter that much anyway.

2007-04-19, 11:31 AM
Well then welcome back!

EDIT: I boomed a planet today, so I expect my points to drop a few. Hopefully it will get back fast as I now have a new planet to fill with mines.

2007-04-20, 02:02 AM
I'm trying to get the Intergalactic Research Network. Right now I have everything I need except Hyperspace Tech 8, and I'm working on Hyperspace Tech 7 right now. Too bad level 8 is going to take 512k crystal and 256k deut, but after level 8, you'll never need to upgrade it again.

2007-04-20, 12:33 PM
Hmm... that would be a worthwhile goal for me as well. Right now I am pretty much just upgrading mines and stuff still. I can build battleships, but I dont need new ones for the farms I hit regularly, and so far no one has really gotten me good with any hits. I blew up that planet, but I don't think it hurt my points too much at all, so that was good. How goes everyone else, in general?

2007-04-21, 12:11 AM
Well, so far as I'm going, I've got not one, not two, not even four, bu THREE new farms right in my own solar system. This one guy has three planets, no defense and apparantly no activity for the past several days.

Edit: Here is the current status of the defense on my homeworld:
RL: 447
LL: 500
HL: 100
GC: 15
IC: 40
PT: 5
SSD: 1
LSD(lol): 1
ABM: 20

Edit: 80 more RL on the way. Good fodder. Good metal sink. I don't need metal for my next immediate goal, so RLs are as good a way as any to use it up. Plus its a good way to bulk up those points;)

2007-04-21, 03:55 AM
Seems like you are catching up in score with me, Krade. Anyway, there haven't been as many attacks on me. Yay. Also, I don't have as many defense.. and as to what I am building. Well part mines, part changing planets, part research, part defense. Just whatever I desire at the moment. My research is going decent. After my current research&building I will be one research away each from: Destroyer, Battlecruiser, Plasma Turret and being able to research Intergalactic Research Network. Also, a minor note. It's fun to see how I have kept points above Krade so far without ever raiding.

2007-04-21, 01:53 PM
Yeah, yeah... laugh it up. I'll pass you soon enough... eventually... maybe...
*runs off and cries*

And check out the new avvie, I like.

Edit: I have enough resources to start Hyperspace Tech 8. The only problem is the 5 hours its going to take to get all the resources together to start the research which itself will take almost a full day. But after that, I can start on the Intergalactic Research Network.

Edit: Hyperspace Tech 8 started. Only 21 more hours untill I can research the IRN. In other news, those three new farms I found are now gone. Vanished into the mist of the fabled deleted account. Oh well, at least now I can ditch my tiny planet in favor of one of those three slots that just opened up. HOORAY!!

2007-04-22, 02:36 PM
Yeah, so I was attacked for my birthday, on the one day that I was not online to watch out for it and empty the planet in advance. Lucky though it was not too much, and the only ship there was a colony ship.

On that, I need ot get my techs up more. I have a ton of mines, but they are all working so hard on upgrading each other that my techs are lacking. I guess in the long run having higher mines will be a plus, but for now I need to get crackin. IRN is really where I need ot be next.

2007-04-22, 08:25 PM
Ceck out the pricetag on the IRN.

240,000 Metal
400,000 Crystal
160,000 Deut
1d 5h 5m 27s

And is it level 1 links 2, level 2 links 3.
Or is it level 1 does nothing, level 2 links 2?

2007-04-23, 12:41 AM
Hey, just noticed this thread and am glad someone else plays ogame! I signed up for universe 30 so i sent an application to your alliance. I'm loacted at 5:353:6.

2007-04-23, 01:03 AM

Now, what would you like your silly rank name to be?

2007-04-23, 01:07 AM
Hm.... I was thinking along the lines of Captain Gumball.

By the way, anyone even remotely near me? Cant check with my lack of deuterium.

EDIT: WOW these resources really are going up fast in double speed!

2007-04-23, 02:17 AM
There, you are now ranked Captain Gumball.

You are actually very close to Doglord. He is in 5:360 and you are in 5:353. So you two are closer together than anyone else. Fate, Z, an I are in the same galaxy, but that's about it (I'm not counting our colonies, I know some of them are VERY close together).

2007-04-23, 03:49 AM
Reject it if you want to but could someone send me maybe 1000 or so of metal and crystal? I have little homeswork to do tomorrow and i would like to spend a bit of time on ogame as i have a day off on wednesday (ANZAC day for all you non-aussies).

EDIT: Yea i just found out i have loads of everytihng. This new speed is really confusing my usual build order!

2007-04-24, 01:03 AM
Oh my.. I.. I.. well this is going to ruin my fun in the game.

I got attacked twice. First time: 210 battleships & 68 battlecruisers. Second time: 143 battleships & 58 battlecruisers. Attacker is ranked 26. My fleet: destroyed. My defenses: severly weakened. Attacked planet: My Homeworld. Sigh.

2007-04-24, 01:16 AM
Wow, I was gonna complain about how hard I just got hit (and screwed up hitting someone else), but you lost 500 more points than I did with this most recent point update (I would have lost more points, but I spent pretty much all of my resources to make up the points when I got on). Only 200 above me now! hehehehe...

Seriously though, that sucks. Do you have plasma turrets yet? I bet those would have sent them hurtin'.

The attacks on me were basically my own fault. I neglected to build defense on my 6 colonies in galaxy 9 and they were all hit pretty much simultaneously by the same guy. Most of my point lose was in cargos, a few recyclers, and I think 9 probes. Then my screwed up attack, silly me lost 6 battleships. The only good part about that was that this time I actually got to the debris first and cleaned it all up.

Edit: the guy that hit me is ranked 50.

2007-04-24, 01:18 AM
Nope, I don't have plasma turrets yet. But seriously, with that number, how could they have been anywhere near effective enough unless I had a huge number of them? (Which would probably cost way too much aswell.)

2007-04-24, 01:22 AM
If you have lots of fodder, there would be little chance of them hitting the turrets and the turrets have a high probability of destroying large ships like that in one round. The attacker probably still would have won, but he also probably wouldn't have attacked due to high probability of expensive losses.

2007-04-24, 02:19 AM
Ouch bad luck. My mines seem to be progressing....I checked the areas out and found that there are several people of similiar ranks. I'm hoping i can get the edge and start farming them before that can do the same to me.

2007-04-24, 08:40 AM
Wow bad luck indeed. I was hit as well last night, plenty of battlecruisers and such. I happily took out a few, and I was able to get some of my resources out in time. Lost my solar sats though... darn.

2007-04-25, 01:30 AM
I'm "negotiating" an alliance with AXIS (http://axisforum.proboards75.com/index.cgi).

They are considerably weaker than us, with an alliance score of 19k, less than that of a single one of our top three. But seriously, who cares? Allies are allies. And at least one of them already reads and likes OotS (which is how I found them incidently, one of thier members messaging me in-game saying he would join us if he wasn't already in an alliance). So what's the next best thing to more members in our own alliance? A whole alliance that is friendly with us, that's what. It should at least make this whole adventure a bit more interesting with a few more people to talk to.

Now I got to go to bed so I can get at least five and a half hours of sleep before I have to wake up and go to work.

2007-04-25, 09:04 AM
Cool about the allies.

In other news, I logged out for about half the day yesterday, and that is when someoe decided to full out attack one of the three systems I have. Six waves total. Not too bad, as they did not destroy much more than cargos as far as ships go, but it really hurt my defenses. Yeah, 30 destroyers in addition to the 300+ battleships... ouch.

2007-04-25, 10:26 AM
I really shouldn't get drawn into another one of these but I can't resist. I just sent an application.

2007-04-25, 10:30 AM
Welcome, any neato title you'd like?

2007-04-25, 10:39 AM
Sure, make me Lord of Space Rats

And no other members in galaxy 6, eh? Oh well.

2007-04-25, 10:40 AM
I have three there, but not my homeworld. 6:67 you'll find me.

EDIT: Does anyone know if there is a major war, or fighting, going on in the upper 500 ranks? I took a hit yesterday, but my rank still went up. I did not have that much new building done overnight, and I think I actually lost about one thousand points! I hope all goes well with everyone else, because after the fleets that came after me, it is scary to think what someone ranked over 100 has. The guy that hit me is 109.

2007-04-25, 12:25 PM
OK, allow me one noob question that may or may not be in the tutorial (which I think is poorly done but hey). When looking at the galaxy each player's name is color coded (I see red and black in my home system) and they have a status (s) or (i I). What's all that mean?

2007-04-25, 01:19 PM
Just saw this forumn and decided i want to try this out with you guys,
Account: 1dominator
World Name: Septiera IV
Location: 1:469:5
I've sent you guys an application.

Im a long time lurker on this forumn, havent done much posting. Hoping to start.

2007-04-25, 01:34 PM
Welcome. Any wacky name you'd like?

Also, the galaxy view shows green for players with noob protections (such as if I look at you), red for players too strong for you (you have noob protections from them, so to be fair you can't attack them either) blue for players on vacation (who you cant attack, but they can't attack you) and various shades of grey for players that are inactive.

2007-04-25, 01:42 PM
Thanks for the acceptance.
A rank name eh? What about Head Gecko Caretaker? (HGC)

2007-04-25, 01:44 PM
Not many alliances with as many ranks as we offer! Quite a big list.