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2014-11-05, 04:01 PM
So this will be a general thread covering all the new rules and fun things me and my players have invented for my quasi-modernish Industrial setting. Essentially envision a world locked between 1900-1929. Though a lot of fantasy stuff has been mixed in creating a vaguely steam/magi-tech world with the sort of technology of the early 20th century.


We can't have modernity without stopping to think about firearms. In my own D&D circle firearms are the biggest source of contention. Mainly because I am the only DM who feels they don't break fantasy elements.

First, all firearms, unless otherwise stated have their attack roles resolve as D20 + Con modifier unless otherwise stated. The reason being is both for simplicity sake and the idea that the recoil of a small explosion happening in your hands requires a sturdy body. Class features or a feat may change this to be Strength or Dexterity. But over all, most guns function like that.

Within the first range increment, firearms have an advantage to hit, beyond the second range increment firearms ALWAYS have a disadvantage.

New Martial Style: Firearms In worlds where firearms are available the martial style “Firearms” should be allowed. This feat grants two features: the warrior gains a +2 to attack (like Archery) and the warrior also may roll for advantage on a misfire save (see below). At the DM’s option the firearms style may gain benefits in the same conditions/circumstances where having archery would.

Weapon Qualities
Accurate: If a round is spent aiming, attacks with this weapon may be made with advantage even if the shot is taken at a distance beyond the short range value.
Armor Piercing: These weapons ignore non-magical damage reduction.
Imprecise: Grants Disadvantage to any attacks made on targets within 5 ft. of allied characters or creatures".
Single Shot: This weapon may be fired in single-shot mode.
Full-Auto: This weapon may be fired in full-auto mode.
Burst: This weapon may be fired in burst mode.
Explosive: Dex save for 1/2 damage and to move out of the center of the blast. Con save or be stunned for 1d6 rounds.
Alchemical: Weapons use energize crystals to deliver shots that instead of dealing Piercing damage deal a type of magical damage. Alchemical weapons charged crystals drain depending on the gun and must be recharged with the expending of a spellslot at the start of the day. One may roll randomly for what magic, once set, that is the damage type.

Misfire. Fumbling with a gun
When rolling a 1 on an attack make a DC 10 saving throw for the weapon. If you fail then the weapon is jammed and required 1D3 actions to unjam. If you roll another 1 the weapon’s misfired and if the shooter fails a DC 12 Dexterity check he will take 1D8 damage from the round going off in the chamber. The weapon is then useless until repaired.

Once the number of loaded rounds has been expended then the weapon must be reloaded. The number of actions it takes to reload is the number following “reload.” Most are Reload 1 or 2.

Tactical Things Firearms can do:
Burst Fire: Use three shots of ammo if your gun has a burst fire setting and five rounds if it simply has full-auto. Gain advantage on your attack roll out to long range. Advantage from burst fire alone does not license a Rogue's "Sneak Attack."
Cover Fire: Name the character you are covering and identify your field of fire. Enemies in your field of fire take disadvantage to attack that character.
Suppression Fire: Name a square / space / location you are riddling with suppressive fire. Any enemies who pass through that space take disadvantage that turn & you get an attack roll against them when they enter the space. Can only be used with Full-Auto weapons

The Firearms:

Handguns (one-handed):

Revolver (250 GP)
Damage: 1D6+1
Properties: Single Shot
Range: 25/250 ft
Rounds: 6
Reload: 1 Complete Round, OR 2 Standard actions. 1 Standard action is possible but loose 1d6 rounds and only load 1d3 rounds.
Revolvers are reliable weapons, with a spin cylinder which loads the brass cartridge rounds. You can purchase a revolver with an 8 round cylinder for 500 GP. Weight 6 lbs.

Service Pistol (250 GP)
Damage: 1D8
Properties: Single Shot
Range: 25/250 ft
Rounds: 6 (As a Clip)
Reload: 1 Move and 1 Swift
Service pistols use clips instead of a spinning cylinder. Larger 8 round clips cost 600 GP.

Holdout Pistol (50 GP)
Damage: 1D6
Properties: Imprecise, Single Shot
Range: 15/75 ft
Rounds: 1
Reload: 1 Standard action, OR 1 Move and Swift Action.
Holdout Pistols or Pocket Pistols are small easily concealed weapons. People searching for weapons are at a disadvantage if this is the only one being carried.

Rifles (two-handed):
Breach-Loading Rifle (800 GP)
Damage: 3D6
Properties: Accurate, Single Shot
Range: 200/400
Rounds: 1
Reload: 1 Complete Round, OR 2 Standard actions.
Breach-loading rifles require that the shooter insert a new bullet after the old cartridge is released. It requires a load action between shots, but a professional with the firearms style can load a shot as part of a move action. Weight 10 lbs

Revolver Rifle (1,200 GP)
Damage: 3d6
Properties: Single Shot
Range: 200/400
Rounds: 8
Reload: 2 Complete Round, OR 4 Standard actions. 1 Complete Round but one loses 2d12 Bullets
Revolving rifles use the cylinder loader to hold a number of rounds for continuous fire. Add 80 GP to the cost for each additional round it can hold up to 15. Weight 10 lbs

Shotgun (500 GP)
Damage: 2D8 short range, 2D4 long range
Properties: Single Shot, Deadly Crit
Range: 30/60
Rounds: 2
Reload: 1 Complete Round.
This weapon fires lead shot for great effectiveness at close range, with damage dropping at greater range. Most shotguns have 2 barrels, but you can get a single barrel version for 250 GP

Handguns (one-handed):
Bolt-Arcana Pistol (600 GP)
Damage: 1D8+*
Properties: Single Shot, Alchemical
Range: 25/250 ft
Rounds: 6
Reload: 1 Move Action, Or 2 Standard Actions
Bolt-Arcana Pistols makes use of Alchemical substances to “enchant,” bullets. Fed via a 6 round clip. Extra damage is dealt depending on the spell level of the spell slot expended that day to maintain a charge.

Sub-Machine Guns (one-handed or Two-handed):
Service Light SMG (1000 GP)
Damage: 1D6
Properties: Single Shot, Imprecise, Burst, Full Auto
Range: 25/250 ft
Rounds: 100 Rounds
Reload: 1 Complete Round
Fed via a Drum, this gun requires a Strength score of 16 to use. Firing one handed grants one a disadvantage to hit at any range. Two handed it fires as normal.

Rifles (two-handed):
Bolt-Arcana Rifle (1800 GP)
Damage: 2d8+*
Properties: Accurate, Single Shot, Alchemical, Burst
Range: 200/400
Rounds: 10
Reload: 1 Complete Round, OR 2 Standard actions.
Bolt-Arcana Rifles are the rifle sister to the Bolt-Arcana Pistol. Fed via a clip, likewise must be recharged each day by a spell-slot. Extra damage is dealt depending on the spell level of the spell slot expended that day to maintain a charge.

Looking for advice and opinions on these as general rules for firearms. Now granted, I'm not going for an absolute simulation of firearms. The purpose is to capture a few key features of the Firearm as a weapon.
1) Why they dominate warfare now
2) Why they are so common
3) Rules that are simply and easy to do. I try avoid having too many rolls involved in using these machines.

Realms of Chirak (Archaic (http://realmsofchirak.blogspot.com/2014/08/d-5e-archaic-firearms-rules.html) and Advanced Firearms (http://realmsofchirak.blogspot.com/2014/08/d-5e-advanced-firearms.html))
Superhero Necromancer (http://superheronecromancer.blogspot.jp/2014/07/into-breach-with-basic-d-5e.html)

Both sites provided a lot of my material ideas for Firearm mechanics.

2014-11-05, 10:29 PM
Ok. Where to start.

First of all, you threw out terminology ("Single Shot", "Full Auto") and then did not explain what these are supposed to do.

Second of all, you are making extensive use of action wording that the edition does not use (Swift, Standard, Move). There is no move action in 5th Ed. There is a move speed, and you can move up to it on your turn. There is an action, and it can do most everything. There is a bonus action and its uses are more limited.

I feel like I should note that your reload rules are more troublesome than WotC's.

2014-11-06, 12:32 AM
Apologies only just now noticing that the wrong rules were posted, update when I can or delete post.