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Crimson Wolf
2014-10-24, 05:09 AM
Okay so here is my homebrew idea for an item for Alchemists. The Bomb Launcher.

Effects wise it allows Alchemists to load/fire out the number of bombs he can throw in a single turn, up to a range of 60ft before falloff makes you take penalties.

How it looks: A roughly 3 foot tube, much like a scroll case, made of either bronze, copper, mithril, steel, or wood (depending on what properties you want it to have HP and Hardness wise). It has one open end where you load your bombs, on the right side of the launcher is a small metal socket, that fits a Air Elemental Gem. Once the gem is in the socket, a gold "lid" is put over the socket and locked with four latches. From the bottom of this gem case are two medium sized copper segmented tubes, going down the side of the launcher, towards the rear and connects directly into the rear of the launcher. On top of the gems "lid" is a small rune, when the wielder presses two fingers on it and utters a command word, air rushes from the closed socket gem, down the tubes into the rear and expelled forward launching whatever bombs are inside.

Listed price would be roughly 3500 gold, possibly more or less depending on feedback.

Anyways so this is my first idea attempt for a homebrew item to be usable in a pathfinder setting, made just for Alchemists, or possibly any other character that would use thrown splash weapons that could fit properly into the launcher.

2014-10-24, 08:06 AM
So the effect of this item has two effects:

1. Range increments becomes 60ft
2. Maximum attack range is range increment x 10 rather than x5, because it is now a projectile weapon rather than a thrown weapon.

So total range becomes 600ft rather than 100ft, and you are effectively cutting range increment to 25% of what they would normally have been. Nifty effect, but not that powerful, so the low cost is justified. Anywhere from 2-4k seems about right, but I may be off. It sounds like it would become a must have for alchemists who haven't traded bombs away, but in a good way, in that it increases their options, not a "you such if you don't have this" way.

However, does this have to be a magical item? It seems like a bomb launchers could be achieved by mundane means, especially one with the technology level necessary for alchemists to be possible (even if magic does help them brew their stuff). You could make this a high tech but non-magical item, maybe even state it as a weapon, noting that it deals 1 or no damage if loaded with rocks due to putting little force behind the projectile, as it was built with the assumption that it is going to explode. If you do make it a weapon, it should probably be simple, or have a special rule that anyone proficient with bombs is also proficient with the bomb launcher, to prevent alchemists having to burn a feat to become proficient with it.

Crimson Wolf
2014-10-25, 02:25 AM
Yeah basically, instead of thrown it now has their bombs as a projectile range. And hmm I guess I could make this an Alchemical item to create or something. Have this an item that anyone proficient with bombs can use. Correct me if I am wrong but how are you getting 600 ft? o.O Because I thought it can only go so far like three or four increments for normal, medium, and long range for firing an projectile.

2014-10-25, 04:48 AM
From Paizo.com:

Ranged Attacks: With a ranged weapon, you can shoot or throw at any target that is within the weapon's maximum range and in line of sight. The maximum range for a thrown weapon is five range increments. For projectile weapons, it is 10 range increments. Some ranged weapons have shorter maximum ranges, as specified in their descriptions.

At a target 570ft away you are taking a -20 penalty to the attack roll, but against some creatures touch AC may be enough to make that a possibility.

Crimson Wolf
2014-10-25, 11:27 PM
Oooh lol my bad, I guess I just haven't seen anyone try to hit something that insanely far way in a game yet lol.

2014-10-26, 01:35 PM
Yeah, it doesn't come up often as realistically encounters rarely involve a distance larger than 100ft. Hence why a low cost can be justified despite an, on paper, relatively large increase. Would you allow vials of acid or alchemist fire to be used as well?

Crimson Wolf
2014-10-28, 01:30 PM
That I would as long as it is stated their shape is able to be fit inside it. Would be rather hard to fire if they had square bottoms or something lol. But yes any thrown splash weapon that has a spiracle shape can be used with this item.