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2014-10-30, 08:11 PM
With 5e coming out so recently, I figured I'd try my hand at recreating one of the most mechanically interesting races from 3.5 - the Dvati. I was always a fan of their twins mechanic. So, without further ado, here is my take on the:


Ability Score Increase. +1 to two ability scores of your choice.
Age. Dvati mature at the same rate as and live about as long as a human.
Alignment. Dvati often have to make calculated decisions about which of the twins does what, necessitating planning and forethought. Because of this, Dvati have a tendency towards lawfulness.
Size. While usually about as tall as the average human, Dvati are slight. Your size is Medium.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Twin Bond. You are two linked creatures. You are both in telepathic contact at all times.
The twins share all ability scores, maximum hit points, class abilities, and feat abilities. While each twin has its own hit points, other limited resources are shared by both twins. For example, each twin of a Dvati wizard casts from the same spell slots, and each twin of a Dvati monk shares ki points. When one twin is affected by an effect and the other twin is within 60 feet, the other twin may choose to be affected by the same effect.
Whenever you gain hit points from gaining a level in your class, each twin gains one-half the number of hit points you would normally get from your class, rounded up. Each Dvati gains the full number of hit points from your Constitution modifier. Similarly, when you spend hit dice, each twin only regains half the number of hit points you would ordinarily receive from the die, but gains the full number of hit points from your Constitution modifier.
For example, for a first level Dvati fighter with a Consitution score of 14, each twin would have 7 hit points (a fighter gains 10 hit points at first level, which divided by two would be 5. Each twin gains the full 2 hit points from their Consitution score). If you chose to spend hit dice and roll a 7, each twin would gain 6 hit points (a fighter regains 7 hit points from the hit die, divided by two, rounded up, would be 4. Each also regains the full 2 hit points from their Constitution score).
The twins have one action, bonus action, and reaction between them. Both twins can move up to their speed on your turn. While the twins only have one action, bonus action, and reaction between them, the individual parts of the action can be split up between the twins however you wish. For example, a 20th level Dvati fighter that takes the Attack action has four attacks - one twin can make all four attacks, or one twin can make three attacks and the other can make one, or one twin can make two attacks and the other twin can make two attacks.
When one twin is reduced to 0 hit points, the second twin must make a Constitution saving throw at the start of each round until the first twin is brought above 0 hit points. If the second twin fails this saving throw, it is also reduced to 0 hit points. The save DC starts at 10 and increases by 1 each round until both twins are above 0 hit points, at which point the DC returns to 10. You do not have to make death saving throws as long as one twin is above 0 hit points. You only make one death saving throw for both twins. If one twin is at 0 hit points and takes damage while the other twin is above 0 hit points, the other twin takes the damage. If one twin dies, both twins die.
Double Warning. With two sets of senses, a Dvati is better prepared for attacks that affect both twins. You have advantage on saving throws on effects that affect both twins at the same time.
Coordinated Attack. One twin has advantage on attacks if the other twin is conscious and within 5 feet of the target.

Any feedback is welcome: the Dvati are a really difficult race to balance properly, and I haven't been able to playtest these guys at all :smallredface: so I have no idea if I'm way off the mark with regards to balance.

2014-10-30, 10:09 PM
So, Instead of having the rule be up to interpretation like 3.5 had it. Lets Start with how do the twins deal with actions, bonus actions, and reactions. I'm assuming that both twins do not share Movement but the other things actually do matter when it comes to damage and things you can do.