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2014-10-05, 02:10 AM
Starting a thread for something that I bet a large number are going to laugh at or shake their heads at: Homebrew nonmagical artifacts.

I'm interested in seeing what everyone would consider to be a nonmagical item that compares to artifacts, ideas? Any system is fine

First idea:

The Great Commendation
The Gods are known to grant their favor, and great power on those who have served them greatly, however some that would be granted a gods favor, instead turn it down. These, most humble, servants of the gods are still rewarded, with the Great Commendation.
The Great Commendation is a symbol that a god respects and values a person for great deeds, those who know what it is, can't help but be swayed at least a little by the bearer.
The Great Commendation appears to be made of a mithral-adamantium alloy, but in truth it is something else entirely. Made by the gods, from the greatest of their powers, The Great Commendation is a medal made of nothing seen anywhere else, and is itself entirely indestructible by anything short of divine intervention. There are only a few Great Commendations, each one of a slightly different appearance; that of the awarding god's holy symbol emblazoned with the family crest of the recipient.
The bearer of The Great Commendation gains several benefits as long as it is worn openly and observed by an intelligent creature;
Firstly; The bearer gains a +10 bonus on all Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information, Intimidate, Profession and Sense Motive checks made against intelligent beings.
Secondly; The fear or mind-effecting skills, abilities, or spells produced by the bearer of The Great Commendation effect even those creatures normally immune to such effects.
Also: The bearer gains a +5 untyped bonus to AC.
Further: All benefits granted by the Great Commendation are doubled in respect to any intelligent creature that has 5 or more ranks in Knowledge(religion) or Knowledge(nobility and royalty)
The Great Commendation is not magical, it's effects stem purely from it's reputation. The Great Commendation cannot be destroyed by any magical or mundane means short of the god that created it. The medal is typically handed down either in familial lines or master-apprentice lines, in either case the god that made it may still reclaim and destroy it if the current bearer proves unworthy.

Non-magic or Non-god settings:
The Great Commendations in settins without gods are just as powerful but are generally awarded by emporer's or kings. Though in these settings they cannot be destroyed by ANY means, and only the rarest smiths in the world know from what metal they are forged.