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2007-03-19, 09:15 PM
Tyrant Virus-Infected

Produced by an insidious group of wizards and necromancers for the purpose of creature-based super weapons, the Tyrant Virus is a horrific disease which causes wide-scale mutation in any organic creature that it is introduced into via the bloodstream or exposure to hazardous materials. It's nickname is the T-Virus. While the many terrible forms of the infected ranged from ungainly to deadly, the virus and its creators are constantly seeking a state of perfection where the resulting weapons are nigh immortal.

The Infected template may be applied to any Humanoid, Animal, or Plant, of at least 4 HD which is hereafter referred to as the base creature. Creatures below the 4 HD limit gain the Zombie template instead (plants wither and die). Their types are not changed, however, and they act like the undead they so closely emulate.

Size and Type: The base creature's size is increased by one category. Animals become Magical Animals and Humanoids become Monstrous Humanoids. Plants retain their base type but gain an additional size category. The base creature gains the Augmented and Evil subtypes.

Alignment: Always Chaotic Evil.

Roll once per 4 HD to determine the mutations the base creature gains. For each mutation the creature gains, its taint score increases by 1d3. The base creature gains immunity to dying from taint but must still suffer the effects. It gains Tainted feats for each level of taint (mild, moderate, severe) it acquires, see Heroes of Horror.

Outcome (d20)| Mutation
1 | Tentacle Protrusion: Gains a whip-like appendage which can be used as part of a full attack action at a -5 penalty. It deals as much damage as a spiked chain of the base creature's size but doesn't threaten and has a range of 10 feet. Extra protrusions allow for more attacks per full attack. The base creature gains Improved Trip for any trip attempts with its tentacle protrusions.

2 | Dire Natural Weapons: Treat all natural weapons of the creature as if its critical multiplier were one higher (x2 -> x3 -> x4).

3 | Armored Carapace: The base creature gains light fortification (25% to resist critical hits and sneak attacks). It gains a +2 bonus to its natural armor and DR 2/-.[/table]{table] This all stacks within the context of this template.

4 | Spiked Hide: Any creature that melee attacks the base creature must make a Reflex save or become impaled upon the base creature's spiky hide for 2d6 piercing damage. Creatures grappling the base creature take this damage each round. The DC is Constitution based.

5 | Poison: Choose one natural weapon or the base creature launches poison as a projectile attack (a ranged touch attack). When the attack hits, the victim must pass a Fortitude save or become poisoned. A Small or smaller creature deals 1d4 ability damage; a Medium to Large creature deals 1d6 ability damage; a Huge to Gargantuan creature deals 1d8 ability damage; a Colossal or larger creature deals 1d10 ability damage. This damage is done as Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution damage, at random. The DC is Constitution-based.

6 | Great Speed: The base creature gains a +10 foot bonus to all its movement types and gains Run as a bonus feat. This stacks.

7 | Augmented Body: The base creature gains a +2 bonus to its physical scores but a -2 bonus to its mental scores, to a minimum of 3.

8 | Multi-minded: Due to absorbing additional creatures, the base creature can now take another standard action each round. Reroll this if already taken.

9 | Swallow Whole: The base creature gains the ability to swallow a creature of one or more size categories smaller as per the swallow whole ability. It deals 1d10 bludgeoning and 1d10 acid damage per size category above Small (to a minimum of 1d10). If it already has Swallow Whole, it may swallow creatures of its size or less instead. Otherwise reroll if it has taken this mutation twice.

10 | Improved Grab: When the base creature hits with one of its natural weapons (choose one at random), it may start a grapple as a free action without provoking attacks of opportunity.

11 | Hunter: The base creature gains the Track feat and the Scent ability. Reroll if it already has this. It gains low-light vision.

12 | Hidden: The base creature may hide in plain sight as a 1st level Shadowdancer. It gains darkvision to 60'. If it regains this mutation, the darkvision stacks.

13 | Agile: The base creature gains Evasion and Uncanny Dodge. If it already has these abilities, it gains the Improved versions. If it has them already, reroll.

14 | Hellish Wings: The base creature gains wings that grant it a fly speed equal to its base land speed. Its flight category starts as clumsy but is raised by 1d3-1 categories. It this mutation is gained again, the category improves by one each time.

15 | Critical Mass: The base creature's size category is increased by one. Reroll if this has already been taken.

16 | Undeniable Senses: The base creature gains blindsense 30' and may use true seeing as a continuous effect. Reroll if this has been taken.

17 | Energy Resistance: Choose two types. It gains resistance 5d4 against those types. This stacks with the highest resistance of its type the creature has. Gaining resistance over 25 automatically becomes an immunity.

17-20 | Advanced Mutation: Roll two more times. If you've already rolled this while determining the base creature's mutations, reroll until you get a suitable mutation (only gaining one).

Special Attacks:
The base creature gains Snatch and Multiattack, as long as it qualifies.

Infection (Su): Any creature struck by the base creature must make a Fortitude save or become infected. It takes 1d4 damage to each of its abilities scores in addition to gaining one point of taint each day until healed by a remove disease with a caster level greater than the infector's HD. When the creature dies while still infected, it gains the Tyrant Virus-Infected template. Players loose control of their characters. Any ability damage is healed upon its horrific revival. This is a disease effect, the Tyrant Virus (also known as the T-Virus), and is subject to any immunities.

Special Qualities:
The base creature gains a +2 bonus to the DC of its previous special attacks and qualities.

A Tyrant Virus-Infected creature is aware of the infection status of all other creatures within 100 feet.

Fast Healing: Equal to half its HD. Creatures with a Constitution score greater than 18 gain regeneration instead of fast healing (at the same rate). Only energy damage will bypass its regenerative processes.

The base creature no longer needs to eat, sleep, or breathe, though it may do so in accordance with however much the virus perverts its normal functions. An animal might change to become a ravenous carnivore, even though it doesn't need to eat.

Cornered Beast (Su): The base creature will automatically rage as a barbarian of its HD when reduced to less than one-fourth of its total hitpoints and remains in this state until killed or healed sufficiently.

Infected creatures lose any alliances they once had, becoming predatory creatures who only employ their remaining mental assets as hunting tools and occasionally shaping the environment to their advantage or to circumvent obstacles. Any attempt to reason with they fails. 70% of infected will not attack other infected unless it is in self-defense and may form hunting groups. 30% will attack anything they see as prey, which is pretty much everything. Very few can be tamed for sale to others, but someone that powerful would have no use in them as they tend to lapse into their predatory state. They seek to consume, driven mainly by instinct, and to spread the infection.

CR Adjustment:
HD 4-7: +1
5-11: +3
12-15: +5
16-19: +7

2007-03-19, 11:46 PM
I may have missed it, but shouldn't you include some kind of mindlessness, the willing ness to attack those that were once allies ETC. otherwise whats the disadvantage besides disfigurement

2007-03-20, 06:35 AM
Alignment's auto Chaotic Evil. That's probably it.

2007-03-20, 10:14 AM
Even if they are CE, they are still sentient, they wont attack allies for no reason. i am just saying that if they are infected it poses no risk to allies

2007-03-20, 05:52 PM
Alright, I'll add something to that.