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2007-03-14, 02:58 PM
So a friend of mine is going away soon, which calls for a going-away party. Since we mostly like to hang out and play games together, we figured adding drinking to the mix would be a nice way to do it. We've had a lot of fun with the OOTS Adventure Game, so making the OOTS Adventure DRINKING Game seems like a good way to combine everything.

But, while I have a lot of experience with games, I've not played too many drinking games. I'm not sure how many of you have either, but this seemed like the best place to solicit ideas. Ideally there should be more to the drinking part than just 'do X and drink' but so far that's all I've come up with though. Such as...

- Drink whenever you ask for assistance in a fight.
- Drink if the particularly vicious monster you added to the fight gets killed.
- If several monsters were added, everyone who added them drinks if they all get killed in one turn.
- Drink if you spring a trap that hurts another player
- Drink if you quote Monty Python or The Princess Bride (this one can be added to any RPG to make it a drinking game)

These are just ideas off the top of my head. I'm thinking we should have a whole list of potential rules, start with only a couple of them in play and then whoever is the first down a new stairway gets to add another rule.

So get thinking people- I need more rules.

2007-03-14, 06:43 PM
personally... the idea of making the dungeon of durokan into a drinking game sounds pretty stupid to me. Try something simpler like munchkin or something.

2007-03-14, 09:31 PM
Drink when you fail to find stairs
Drink when you take a Wound
Drink when you trigger a trap
Drink again if you fail to evade the trap
Drink again for each other person your trap injured
Drink when someone else descends to a floor (for the first time) that you haven't been to yet - ie, in a four-person game, the first person to descend to level 2 won't have to drink at all (on this rule), while the last person to descend will have had to drink three times
Drink every time you roll a 1, for anything, regardless or other effects
Drink every time you rest
Drink when you return to the dungeon entrance
Drink for every unused Screw This! card you discard because you ran out of monsters to play
Drink for any detrimental effect on you from someone else's Screw This! card

Why can I come up with so many of these off the top of my head? I don't drink much.

2007-03-15, 06:32 AM
Just about every game is made better when alchohol is involved. Some of the most fun I've had playing games was playing Mario Party with drinking rules.

To add to previous posts, and hold true to some oldschool D&D, a player drinks whenever they roll a 1 (as above), and everyone else drinks when they roll a 12.

To add new elements to the game, you can have standard rules, but only bring out the non-game related rules by floor. For instance, if you're on the first floor, only standard rules apply (whichever you decide they are). On the second floor, anyone that says a number has to drink. On the third floor, anyone that curses has to drink. By then, you won't need to worry about quotes or other complex rules. You could also add a house rule that if someone is supposed to drink, but doesn't in a given time allotment (10 seconds maybe) and you call them on it, you get to draw a free loot.

Man, I need to meet up with my buddies.

2007-03-15, 06:33 AM
personally... the idea of making the dungeon of durokan into a drinking game sounds pretty stupid to me. Try something simpler like munchkin or something.

What's munchkin? Is it a game?

2007-03-15, 08:26 AM
Of course we at APE Games could never endorse the use of our games for drinking purposes. I mean, not before 9:00 A.M.

2007-03-16, 08:13 PM
What's munchkin? Is it a game?

Munckin is a card-based RPG that makes fun of everything.
Go to Google
Type Munckin
Hit "Im Feelin Lucky"
This will take you to the Munchkin Homepage.

Munchkin is a bucket of fun! But Dungeon of Dorukan has better replay value.

2007-03-19, 04:31 PM
agreed, munchkin reminds me of OOTS without the dungeon. Just monsters, loot and backstabbing. There is no "exploration" in it.