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2014-10-21, 01:43 AM
looking to build a weapon and im wanting to use it from start not have to go searching for it for it being a artifact kind of weapon im trying to build soul edge here is what i have but the dm says its to powerfull to have my guy start off with it "Additional Properties: anarchic property: must make a DC 25 will save if not chaotic or suffer a loss of level
-Each time the blade strikes an opponent they must make a DC 25 Fort save or have their soul siphoned (I.e gain 1 negative level). The opponent must be sentient (i.e no animals, constructs, elementals etc, or undead) for this effect to take place.
-When an opponent is killed by Soul Edge, the wielder gains +2 STR and Constitution for 1 day. This can stack 3 times per day.
-The blade is cursed to be held by the wielder if they have been chosen by it and the wielder will not willingly part with the blade, and the blade will not willingly be wielded by another. If somehow another creature takes possession of Soul edge without killing the previous owner, the creature must make a DC 25 Fortitude save every hour. Failure means the subject gains a negative level. In addition, the blade calls to it's master, and the wielder is continuously subjected to the effects of the Locate Object spell, accept it has no range limit.
this weapon is a living thing it can only speak to its master and welder it has an eye that can see what is going on around it and will worn its master of an attack
dose not mind being covered when in towns or cities dose not like people staring at her" i want to tone it down a bit but still keep the jist of it because i love this build.... Gurgleflep is my DM

2014-10-21, 02:03 AM
This sounds really familiar ... I remember writing a few of those abilities for someone else... Or perhaps you're the same poster ...

Anyway... try balancing out the benefits with some negative effects for the wielder.

For example. Each day the wielder does not kill someone with soul edge, he gains one negative level (no save). These cannot be removed until the wielder kills someone with soul edge.

For each day the wielder does possess soul edge. The wielder must make a will save (DC 25), or suffer 1 WIS drain.

Also, Have you tried asking your DM about what he finds acceptable for an artifact. And if you're playing a low-level, even mid level game, it may not even be appropriate to have that sword.

2014-10-21, 08:13 AM
Weapon Name: Soul Edge.

Description: An artifact forged from the waste of dead stars as they pass the event horizon of a blackhole rumored to move freely through the planes; most beings question whether the rumors of this weapon's existence are even credible... It is a weapon in function alone, for to be in it's presence is to feel as if the very air becomes distorted, a chilling sensation they can't put their finger on as it creeps over their entire being... It is nearly impossible to find such a thing - they say it calls to individuals with all the strength of a siren, compelling them to take onto their shoulders the burden it brings without complaint.

Damage: 1d6, threatens on a 20 for 2x.

Powers and Effects: the Soul Edge is an intelligent weapon (dagger) that has only bloodshed as a goal; it's relationship with it's wielder does not extend beyond inflicting a terrible fate on them if they fail to sate it's thirst.

Every day that the wielder goes without slaying another sentient creature (animals, constructs, and undead do not qualify) they must make a willpower save of DC 10 + their character level; failing this saves causes the wielder to suffer one permanent (no save, cannot be reduced, negated, or healed) Wisdom drain every day until they kill another sentient creature (at which point Wisdom is returned to normal).

A character whose Wisdom score is reduced to half it's original value in this manner is killed instantly (no save), and their soul is trapped in the Soul Edge until such a time as the weapon is destroyed. Only a Wish spell can resurrect this character without the weapon first being destroyed; and requires a willpower check equal to DC 30 + the dead character's total original Wisdom modifier - if the check fails, the dead character cannot be targeted for revival with a Wish until their soul is freed.

The wielder will not willingly part with the blade; every day that the Soul Edge is not in their possession, they must make a DC 10 + character level Willpower save, or become fatigued for twenty-four hours on the first day, exhausted on the second day, and finally lapse into a comatose state on the third day from which they cannot be awoken until the blade is returned to them or the connection is severed (through a use of remove curse, for example). For every day without the Soul Edge, the DC of this save increases by 1.

A successful save removes all conditions, but a save must still be made every twenty-four hours.

Any creature killed by a Soul Edge has the DC to revive them through any means increase by 5 on a failed Willpower save of DC 10 + attacking character's level, and grants 5 temporary hit-points to the wielder (these hit-points last one hour or until discharged, and can only be gained a number of times per day equal to the character's Wisdom modifier, minimum 1).

Any creature struck by a critical hit from a Soul Edge gains one temporary negative level on a failed Will save of DC 10 + attacking character's level (the creature with the negative level is allowed to reroll their Will save every hour until it is removed or twenty-four hours pass, in which case it is automatically removed).

Any creature struck by the Soul Edge has their DR against all sources reduced by one for one round.

Carrying a Soul Edge saps the wielder's vitality; the difficulty of Fortitude saves for the wielder increase by +1, and their run speed movement modifier is reduced by 1.

The wielder is connected to the weapon and knows the weapon's location at all times while connected to it - as if the weapon is the subject of a continuous infinite range "locate object" spell. This spell does not function if the wielder is on a different plane than the weapon, and is subject to anti-magic effects. It also makes the wielder easier to locate through divination spells - divination spells including the wielder of the Soul Edge in their target gain +1 to their check or +1 unit of time to their duration, caster's choice. ('unit of time' stands for the time the spell is measured in, if the spell lasts 7 days, it instead lasts 8 days; 7 minutes to 8 minutes, or nine hours to ten hours).

Disclaimer: These are just suggestions - run them by your DM and see what they think (I imagine some of them will be trashed or reworked, but a DC 25 save is upper-tier and ridiculously overpowered for a first-level character).

Also: I suggest you work on your grammar and spelling.