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2014-10-21, 07:39 PM
Hello. I'm gr8artist, temporary overseer of the Pathfinder Grab Bag Competition. You may have noticed us periodically making contests and voting rounds every month or two.
Well, this month we're doing something special. We want to team up and see which pair of 'brewers can create the most interesting pair of entries.
Normally our contest rounds have themes, like science and technology, divine power, or constructs. But November's round is special. The theme is team-work, and seeing how well you can work with someone else to create a pair of related entries.
Awesome, right?
There's only one problem. We're a relatively small contest on these forums, and we don't have a lot of contestants on a regular basis. So we thought we'd cast a line out here, and see if anyone was interested in joining our contest, even if only temporarily.

Here's the skinny. You will team up with another randomly chosen contestant to make a pair of entries that relate to one another in some way. They can be a pair of opposing concepts, like the paladin and antipaladin/blackguard, or a pair of concepts that work together, such as a race and a prestige class or archetype specific for that race. The options are nearly limitless, especially considering what makes a good entry...

The best quality of the Pathfinder Grab Bag Competition (abbreviated to PGBC from here on out) is that you have a long list of options when it comes to what you'd like to make. We accept classes, prestige classes, class archetypes, races, creatures, creature templates, and even artifacts. We have templates for each of these entry types, but they are all judged equally, so we'll be looking for the "best entry" rather than "best class, best archetype, etc." Now, you'll have to figure out what kind of entries you want to make with your team-mate, but keep in mind that you don't have to both do the same thing. Your entries just have to relate to one-another in some obvious, intrinsic way.

Who are the contestants? Well, we're currently recruiting so it's hard to know just yet. Here's a current roster of interested contestants.
93 - Stake A Vamp
88 - Prehysterical
87 - Aergoth
77 - malonkey1
65 - Shimeran
57 - Jormengand
53 - Reality Glitch
44 - Milo V3
36 - Almarck
27 - gr8artist
23 - dragonjek
08 - Hollowpoint
08 - caledscratcher
01 - Warpwolf16

You'll notice my name at the top of that list. Whether or not I participate is based on the number of contestants we have. I'm posting the threads and trying to recruit players, but this contest is the work of Tanuki Tales (Tanta) and I'm just covering for him while he staggers under the weight of college life.

When the contest starts, we'll go roll some dice in another thread, and start pairing everyone up based on their rolls (highest rolls together, then the next highest, so on and so forth). Once the random team-mate assignments are complete, anyone else who decides to join after the contest has begun will need to find, bring, or wait for another player to be their team-mate. If one member of a team becomes inactive (a week or more without response to his team-mate) then the other member may form a new team with someone else, though he may not use the homebrew that his inactive team-mate was working on. For example, if Andy and Brian were making Paladin and Antipaladin archetypes, respectively, and Andy became inactive, Brian could still use his own Antipaladin archetype but he'd need to find a team-mate who would make something other than Andy's Paladin archetype.
The contest will likely remain open for a month or a month and a half, though we can push it as far as the end of December if it's more convenient. That's a problem for Tanta, I reckon.

So, who else would like to participate?

2014-10-23, 07:59 AM
I can give it a try. I'd been tinkering with a custom class for homebrew anyway, so getting a little practice in certainly wouldn't hurt. (I've done plenty of rules tinkering, but this would be my first entry on these boards.)

2014-10-23, 09:54 AM
Excellent, welcome aboard!
If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

2014-10-23, 12:22 PM
Should everyone roll for determining teams right away, or do we wait until we've collected all the participants we can?

2014-10-23, 12:40 PM
Heh, I could do this. Count me in.

2014-10-23, 10:05 PM
Superb! You've been added to the list.

We will roll the weekend of the 1st and 2nd. Monday morning, anybody that hasn't rolled will have either myself or Tanta roll for them to determine their team-mate. After all the rolls are complete, we'll assign the teams.

2014-10-24, 10:32 AM
I'd like to participate too.

2014-10-24, 04:06 PM
Cool. That brings us up to nine interested contestants. This looks like it might be our best turnout yet.

2014-10-24, 05:50 PM
Keep in mind that everyone is doing 2 entries for a single item, so we'll oddly enough have the same usual turn out.

Anyways, as I said before, I'm likely to participate.

2014-10-24, 08:35 PM
Keep in mind that everyone is doing 2 entries for a single item, so we'll oddly enough have the same usual turn out.

Anyways, as I said before, I'm likely to participate.

I'm not certain what you mean here. Two people pair up and each make one homebrew that relates to their partner's. The number of entries is still equal to the number of contestants, and while I don't know what the average number of participants is I don't see anything making that makes the current amount come out looking like less.

2014-10-24, 10:25 PM
Sorry then for the confusion, but I was mostly thinking it's "1 entry" for 2 peopel since the goal is working together. Admittedly, that's just how I interpret it.

2014-10-24, 10:27 PM
yeah, It's one entry made of two pieces of homebrew. The pair will be treated as a single, two-part entry, so with 10 contestants we'll have 10 pieces of homebrew, but only 5 entries.

2014-10-27, 11:23 PM
So, when does the contest actually begin?

We're nearing the end of the voting cycle for the previous one and I want to know how much time I need to alot for when we do the picking.

2014-10-28, 08:48 AM
If this is still a thing I could stand to get on board.

2014-10-28, 05:28 PM
Glad to have you, friend.

I plan to put up the contest thread sometime this weekend, or possibly monday. Anybody who wants to compete after that point will need to bring a team-mate.

Reality Glitch
2014-10-29, 03:10 PM
I'd love to try one of these out; sign me up!

2014-10-30, 07:15 PM
Awesome. This might be our best turnout yet.

2014-10-30, 09:04 PM
Why can't people choose a partner? I think it might grow faster if people could pull a friend in as well.

2014-10-30, 09:55 PM
Eh, why not? I'll throw my hat into this.

2014-10-30, 10:23 PM
The reason we opted for rolling was mostly to avoid hurting anyone's feelings, so that we didn't have a "last kid picked for kick-ball" scenario going on.
We have already stated, however, that after the initial teams are assigned, anyone else wanting to join in would need to bring a team-mate, or wait for another loner to sign up. So there's a weird work-around there; if you sign up now it's for random team-mate assignment. Come back in a few days once the random teams are assigned, and you can bring whoever you want.
I have updated the first post to relay some of this information.

Prehysterical, I'm adding you, but I'll wait on adding qazzquimby, who I suspect has a partner in mind.

2014-10-30, 10:43 PM
is there still spots? I'm interested, haven't done this in a while.

2014-10-30, 10:58 PM
There's no limit to the number of spots. Welcome aboard!

Stake A Vamp
2014-11-01, 06:04 PM
I would be game (yeah, I haven't been that active in awhile, but i just came by an obsene amount of free time, so, may as well!:smallbiggrin:)

2014-11-01, 07:57 PM
So, when does the draw start? I want to know who my teammate is so I can start begin coordinating with him/her.

2014-11-01, 08:15 PM
It would be a good idea to start about now. With Stake A Vamp we have an even number of participants again, and I'd prefer not to make gr8artist excuse himself from the competition.

2014-11-01, 08:56 PM
I have added Stake to the list. I think we should begin the rolling on Monday. The weekend tends to be the most popular time for forum activity, and I'd like as many people as possible to sign up for it. If worst comes to worst and we have an odd number of participants, I'll be the team-mate for the first late-joining solo entrant we get.

2014-11-03, 11:46 PM
As it's Monday, should we start rolling?

Forum dice rolling page here (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?360840-Dice-Roller-Test-Thread-IV-A-New-Hope)

The format is
[ roll ]#d#[ /roll ]
although obviously without the spaces.

Testing out to see if the dice rolling page can do 1d14 (it can) gave me a 14 (if it even counts, considering gr8artist hasn't actually said we should start rolling yet).

2014-11-04, 11:27 AM
Sorry, got distracted yesterday. Here's the rolling thread (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?381666-Random-Assignment-Thread-for-the-PGBC) to determine teammates; I'll put up the next contest thread when we have all 14 rolls.
I'll edit your rolls into this thread as they're made.

2014-11-05, 03:45 PM
This thread is closed, and the teams have been listed in teh contest thread. Check it out!