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2014-10-20, 02:14 PM
With 5e claiming they are going to incorporate the Forgotten Realms Weave I thought maybe this would be an opportunity to give the Sorcerer a little more arcane mastery as pretty much aside from metamagic the Wizard has them beat in almost every category of spell power.

The Child of The Weave


While many arcane casters at some moment have heard of the Weave ,in general they are either to absorbed in study or preoccupied with pacts or heritage to give special attention to it. A Child of the Weave has often been born or conceived in a powerful magic zone or ley line connection. When growing they have always seen glimpses as well as flashes of spells in their mind. Many therefore call them delusional and/or unfocused. Their inherent curiosity often lead lives of hermits and explorers in which either they keep searching the zones they seek or seclude themselves in ones they found.

Born of the Thread: At level 1 you become proficient with the Arcane skill and you gain the ability to intuit the presence of magic called Weave Sense. This functions like the Detect Magic spell except that it is 60 feet but you do not see them in colored auras. Instead you see threads that seem coalesce around the general area of the magic. As such you can't specifically identify the kind of spell until you can use the Arcane skill normally. You do though gain a sense of whether or not it poses a danger to you and your party or not. While using this though you only see outlines of creatures or objects and you do not see defined colors as such it is difficult the determine the exact identity or particular object while this is in effect. If something is alive there will be faint lines inside the silhouette. If something were to normal restrict your vision you do not see the creatures or objects as normal but you do still see the Weave. You may activate and deactivate this as a bonus action.

Secrets of the Weave: At level 6 you may choose another Metamagic ability and you may add two sorcerer spells to your spells known. These spells must be of a level you can cast. Additionally your Weave Sense can be used to identify different magic zones.

Arcane Coalescence: At level 14 the maximum amount of points you can have is increased by your Charisma modifier. Additionally when you cast spells you may spend points to increase its effective spell level. Spell levels higher than the ones indicated by the Flexible Casting table is equal to the level+2. The cost of said increase is equal to the increased level of spell minus the original level. For example if you would cast magic missile and increase it to a 7th level spell you pay 7 sorcery points. Like normal you must be able to cast a level of spell to modify a lower level in such a way.

Master of the Tapestry: At level 18 you may choose two more sorcerers spells known. However you are no longer limited to borrowing from the list and may change out a number of spells known equal to your Charisma modifier in which you can replace with a spell from any other list.
You may also choose to manipulate the weave of a certain area. You may perform a small ritual for 10 minutes imbuing a spell in a specific area as well as 3 sorcery points. This functions as the Contingency spell except that it targets as normal using the area as its new point of origin. You may only have one of these active at a time.