View Full Version : kitchen sink(d20 open) gamge part 2

2014-10-16, 04:03 AM
so for my first post i suggested on running an open d20 game and what people would think of that, so to continue, what do people think of the idea of using the rifts setting(table top game) as the opening setting, give my players lots to do as they jurny threw the new world on planet earth after the rifts have opened and the apostolics has pasted

2014-10-16, 06:57 PM
You might want to slow down with your typing. In my experience, people give more respect when sentences are ended with periods, and words use more conventional spellings.

Is the game meant to be silly and thrown together, or worked into a complex but cohesive setting?

2014-10-16, 10:14 PM
sorry bout my typing not good at English as much as i want to be, tho the story is meant to be a bit complex but not to much, i was going for an open map and letting the party explore the world as it evolves from the parties actions inside the world