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2014-10-12, 10:55 AM
Cogirith is the demon lord of depraved thoughts and psionic powers. He rules an Abyssal realm that consists of countless pillars and structures shaped of crystals, often each in the process of growing, shattering as structures try to grow through each other, and beginning anew. A muttering constantly echoes throughout this realm, heard not with the ears but within the minds of all who tread in his realm. Cogirith appears as a massive humanoid figure crossed with some sort of reptile. His skull, appearing in some ways more like a thick ribcage growing from the top of his body and down into his body, reveals a massive brain running the length of his apparent skull into his back. Long arms hang down his side, ending in massive talons at knee's height. His face is little more than a pair of radiant turquoise eyes barely held in place by a his unnatural skull, a maw twisted in a permanent grimace just barely attached by bone and antique copper hide.

Cogirith is a particularly secretive demon lord, preferring not to mettle in the affairs of the other demon lords or even directly deal with others in general. Never taking the direct approach, he uses his inherent psionic abilities to bend every situation he comes across just enough that it is his favor, or that it at least entertains him. Those who tread in his realm which find that they have his attention, along with that of the cerebriliths that dwell there. The fortunate, are permitted to explore relatively unmarred. The unfortunate often have their corpses left to rot in the landscape, their brains torn from them one way or another.

Cogirith's Cult
Cogirith's cult mostly consists of vile manifesters and psionic creatures. Those who have delved into the mind and embraced the darkness that lies in it's depths. These worshippers form a loose but very active cult that works behind the scenes, putting their talents to use to plant and tend the thoughts that if entertained could lead even the greatest heroes down the dark road to damnation.

Cogirith's symbol is a brain being held in a four clawed hand. His favored weapon is the scimitar. He grants access to the domains of Chaos, Evil, Psionics and Trickery, and to the subdomains of Corruption, Deception, Demon, and Noetics.