View Full Version : hero class(from mutants and master minds

2014-10-05, 10:46 PM

people wondered how i would do MnM in a normal d20 game, well here it is(critics are allowed)

hit dice: d8(players at 1st level may pay 2 power points to increase the die size)
class skills: select any six skills(players at 1st level may pay 1 power point to to obtain a new skill as a class skill)
skill points: 2+int(2+int x4)(players at 1st level may pay 2 power points to increase the points gained at each level by 2)
BAB: average( players may spend 2 power points to make it a good BAB)
saves: one good and two poor (players at 1st level may pay 2 power points to obtain a good save or 1 power point for an average save)

power points: obtain 8 at 1st level, 8 at 2nd and 8 at every 2nd level after that
energy points: players have energy points(lv x con score), Using an instant, concentration, sustained, or continuous duration power costs energy points equal to half the power’s total power point cost, rounded down. players may lower the rank of the power when using it to have it cost less energy points
power damage: rank 1:1d4, rank 2:1d6 rank 3:1d8 rank 4:xd6(where x is the rank of the power -2)
power feats: a power feat may be taken when you take a normal feat or you may pay 2 power points to buy it.
flaws: may be brought whenever, when buying a power, you may buy a flaw with it to lower the power cost
extras: may be brought to better powers

ed: use the second ed rules