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2014-10-27, 06:17 AM
Claire yawns as she waits for Ivan to attempt his grapple. She'd already proven she could win in a fight, but the man seemed convinced that if he'd ambushed her he could leave her unable to move and that he could crush her.

While Claire didn't have the heart to point out that he lacked any ability to actually crush with a grapple, she decided to at least prove that he couldn't even hold her, much less grapple her.

2014-10-27, 06:31 AM
She likes to use that scythe of hers. All I have to do is get to it before she does and throw it far far away. Ivan thinks to himself. First things first though I have to disable her arms, and they won't be easy. At least now I have a game plan unlike before Ivan thinks to himself.

He begins to circle her, and just when he's out of range of her peripheral vision he strikes attempting to get a solid grip on her.

[roll0]vs. 4+ Claire's evasion

2014-10-27, 06:36 AM
Claire remains calm and doesn't move as he starts to circle her. If she actually viewed him as a threat, she might have kept her eye on him, but the man was big and loud and heavy. When she heard him step in with his heavy rocky body, she moved very little to barely move out of his attempt to grab her, then she attempted to hook her foot behind him and take his foot out from under him, before taking a few steps backward.

Swift: Mark as quarry
Standard: Combat maneuver:
[roll0] vs 3+evasion

If it hits, combat check to trip

Either way, hit or miss, Claire then shifts 2m away.

2014-10-27, 06:42 AM
Seeing how both of there attacks failed terribly, Ivan decides to slow himself down in exchange for becoming more sturdy. I'll let her come to me and then I will strike He thinks to himself as he two takes 2 steps backwards.

AP 4/6 Moon Mountain stance

Taking two steps away from Claire creating a gap of 4m between them.

2014-10-27, 06:48 AM
Claire raises an eyebrow, wondering if the dumb brute had forgotten what this clash was for. She doesn't move and merely rotates her shoulders to stretch them out as she waits for this man to prove that he could 'crush' her.

2014-10-27, 06:50 AM
Ivan once again rushes in and closes the distance. Knowing she like to dodge to the right he anticipates her movement hoping to catch her being lazy.

[roll0]vs. 4+ Claire's evasion

2014-10-27, 06:53 AM
As he rushes in and reaches out to grab her, Claire chuckles lightly to herself as she lightly deflects his hand to the side. She was a professional martial artists, if he was hoping for lazy, he'd be surprised that calm and patient didn't mean lazy. As she deflects his attempt to grab her, she attempts to use his weight against him to trip him with a quick hip toss.

[roll0] vs 3+evasion
Trip Combat check: [roll1] (You're immune to pushes and pulls, not trips :P )

2014-10-27, 06:54 AM
Once she'd attempted to toss him over the hip, she shifted a few steps (2m) back and waited for his next move.

2014-10-27, 06:59 AM
Seeing how he had failed once again and this time Claire grabs him and goes to hip toss him. He remembers his training and to go with the toss, and then recover.


2014-10-27, 07:02 AM
He does his best but the throw was technically sound and he finds himself on his back. He brushes himself off and studies her movements again. He knows she'll slip up at one point he just had to be patient.

2014-10-27, 07:03 AM
"Are you not going to hold me and crush me? I thought you said you could prevent me from doing anything?" Claire asked tilting her head.

2014-10-27, 09:17 PM
just be patient and all will come in time. His mantra calming him down. After a deep breath he's razor focused,and more confident in his abilities. He once again closes the distance, and as he does so he replies to her taunts. What's with you and not wanting to be human He asks. Once again he reaches out trying to make her move right into his outstretched arm.

[roll0]vs. 4+ Claire's Evasion

2014-10-27, 09:24 PM
Now that Ivan has Clarie in his grasp he refuses to let go. He puts his full weight on her back while his arms form a seat belt that lock her into place. They are hip to hip. He's making sure taht She can't go anywhere until he wants her to.


2014-10-27, 09:27 PM
My intrenet glitched on the last post and the dice roll formula was messed up as a result

Now that Ivan has Clarie in his grasp he refuses to let go. He puts his full weight on her back while his arms form a seat belt that lock her into place. They are hip to hip. He's making sure that She can't go anywhere until he wants her to.

The grapple off begins:[roll0]

2014-10-27, 10:03 PM
Rolling first then will post fluff


2014-10-27, 10:07 PM
When the man reaches out for Claire, she decides to throw him a bone and let him get his grip for once. As he grabs her and attempts to press her, she merely twists with his movement as he tries to get behind her and slips out of his attempt to 'seat belt' her against him with a quick movement. As she slides down to escape his grasp, she attempts to hook her foot behind him and brings her elbow forward in an attempt to knock him back and on his back again.

If the trip is successful, she rests her foot on his chest and glances down, "Looks like I escaped."
If unsuccessful, she merely makes a few steps away, "Looks like I escaped."

[roll0] vs 3+evasion
Trip if hits: [roll1]

2014-10-28, 12:20 PM
Who's to say that wasn't all part of the plan? He asks as he quickly reaches out and gets a better grip on her.

[roll0]vs 4+ Claire's evasion