View Full Version : scenario ideas for call of cthulhu?

2014-10-28, 02:23 PM
I was hoping to come up with a plot that involved an escaped loony, and Nyarlathotep(in the form of a child). The "child" has lead the loony to believe that she's his daughter. The man wants to reunite with his "daughter". Knowing how Nyarlathotep operates, he had a purpose in mind for the loon, a cog in a plot to create mayham.

What exactly that is, what each of their roles are, and how to execute the story are all up in the air. finally, the easy part is the players: of the 6 of them, one is a shotgun toting episcopal priest(lost a loved one to a "satanic cult"), another is a detective, and a third is a college student who dabbles in the occult(and has started to develope a strange rash on his neck).