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2014-11-01, 01:37 AM
Hello GitP. This is my first post in the community, but I have stalked the various things here for years (I also read OotS, but I digress on that).

I wanted a third party constructive criticism and view of an idea or two, and for now I'm putting this one out there for such. After much thought and feeling this community seemed like the best place to go.

I'll level with you. Year ago when my group played DnD 3.5 one of my top favorite classes was the Duskblade. A swordsman who combines magical prowess with physical ability. My group has been playing pathfinder for a few years now and I have played the Magus quite happily.

This idea came along from nostalgic views into the past, and this was written before the ACG came out with the Eldritch Scion archetype (which doesn't quite cut it for my tastes). I wanted the feel of the Duskblade back while fitting quite well with the Magus format.

Tentative Fluff:
There was once a legendary sect of Arcane Warriors whose origins laid within the legacy of elves. These warriors fought battles with steel by day, and studied the lore of arcane magic by night.

Their discoveries were lost to the ages after countless years of secrecy, until a small sect of their progeny emerged from their clandestine retreat. Upon facing the modern world they knew the time for hiding was finished.

Finding their more versatile associates the Magi, the Duskblade scions adapted to the advantages of progress, learning to better blend their more limited in variety yet vigorous amounts of magical power into their steel.

Spell Recall (4th) and Greater Spell Recall (11th)*
Knowledge Pool (7th)**
Ability to Prepare Spells

Arcane Pool points per day equal 2 +1/2 Duskblade Level + Int Mod
Eschew Materials (1st) And Somatic Weaponry (2nd)***
Gains Metamagic Talent (4th)
Arcane Study (7th and 11th)****
Spontaneous Spellcasting (Progression like Inquisitor, keeps using INT as primary stat like 3.5)
Gains access to Arcana: Dual Strike and Power Drive

Changes Up Close:
Spell Combat can be used while using a weapon with two hands or using weapons in both hands thanks to Somatic Weaponry and Eschew Materials. When using a two handed weapon, a Duskblade may still initiate Spell Combat but is unable to deliver touch spells on others without using Spellstrike (essentially, the option for just touching them with it is out). When two weapon fighting, the same applies with the exception of double weapons.

Metamagic Talent: Whenever a Duskblade casts a spell using Metamagic Feats he does not increase the casting time of the spell. This ability can be used 1/2 Duskblade level + Int Modifier times a day, each time as a free action.

Arcane Study: Gain one additional spell known per level of spellcasting available. You gain this benefit again at 11th level. Spells must be taken from the Magus spell list.

Custom Arcana for Duskblade:
Power Drive
As long as the Duskblade has at least one Arcane Pool Point remaining she may cast a touch spell and deliver it through a Charge Attack Action as a full round action.

Dual Strike
As long as the Duskblade has at least one Arcane Pool Point remaining she can deliver a touch spell through an attack with both weapons as a Standard Action. Use highest BaB with two Weapon Fighting penalties. As long as one attack hits, it delivers the spell. If holding the charge of a previously cast spell, by spending an arcane pool point she may cast an additional touch spell and deliver both through a Dual Strike (Point expenditure is a swift action, Dual Strike is a Standard). She chooses which weapon contains which spell. If both attacks miss she may only hold the charge of one of the spells, the energy of the other dispersing harmlessly. If one hits and the other misses she may hold the charge as normal and deliver it later.

Rationale for changes:
Knowledge Pool is essentially a gateway ability to learning all Spells on the Magus list. As a spontaneous caster this ability is not usable by raw, so I felt its removal called for something to fill the gap. First I added two extra Arcane Pool points off the bat, since spell recall is gone there is a little less to abuse them with. They may also have to depend on them moreso because they can't just refill their spell slots with pool points any more

Arcane study stays along the theme of Knowledge Pool by opening up spells known, but not nearly reaching the capacity of Knowledge Pool. It was an attempt to reasonably help the Duskblade be less tight on spells known, and adding 8 spells between levels seven and eleven seemed minor in comparison to ALL THE MAGUS SPELL LIST.

I thought changing spell combat to accommodate the general change in martial ability was a way to ring true with duskblades from 3.X, usually magi have the ability to Spell Combat hitting with a weapon attack and a touch attack spell- Duskblades using nontraditional Magi weapon styles lose out on this versatility but retain staying power through general Spell and attack routines. Somatic Weaponry is like it's 3.5 feat counter part allowing this to work (along with eschew Materials of course).

Since the Duskblade is a spontaneous caster allowing access to Metamagic without destroying their action economy seemed natural, since their smaller spell list has less potent spell choices then usual casters this shouldn't be too bad. I limited the number of times a day it can be used to check it. Still deciding if how many a day would seem fair. (A throwback to their Quicken Spell class feature, just not as powerful in that sense)

I look forward to seeing the community's thoughts. Thanks ahead of time for your consideration.