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DM Nate
2014-10-08, 10:35 AM
I'm interested in any thoughts and feedback about the concepts and mechanics for my homebrew 3.5 campaign. If you don't mind off-forum sites, I've posted all campaign journals and notes at the following address:

www.DarkHaunt.net (http://www.DarkHaunt.net)

I'll make a brief summary here so you can get an idea before visiting. The setting uses gothic steampunk flavor and is set in what might very well have been the Roman Empire...if the Roman Empire had ever had its own Industrial Revolution.

The PCs come to consciousness as ghosts, and they quickly learn they can cross back and forth between the physical world and the spirit world (essentially a collage of the Shadow Realm, Hades, and the Far Realm). Using unique abilities on both sides of the veil, they have to work together to find out why they're ghosts in the first place...and to avenge their own deaths.

Index of Chapters:

Awakenings (Levels 0-2)
Part 1: Beyond the Veil (http://darkhaunt.wormholes.info/?p=1202) The spirits awaken to unfamiliar settings and a mystery.
Part 2: Through the Looking Glass (http://darkhaunt.wormholes.info/?p=1205) The party makes their way through their first building in the physical realm.
Part 3: On the Town (http://darkhaunt.wormholes.info/?p=1209) The spirits visit the city, make a reluctant friend, and begin their first mission.

Wayward Souls (Levels 3-4)
Part 4: In the Flesh (http://darkhaunt.wormholes.info/?p=1213) Their first "dungeon" involves a prison whose walls are coated with living flesh.
Part 5: Heart of the Matter (http://darkhaunt.wormholes.info/?p=1216) The spirits delve to the center of the prison and solve their first murder mystery.
Part 6: Carnival of the Macabre (http://darkhaunt.wormholes.info/?p=1566) The party's next stop is a "Carnival of the Macabre," with incredibly-welcoming clowns.
Part 7: Carousel of Death (http://darkhaunt.wormholes.info/?p=1882) The spirits save the circus from a rampaging undead horse and make a lasting ally.

The Open Invitation (Levels 4-5)
Part 8: A Messy Affair (http://darkhaunt.wormholes.info/?p=2089) To learn the art of possession, the spirits visit a cult in the city's slums.
Part 9: Umbilicus (http://darkhaunt.wormholes.info/?p=2398) A series of gruesome murders leads the party to investigate the residents of the city block.
Part 10: Invitation to Disaster (http://darkhaunt.wormholes.info/?p=2448) To save countless lives, the heroes go head-to-head against an awakening demi-god.

Face of the Enemy (Levels 6-?)
Part 11: The Church of Science (http://darkhaunt.wormholes.info/?p=2557) Now on the trail of their own deaths, the party first investigates the iconic center of scientific "faith."
Part 12: What Lies Beneath (http://darkhaunt.wormholes.info/?p=2721) The spirits finally learn the horrific truth behind the empire, and the likely cause of their own demises.

I will be linking future write-ups here as they are finished (though, being adults with families, sessions only happen about once a month).

Again, any and all thoughts are welcomed! Thank you in advance!