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Steel Mirror
2014-09-30, 04:52 PM
Welcome to the first 5E homebrew challenge on the GitP forum, the DIY Dungeon Mastery Challenge. Contests like the DIY DMC (and there are many fantastic contests for different versions of D&D on this forum) do three great things:

Create resources for other DMs to use by drawing on the creativity, experience, and all around awesomeness of the many talented DMs on this forum.
Provide a chance to test your DMing mettle and to show off all those ideas that youíve had swimming in the back of your mind.
Itís lots of fun!

Hopefully there are 5E DMs out there that, like me, are ready to get down and do some serious homebrewing! With the PHB out and now the MM being released in stores everywhere, I think we finally have a good enough picture of how 5E works to start flexing our brains and creating new things. And to encourage people to post their ideas for others to read and enjoy, I think a forum challenge is just the thing to kickstart the online resources available to the budding 5E DM!

The actual competitions will be housed in their own threads (well, I use the plural, but for now we have only 1 (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?374580-The-5E-DIY-Dungeon-Mastery-Challenge-1-Make-a-Monster!)), where the majority of discussion and posting will take place, but I wanted to make this thread for people to post any questions they had about the competition in general. Do you have questions or concerns about the voting rules? Do you have ideas to make submissions a bit smoother? Do you think I am doing something terribly wrong, and have just the thing to fix it? Or maybe you just want to talk about future contest ideas, or give feedback on the contest as a whole. This is the thread for you to air your thoughts.

List of DIY Dungeon Mastery Challenges, and Winners

DIY Challenge
Submission Deadline
Best in Show
I Just Like It
The Spirit of the Competition
I Wish I'd Thought of That!

#1: Create a Monster! (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?374580-The-5E-DIY-Dungeon-Mastery-Challenge-1-Make-a-Monster!) (current)
October 14th

Rules of the Competition

Contest Duration. Contests will be open to new submissions for a set time period. All submissions and revisions to existing submissions made after that date will not be judged.
One Entry per Person, one Post per Entry. Please only submit one entry for consideration. If you have more than one idea for an entry, you may submit further ones just for fun, but only one will be judged, so be sure to call out in the title that they aren't your primary submission. Also, please contain each submission in a single post, to make it easier for judges to read.
No Plagiarism. Should be self explanatory. Only submit original materials, and donít include copyrighted material of any kind unless you own the copyright. In general, observe the forumís code of conduct and you should be fine.
Free Use. By submitting your entry to the DIY contest, you are agreeing to let people use your entry and ideas within it for their own games, to modify and enjoy as they require. After all, what's the homebrewing forum for except to collaborate and create a list of resources to help each other out?
Formatting. Do your best to make your entry easy to read and process, please. Proper grammar and spelling, breaks for paragraphs, and title headings that divide your magnum opus into digestible chunks are all your friends. If you make it easy to read your entry, you make it easy for people to vote for it!

Voting will begin after the contest ends, on the 14th of October. Anyone may vote, though entrants get an extra category in which to cast a vote that non-entrants may not vote for. There are 4 categories to vote for. Anyone who votes may cast a vote in each of the first three categories. You may vote for a different entry in each category, or you may vote for the same entry multiple times if you think it excels simultaneously in multiple categories. You may not vote for your own entry (if you do it will not be counted). Please feel free to comment in each category as to why you chose whichever entry you did! The categories for consideration are:

I Just Like it. Choose whichever entry you thought was the most interesting, according to whatever criteria you feel are appropriate. Sometimes something will just tickle your fancy, and this category exists to reward that. Anyone may vote in this category.
Usability. Which entry do you think would be easiest to use in your own game, or which entry jumped out to you as the most complete and ready to be dropped right into a game? Creativity is well and good, but general ability to be used in a wide variety of games with a minimum of fuss is valuable in its own right. Anyone may vote in this category.
The Spirit of the Competition. Which entry used the Wildcard Elements in the most interesting ways, or satisfied the main thrust of the challenge better than all its peers? This is a competition, after all, and the entry that fulfilled it the best should be rewarded! Anyone may vote in this category.
I Wish I had Thought of That! When you were reading other people's entries, which one of them made you think "man, that's a great idea! I wish I had thought of that..." Only people who submitted an entry of their own may cast a vote in this category. Even though you cannot vote for yourself, entrants should have a little more say in how the winners get chosen.

The winner of the competition will be chosen by a simple count of which entry got the most votes. Each category of votes will also have a winner, so that the Best in Show could be different from the Most Usable, and so on. Winners of the whole competition and of each category will be showered in the adulation of their peers and the envy of those who haven't yet taken the leap to brewing their own content for their TTRPG of choice, and will also be consulted for future incarnations of the DIY Dungeon Mastery Challenge! (Assuming there is enough interest to have another version!)

2014-10-02, 02:25 AM
so how do you actually submit a monster? did i miss the info or is it not posted?

Steel Mirror
2014-10-02, 06:28 AM
To submit a monster, just post up your entry in the active contest thread. As long as it has all the required elements, and it fulfills three wildcard elements (which you specify in your submission), then you are ready to go! You can also edit your post until the submission deadline, so if there is something you want to go back and change, or if you forgot to add something, you can go back to alter it.