View Full Version : Psionics: Telekinetic Thrust

2007-03-16, 04:50 PM
In the power description it lists:

Each object or creature or creature can be hurled a maximum distance of 10ft/level... If you use this power to hurl a creature against a solid surface it takes damage as if it had fallen 10ft (1d6).

Does the 10ft accumulate for the distance thrown or is it just a base damage of (1d6) damge no matter how far the target is thrown?

2007-03-16, 04:55 PM
No, it doesn't accumulate but you can throw them up and they'll take the damage anyway.

Edit: It's a great power anyway, use it to disarm your foes! You can take pretty much everything from them, weapons, shields, hats, rings, it works wonders against low will types.

Fax Celestis
2007-03-16, 05:01 PM
Cerebremancers who use Telekinetic Thrust to throw someone upwards and then zing them with a quickened Defenestrating Sphere do lots of falling damage.