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2014-10-22, 02:54 PM
As you know if you've read the books, Ravenloft is divided into distinct domains each ruled by a darklord; these domains vary wildly in culture, technology level, magic level, etc.

My personal favorite is probably Soulagne. The New Orleans voodoo aesthetic is so unique for a fantasy setting.

2014-10-22, 03:06 PM
I'm not sure. Forlorn is relatively uninspiring in concept, but has the best write-up in the 3rd edition gazetteers, so I've always had a soft spot for it. I really do like Mordent with its lost families with strange stories of how they vanished, along with the whole misty aesthetic and how it is one of the few realms where the horror isn't built into the social structures. I like the western core in general, really. The renaissance and enlightenment aesthetic is nice, as is the somewhat less monster-based form of horror it presents.

Mark Hall
2014-10-22, 06:16 PM
I'll be honest... I like one that I wound up coming up with as part of a massive PBEM setting a friend devised about 2000ish. Vecna broke loose, traveled to Sigil and overthrew the Lady of Pain (I was under the impression that Sigil itself was falling towards the Outlands). In breaking free of Ravenloft, he'd overthrown the Dark Powers, and whatever was keeping all these monsters in check stopped working.

I had a teaser for it, and it looks like it still exists on my old website.

Ravenloft, already a land of shadows and whispered evils, has slid deeper into darkness. The balance of power, so delicate after the chaos of the Grand Conjunction, has been shattered once again. Vecna, once bound to the Domain of Cavitius, has broken free of the Demiplane of Dread. In other places, on other planes, the battle against Vecna and his allies rages, drowning whole worlds in blood [reference to the original "Pendulum Halts" campaign]. Others, more distant, seek to stop Vecna himself, hoping to succeed where others have failed [Reference to Pendulum Halts 3: The Circle of Ages].

Emboldened by Vecna's freedom, Vlad Drakov of Falkovnia and The Dukkar, Malochhio Aderre of Invidia, have joined together in a war of conquest. Between them, they smashed the realm of Borca, putting its Darklords to the sword and smashing its people beneath their boot. Many have fled that realm, speaking of a Holocaust in which the Vistani are destroyed, and any who are not killed are pressed into service; either as slaves, soldiers, or given as prizes to others who gain the favor of Vlad or the Dukkar. The Talons of Falkovnia, have spent the past month consolidating their gains in Borca, but they and their dark masters grow restless. Already, patrols have been seen in Barovia, Sithicus, Verbrek, and Richemulot; word is trickling in that Mordent, Dementlieu, and Lamordia are also preparing for war.

No Lord is raising the call in the land of Barovia. Strahd has not been seen since the Mists rolled back from the land, and none have claimed the title of Lord. You do not fight for your cursed land. You do not fight for your absent lord. All that remains to fight for is the hope that your family will escape the talons of the Hawk of Falkovnia.

2014-10-23, 01:52 AM
I have a soft spot for Barovia, but I think the Nightmare Lands are my favorite. Sheer mad dreams, visions, nightmares and terrors.

2014-10-23, 02:22 AM
Not a big Ravenloft fan, but I like the idea of the almost uninhabited, spooky fey forest.

Quite surprised there doesn't seem to be a website that lists all the domains anywhere.

2014-10-23, 11:17 AM
Mordent - Just so many little fun ideas floating about. But I also love the whole of the Amber Wastes.

2014-10-25, 01:24 AM
Sithicus, hands down. Not only was Soth one of my favorite characters, the idea of mute and terrified Kender just pleases me.

Shoot Da Moon
2014-10-26, 08:37 PM
Borca is pretty great - I love the general style of Borgias: Faith and Fear, Assassin's Creed 2 and other grim historical urban violence-with-decadent-politics scenarios.

Tarlek Flamehai
2014-10-28, 10:38 AM
This one, of course.