View Full Version : Playing in Glorantha

2014-10-21, 11:59 AM
I've been reading my old RuneQuest books again and thinking about running a Gloranthian campaign.
We've been playing plenty of old school D&D lately, so vagrant warrior types getting rich spelunking isn't something I'm keen on exploring for this world.

Most of my experience with Glorantha comes from King of Dragon Pass, so playing as a group of close-knit Orlanthian clansmen seems like the obvious solution. RuneQuest is a pretty nitty gritty system, so exploring the group's barbarian lifestyle on a detail-oriented level sounds like a good time. No wandering from place to place, no great quest, no constant mortal peril, but exploring a relatively limited amount of space, getting to know it intimately and dealing with things like family feuds, ancestor spirits or other everyday miracles, brawls with Lunar soldiers, cattle thieving and ducks because hey, it's RuneQuest.

But as I said, that seems like the obvious thing to do. Which is why I'd like to know what kinds of games you guys have been having in Glorantha. I'm trying to get a better grip on what kinds of stories the world and the system (RuneQuest, though HeroQuest is probably close enough) are best at enabling.
Oh and while I'm at it, any good supplements that flesh out a smaller portion of the world to set play in? Would be easier to create a detailed playing field if I had something to start with.