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2014-10-12, 03:00 PM
The Humans are often described as adaptable and ambitious so I took to try and build a version of them that reflect those words. I know there is the variant that comes with a feat that really gives an adaptable feel to them but first, I don't really like given them a feat, feats are too awesome, and secondly there is there the problem that it doesn't reflect their driven and ambitious nature.

This is my first draft of the race and am seeking some comments about the balance and general bonuses of the race. The names of the subraces are temporary and borrowed from other media.


+1 to two ability scores - A versatile race that do not really have one defining quality apart from their driven nature.
Human versatility: Human chooses two more proficiency may they be skills, tools, weapons or a mix of thereof.
Driven: The only quality that every human share is that they are driven, they gain advantage on opposed Charisma checks made against them.



+1 to CON - The Humans from north are a sturdy bunch used to harsh living conditions.
Cold Resistance: Norse are resistant to cold damage.


+1 to CHA - Mirrodians are shrewd diplomats and can be quite persuasive.
Smooth-talker: The Humans from Mirrodin have advantage on persuasion checks.


+1 to WIS - Attuned to the land around them, the Humans of Orin are usually considered wise. (Usually are proficient in Nature)
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+1 to WIS - Ivalian are a pious people that finds wisdom in the tenets of their God. (Usually are proficient in Religion)
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