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Petrus Rex
2007-03-16, 07:45 PM
I am new to the whole posting thing but I wondered if anyone has ever tried a simple game with only 3 active charicteristics?
thanks for reading
ttfn,Gregory Peter
p.s. If I post something here do I lose my private ownership of material?
p.p.s.this system uses d10 can I still post here?

2007-03-17, 06:24 AM
p.s. If I post something here do I lose my private ownership of material?

I'm not a lawyer, but I think it goes once you've make it public, you've basically published it and you can no longer sell first publish rights. However, unless the rules of the board say otherwise, you should still hold the copyright for material you create.

Of course, legal advice over the internet is like stock market tips in a bar, so you might really want to see a lawyer if you are worried or think this will be The Next Big Thing (tm).

Petrus Rex
2007-03-18, 11:18 AM
thanks but I can use the background(very fun) and ask people not to copy
hoping that they keep their end
but I won't post rules untill I know the law

Petrus Rex
2007-03-18, 11:26 AM
The isle of Alvion has five main states and several minor states (all minor states are republics, anarchies or dukedoms).
The five main states are:
Terra nova(a theocracy headed by five of the most senior patriarchs elected by the counsel every 10 years),
Cathay(a dictatorship/comunist state which alows religion within it's borders)
Remas(an empire who's senate elect an emperor from one themselves when the currant one dies)
Belgica(feudal kingdom)
Talaland(feudal kingdom with great power seeded to merchants)
-The United Christian Church is a unification of all the Christian faiths they lack centralisation and are much like the Orthodox faith was before the fall, most are of this faith, it has given clergy the right to be female. Each state has it's own patriarch they are
usualy reguarded as the states' main advisors and meet every half year at this time they are called the "counsel" to speak of matters of the faith and poitics(patriarchs of the major states are viewed as out-ranking others).
Their stance on the fall is that the sins of man gave Satan too much power over the Otherworld(earth's name 732 years after the fall)
-The Great Satanic Movement is a the only other important religion on Alvion they claim that it was Satan himself who destroyed the Otherworld there by increasing the percentage of Satanists. They lack everything but centralisation each year a chalenger must fight the possessed of Satan to the death if she wins she becomes his new mistress and gains control for that year.
-Most other religions still exsist but they are few in number and largely overlooked.
the isle of Alvion is remenisent of Albion (Great Britain) on earth before the fall, naturaly this planet has it's own dangers that were new to the humans who moved there, the dread Leach and the uncanny knack of the dead to start walking again were the most common, but deeper darker horrors stalked the stranded humans. having lost all but the most vital technology their knowledge of post blackpowder tech was limited to the Learned who knew of Magic and Computers. D'Or is the standard used currancy.
On undead: repulsion: using shigle weed or psyology the spirit my lose it's cool and believe it is infact truely dead
On tech: Ceriofite is the most largly used fuel, creating steam-presure it's primary function, black powder is highly rare in Alvion

Do not copy or reuse this without my permission. this.