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Extra Anchovies
2014-10-22, 01:57 PM
The Eidolon Master
A Pathfinder Summoner Archetype
Yeah, it's sorta like that.

Many summoners rely on a variety of companions, calling forth either their personal eidolon or other extraplanar entities as the circumstances determine. Others, however, see greater potential in their eidolon, and perfect their bond with one being at the expense of their mastery over other summoned creatures. This archetype may not be combined with any other archetypes.

Eidolon: An Eidolon's Hit Dice are equal to the Eidolon Master's class level. The total armor and natural armor bonus possessed by the Eidolon is equal to its hit dice. The Strength and Dexterity bonuses are equal to one-half its hit dice. The Eidolon's maximum number of attacks is three at 1st level, increases to four at 4th level, and then increases again every four levels afterwards (to a maximum of eight attacks at 20th level). The Eidolon's evolution pool begins with four evolution points in it, increases by one point at every even-numbered level, and increases by two points at every odd-numbered level, to a maximum of 32 evolution points at 20th level. The Eidolon has four skill points for every hit die it has, gains one feat at each odd-numbered hit die, just like a normal Summoner's Eidolon. It gains one ability score increase for every four hit dice. Other abilities, such as share spells, evasion, and multiattack, are gained at the same levels as a normal Summoner's Eidolon would gain them. This alters the Eidolon class feature.

Summon Monster: The Eidolon Master does not gain the ability to use Summon Monster I as a spell-like ability, nor do they gain later versions of this class feature. They also do not gain the ability to use Gate as a spell-like ability. The Eidolon Master's normal spellcasting ability is unaltered.

Bond Senses: The Eidolon Master can use the Bond Senses ability for one minute per class level, divided up into one-minute increments.

Shield Ally: The bonuses from this ability increases to +3.

Maker's Call: This ability can be used once per day at sixth level, plus once per day for every two levels after sixth.

Aspect: The Eidolon Master gains this ability at 7th level. At 11th level, they may acquire up to four points' worth of evolutions, costing two points from the Eidolon's evolution pool for every three points' worth of evolutions gained by the Eidolon Master (rounded up to the nearest whole point). At 15th level, they may acquire up to six points' worth of evolutions, costing one point from the evolution pool for every two points' worth of evolutions gained by the Eidolon Master (rounded up). At 19th level, they may acquire up to eight points' worth of evolutions, costing one point from the evolution pool for every three points of evolutions gained by the Eidolon Master (rounded up).

Greater Shield Ally: The bonus to this ability increases to +6 if the creature gaining the bonus is the Eidolon Master, or +3 if it is not.

What do you think? Do I give them too much? Do I not give them enough? I was originally considering more evolution points, but I wasn't sure.

2014-10-22, 06:05 PM
I feel like although you have the power level just about right, your modification of Aspect seems really out of place for what this archetype wants to do. While you can justify that the eidolon still ends up more powerful, it just feels odd that there's a feature to borrow more power from the eidolon which you are otherwise focusing on.

Extra Anchovies
2014-10-24, 04:06 PM
Regarding the Aspect bit, it actually ends up being cheaper than the normal ability. But maybe should I make it 1:4 at 19th instead of 1:3?

2014-10-25, 12:18 AM
I do agree that 1 for 4 would actually make it a cheaper ability (and not just more efficient). It just seems out of place to be able to pull energy from the eidolon earlier for something that wants to focus exclusively on the eidolon, especially since he has to permanently borrow them. I wonder if you can toy with a way to temporarily divert the aspect back to the eidolon instead of giving you more from the aspect. Maybe 1/2/3 a day evolution surge, with part of the cost losing your aspect for the duration?

Extra Anchovies
2014-10-25, 02:08 AM
Hm. You have a good point about how Aspect always draws power from the Eidolon. I've been thinking about adding two class features to replace Aspect and give the Eidolon Master another unique feature:

1. Something that lets the Eidolon master gains X points' worth of evolutions that the Eidolon already possesses a few times per day
2. Something that lets the Eidolon gain a few temporary evolution points a few times per day

What do you think of those concepts? If I added both I would be removing Aspect, though.

2014-10-25, 02:57 AM
While the second seems like a nice extension, unless the first has a duration of rounds (and maybe even then), several short durations of choose what I want is as strong as all day, but I have to choose when I level up, in my opinion. It is limited to evolutions that the eidolon has, but some of the things, like flight, which are useful to the eidolon are also useful to you, and of the less useful things, there's your second class feature and evolution surge.

Extra Anchovies
2014-10-25, 02:12 PM
Hm. Now that I take a look at Evolution Surge, I won't be adding the second of the listed abilities, because the two are redundant. As for the other ability, I was thinking it would be usable for 1 round/level X times/day (probably capping at 3/day).