View Full Version : DM Help Planing a Call of Cthulhu (Delta Green) game

Jeff the Green
2014-10-26, 01:37 PM
I DM for my brothers and cousins occasionally, but now that all save one are in college or have graduated we don't get to get together as much and so play one-shots. We've decided to move away from D&D (probably eventually to Fate), and this Thanksgiving I want to run a Delta Green game. I'm not great at horror, though, so I'm hoping there's a published adventure I can reskin a bit.

The basic plot would be that a six months from now, I commit suicide. A year after that, my brothers and cousins (playing themselves in the future) are contacted by Delta Green, a group dedicated to combatting supernatural threats to the world, and are informed that I didn't commit suicide but was in fact murdered for a ritual. They're recruited and in between their day jobs they help Delta Green hunt monsters.

Five years after that, they go on a mission they believe is related to my death. On the way they'll discover that Delta Green is wrong and the horrors they've been facing are entirely natural, if eldritch, squamous, and non-Euclidian. In the end, they'll find out that I neither committed suicide nor was murdered, but instead am actually Nyarlathotep. Then they'll probably die or go insane 'cause, you know, Call of Cthulhu.

So, advice? Adventures I can reskin a bit?

2014-10-26, 06:48 PM
Luckily for you I adore Delta Green.

My first question is whether or not your relatives are going to be in a suitable position for it to be Delta Green rather than any of the other anti-Mythos groups. Pretty much every Delta Green agent is government of some kind, 25% of them are FBI alone IIRC. Granted there's always room for state troopers, park rangers, ex-military (active military is kinda iffy on account of not getting weekends off...or evenings...or sick days...or holidays...), and I've even had surprising amounts of success with CDC researchers and NOAA folks, but they're not the kind to accept waiters or accountants. But anyone can be a Friendly, so...

I assume you have the sourcebooks, yes? To be frank, I recommend the base Delta Green book heartily, Countdown almost as strongly, but the rest not so much.

If you want to introduce them to the system/setting, the old standby for the purpose is Puppet Shows and Shadow Plays from the base book. There's also a free one called PX Poker Night that I personally feel is a bit cluttered GM-side because as written it expects you to track over a dozen unique NPCs to a level of detail that either approaches or surpasses the amount players put into their PCs, given the group.

Finally, if this is your first time looking into CoC/DG, I highly recommend you look up the actual plays by Roleplaying Public Radio.