View Full Version : Rolling Several Knowledge Checks

2014-11-02, 11:02 PM
2d20b1+46 History
2d20b1+44 Geography
2d20b1+44 Local (Inorlon)
2d20b1+44 Nature
2d20b1+44 Nobility
2d20b1+44 Planes
2d20b1+43 Arcana
2d20b1+43 Architecture and Engineering
2d20b1+43 Dungeoneering
2d20b1+43 Psionics
2d20b1+43 Religion

Note: Making one check per day, doing research in libraries. Any bonuses gained from libraries is not included, nor is the prep time to study for a day before the check.

2014-11-02, 11:03 PM
[roll0]+46 History
[roll1]+44 Geography
[roll2]+44 Local (Inorlon)
[roll3]+44 Nature
[roll4]+44 Nobility
[roll5]+44 Planes
[roll6]+43 Arcana
[roll7]+43 Architecture and Engineering
[roll8]+43 Dungeoneering
[roll9]+43 Psionics
[roll10]+43 Religion