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2014-09-30, 09:55 PM
Hey guys, I've been toying around with homebrewing for D&D and suddenly found myself making an artificer class.
I'm still working on editing the fluff, but I think everything else looks good. Comments are welcome.
If you were looking for a 5e artificer to use in your Eberron game, give this a shot.
Working on a shaman class similar to 4e's and Dragonmarked Races for Eberron as well.

Link To Google Docs (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Fh9ztmMJ8GPprdZdIprHyfhYkkBsOwn4z1T6tdtSsko/edit?usp=sharing)

2014-09-30, 10:29 PM
first, why does this caster have more spell slots than any other spellcaster? second, i think the cr of your constructs are a bit low. 3rd, that first cantrip would probably qualify as a concentration spell and finally how would you prevent single caster buff casting?

2014-09-30, 10:40 PM
Thanks for the feedback!
First, thanks for catching the spellslots, that was just an error on my part. It should be fixed now.
For the CR, you're probably right, I was trying to make them comparable to the sprite and wolf (both CR 1/4), do you think they'd be closer to CR 1/2?
The Infuse Weapon spell is using the bones of shillelagh which doesn't have concentration. Admittedly Infuse Weapon can be used on ranged weapons and on weapons that do more than d8, but it can't be used to make it magical like Shillelagh can. I figure that's a far trade off to keep the concentration off and keep the power level similar to that of a non-shifting druid in combat.

2014-09-30, 10:51 PM
Dunno on the actual CR, since it seems that while some general guidelines where used to determine the CR for most creatures. It seems that most of this was based on player feedback during the playtest in order to gauge actual difficulty. I suggest that you play with some friends to determine the CR for such creatures

2014-10-01, 12:27 AM
First off, if you can, I suggest posting some of the material here, just as a teaser to hook people better. I recommend the Infuse Weapon spell, as that is pretty neat.

Second: Why have Int/Con save proficiency when you use Wisdom to cast? I suggest making Int the casting attribute (to match with your infusions, and your multiclass requirement), and swap to Int/Wis save proficiency for variety. Also consider changing Nature skill option to Perception (Doesn't make sense for a technophile to be a nature-lover and inattentive to detail).

Third: This is almost just a Wizard subclass (which is pretty nice for modularity), and barely feels like its own class.

Fourth: Tinkerer Battle Magic trait is just too much, I would almost argue the same about the extra attack.

Fifth: Repair Damage will be broken in a Warforged group, Inflict Damage should not work on non-constructs (and maybe lower the damage too).

You have a strong start, but I just don't feel the soul of the artificer yet.

2014-10-01, 12:27 AM
Pardon me, Donusdeus, but shouldn't an artificer's spellcasting ability be Intelligence, not Wisdom? Also, why are there three references to the bardic spell list in this document? Are those typos perchance? If so, then I advise you fix them. And while we're on the subject, I believe you forgot to include Concentration to Infuse Weapon's duration. Oh, and there are some spells in its list you might want to remove too (Heroism, Speak With Plants, Glibness, et cetera).

2014-10-01, 06:54 AM
Thanks for catching the typos in the spellcasting guys; Wisdom should be replaced with Int now and all that jazz about bards is in the process of being removed.

As for the spells and abilities,
Battlesmith's abilities are not stronger than college of valor for any reason I can see. Am I missing something?

Repair damage is literally cure wounds but for constructs, not sure how thats broken. Could you give me mire info there?

Inflict Damage does less than Inflict Wounds, another level 1 spell, except to constructs, where it has the chance to do twice 2d10. If it only affected constructs, it would be much less useful, though I guess that means I could make it more powerful. I'll give it some thought

Shillelagh does not use concentration, and since infuse weapon is basically a weaker, but more versatile, shillelagh I kept with their balance. Remember, shillelagh makes the weapon magical, which means it can overcome DR of monsters, something usually reserved for 2nd level spells and up. Infuse weapon only works while you hold the weapon and does not make it magical.

As for it being an Arcane Tradition, I'm sure you could make a very serviceable one, but it would miss out on Infused Equipment, the ability to use magic items regardless of class, light armor and simple weapons, and other things I couldn't fit well inti a few features. The class as is has very few features in common with the wizard besides a similar spell list.

Speaking of spells, since the artificer gets very few blasting spells, similar to its 3.5 iteration, and its lore has always been about using magic regardless of arcane or divine, I included many Target:Self spells and other buffs I could imagine a character having a magic item for. Torc of speak with plants, potion of glibness, band of heroism, etc.

2014-10-01, 08:59 AM
Thanks for catching the typos in the spellcasting guys; Wisdom should be replaced with Int now and all that jazz about bards is in the process of being removed.
You forgot to change one of the Artificer's Spell Save DC and Attack Modifiers (Wisdom). Also, I can't help but notice that a lot of the features in it bare a striking resemblance to the bard's. Was this intentional? If so, then wouldn't it make more sense for its spellcasting focus to be artist tools instead, or have a certain degree of expertise when it comes to tools, et cetera?

2014-10-01, 11:10 AM
Woops, missed one, pesky Wisdom. It's gone now, thanks for checking.
As far as it being based off the bard, I did pull from it, as well as the warlock. However, instead of expertise I gave him the homunculus and ritual mastery to keep more with his flavor in earlier traditions, he was never the best general crafter, just a great magical crafter. I also gave him the ability to use any set of artisans tools as any other and Jack of Trades with tools to show his mastery. I know it's less powerful, but he also gets other bonuses with magic items that fill that void. I wanted to stay away from simply reskinning the bard, while still using it as a measurement for balance.
I do like the idea of using the artisan's tools as a spellcasting focus, I actually had the same thought this morning. I think I'll offer it as an option, but still allow them to use an arcane focus if they want since artificer's are often pictured with a rod.

2015-06-26, 05:30 PM
I do have a question about the artificer class. The Infuse Equipment ability how does it work? me and my roommate had an argument about how it works.