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2014-10-09, 11:22 PM
You have to be kidding, that was GOLDEN.

Born from a wicked spell mishaps, Nilarom the Wizard had accidentally morphed himself into some kind of creature of a golden sheen. His personality improved quite a bit as a result, leading him to become one of greatest Diplomancermats in the history of the Prime Material plane. Sadly, he met his demise with an ettin and large amounts of boulders.

Home Lands: Aurkin do not have a specific homeland, but they tend to reside in upper class parts of the city.

Appearance: Aurkin are around 4 feet to 6 feet tall and appear to be humans with a gold skin, along with golden hair and eyes. This skin is not metallic, however.

Adventurers: Aurkin adventure to help get themselves more gold, or higher standing with an organization, or just to show off.

Alignment: Most Aurkin tend to lean towards True Neutral among all else.

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Racial Traits:

Attributes: +2 CHA, -2 CON ; They may not be the toughest tool in the shed, but they are the most expensive and convincing.
Glamour: Aurkin gain a +1 racial bonus to all Diplomacy, Bluff, and Intimidate rolls.
Flash: When any form of extreme light falls upon the Aurkin, that is at least 2 levels higher than the ambient lighting causes all creatures within 10' of the Aurkin to be fascinated for one round. The save against this effect is Fort DC 10 + Cha Mod + 1/2 ECL. The cantrip "Light" and related spells can trigger this effect also.
Low Light Vision.
Favored Class: Wizard

2014-10-15, 03:54 AM
Can we assume these are Medium sized Humanoids? This needs to be stated as size affects speed. Generally Medium creatures have a land speed of 30 feet.

As written these are too weak. See elf for example.

That +2 Charisma is nice but -2 Con is a big penalty. That would be a deal breaker for some folks. Why is wizard their favored class since wizard spells depend on Intelligence? It would make more sense if sorcerer were their favored class since sorcerer spells depend on charisma. I recommend giving them a +2 to Int rather than +2 to Cha if you want wizard to be their favored class.

Glamour suggests they have some magical reason for having bonuses to their skills rather than it just being a racial bonus. You might want to flesh that out a bit more. Generally, creatures "have" a racial bonus rather than gain one. Racial bonuses are generally +2 not +1. See elf for example.

Flash isn't complete as written. What to you mean by "extreme light"? Illumination comes in two types: Bright light and shadowy. In an area of bright light, all characters can see clearly. If you have light that is brighter than bright light generally it will be dazzling or blinding someone. If the creatures are being blinded by the light then they won't even be able to see the the aurkin, much less be fascinated by one. How long is the target fascinated? As an automatic ability, it should be just one round, but I suggest letting aurkin with 3 or more HD be able to choose their targets as long as they are within range.

Since fascination doesn't cause actual damage, the save should be a Will save not a Fortitude save. I suggest you reword it so that anything bright than a candle triggers this ability. This rules out faerie fire and Elistree's moonfire for example. Ghost lantern affects an object so that would be reflected light rather than direct light so it wouldn't count either. Spells that could trigger this should be listed.

Flash affects allies as well so you may want to the aurkin to gain the ability to designate which targets to affect with its flash ability as it advances.

Here is my suggestion but feel free to edit as you see fit.

Flash (Su): Whenever a magical light effect brighter than a candle affects an aurkin, it causes all creatures in a 10-foot radius to be fascinated for one round unless they successfully make a Will save (DC is 10 + 1/2 aurkin's HD + aurkin's charisma modifier). Spells that trigger this effect are daylight, flare, guiding light (from Miniature's Handbook), light, lucent lance (from Spell Compendium) sunbeam, and sunburst. If a target is already dazzled, it takes a -4 penalty to its save against the aurkin's flash ability. However, a target that is blinded gains a +4 Circumstance bonus to its save. An aurkin with 3 or more hit dice can choose which creatures to target with its fascination as long as they are within range.

Do these have any racial weapon proficiencies? That would be useful in making them stand out from other races.