View Full Version : Who's your favourite character?

2007-03-20, 04:58 AM
I would post a poll, except there's only five options available, which wouldn't work.

Question is simple enough: who is your favourite character to play in the game?

2007-03-21, 12:06 PM
I'm fond of durkon but that's mostly because I like durkon in the comic. In all the games I've played roy always wins hands down. His sword/cleavage is just too strong. Enter room, slay everything, take 2 loot, repeat.

2007-03-21, 01:02 PM
i like playing elan. its just plain fun, and bard song tends to rack up so much loot, that you can easily win if people tend to spend all their loot on shticks.

good conscience, chain shirt, and some good loot (like the megaphone which boosts your verbal shtick x-treme diplomacy) also make him able to hold his own in a fight.

Vespe Ratavo
2007-03-21, 07:52 PM
Elan. Just too much fun to play. I continuously crack everyone up with Wacky Hijinks and Banjo, and he gets pretty good at defense, and I get a lot of bard song loot.

2007-03-22, 10:05 AM
definitely not roy in our group...we all seem to have bad luck with him...spends most of the game fleeing...
favorite is a tie between haley and elan, loot is good, hehe

2007-03-22, 10:17 AM
Most certainly Haley and Elan! :haley::elan:


2007-03-24, 03:11 PM
Elan, hands down, or rather, hands on noses.

2007-04-07, 07:17 PM
I personally Like V.

2007-04-07, 11:28 PM
I think V is also amusing, occasionally annoying, but fun all the same. I think Vis my favourite.

2007-04-08, 05:50 PM
V all the way :smallsmile:

2007-04-10, 10:21 AM
I've only played as durkon, he was pretty cool.

2007-04-18, 06:43 PM
Elan, I easily killed Xycon...and My team.