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This is just a race that I had built in a setting I created and two other friends helping me to develop it (since 2012!)
Anyhow, I decided to post up some rules because Why Not?!? I felt like it'd be cool to post a slightly modified race from my works.



Think of her with obsidian-colored skin, and add a bit of muscle to her, and you basically have what the race looks like.
Image owned by Valve. All rights reserved, etc, etc, etc.

The Argon sat in the tavern, still taller and broader than all others there. “So, what’s your story? I heard that there was a traveller in town recently, but I never expected one such as you, Argon.”
The Barkeep wiped a glass mug, not really expecting an answer from the strange and alien humanoid in front of him. His guest’s eyes seemed to spark as it responded with an obvious male voice, crackling and harsh as the fire in the firepit itself, “I have only recently travelled here myself, Barkeep; a survivor of a civil war between ideologies and ancient grudges.” His obsidian-skinned face looked sorrowful as he continued, sipping at his mug of Dwarven Mash, “It almost seems that we are cursed with disharmony, especially after the defeat of the god who created us. We, like most mortals, must fight for our own place in the world. But never in all the centuries that I have lived, have I felt troubled for my people’s future.”
“So, what’s your name then?” The Barkeep finished cleaning the mug, putting it in a nearby cupboard alongside many other mugs.
“I am Sokja-Gol-Terra, but you may call me Sokja if you so wish.” The Argon smiled, his flames dancing on top of his head.” - Journeys of the Unexpectant Traveller, Sokja-gol-Terra.

A people new and open to ideas, yet alien and intimidating to all that see them, the Argon are a people that have gained so much as well as suffered so much in the ages after their freedom from the god who breathed life into them.

Divine Militia
The Argon were the creations of the God of Chaos, Destruction, Disasters, and Revenge known as Byss. Byss, wanting more divine power than he was granted by the other deities around him, created the Argon to be his personal army to conquer what he saw as rightfully his. For this reason, they have a natural affinity to warfare and military life.
Argon were, and still are, taken at 1 year of age to begin mental training to be a warrior of the clans. At 6 years, physical training begins, toughening and training their already tough bodies for the rigors of war. At 10, they are finally ready to do battle, told to take a “Rite of Passage” alone and survive in the wilds until the age of 15. Only then, are they truly ready for battle under the name of Byss.

Clans within Hierarchy
Many Argon do not believe in a monarchical government, seeing it as not fitting of the spartan lifestyle. While they do elect a central leader (known as a Korrimdak) every decade, that chosen leader’s only powers reside over military strategy and community policing while a Council of Elders, made up of the eldest of the community, actually commit to the political business of the community (Trade, Jury for the Korrimdak’s accusations and arrests, diplomacy with other Argon communities and other races, and so on). Below those positions in the Hiearchy is everyone from commoners to merchants to soldiers to mages. Argon are supposed to share their wealth with everyone in the community, giving the most to who needs it the most. This means that the majority of Argon communities do not have positions of “nobility” or “aristocracy” that many other races do.

Rough Personalities
Despite their lengthy estimated lifespans, the Argon peoples are considerably alien to the other races, having differing beliefs and a more pessimistic view on life. Their culture is not necessarily worse, enforcing laws and rules set by their multiple Council of Elders within each community of Argon. Humans and Elves, for example, view the Argons as brutal and spartan, the common stereotype made against Argon being a stupid brute that would befriend an Orc; Dwarves seeing them as hostile and savage, not following the same rules per clan as the Dwarven people do.
In the contrary, the opposite of both views is the truth, the Argon proving that they are willing to learn from other races, showing intelligence that would make a philosopher ashamed, and willing to ally themselves with whichever races they see as positive for the Argon community at hand (even races such as Orcs or Ogres).

Argon Names
The Argon naming convention is unique, to say the very least, putting together birth-name, surname, and gender into a naming convention that few others understand, but makes sense in Argon thought.
Common Male Names: Shegk, Tempal, Gaarda, Solos, Xanh, Horro, Tenkoa
Common Female Names: Shenna, Korrma, Lokke, Kemma, Prekka, Tef, Okka
Clan Names: Sul, Massha, Bi, Tol, Kol, Kom, Sinh, Badka, Yojo, Errja, Sev, Kyt, Haan, Dok, Shon, Coll, Kell, Sann, Berra
Gender Suffixes: Terrha (Male), Gaiha (Female)

Example Names using the Convention: Gaarda-Sul-Terrha, Shenna-Bi-Gaiha, Tenkoa-Sev-Terrha, Kemma-Sinh-Gaiha.

Ability Score Increase. Your Strength and Constitution scores increase by 2.
Age. Argon mature in the same way that Humans do, reaching adulthood (both physically and culturally) around 15 years of age. After 20 years of age, aging slows down to the point that they are so long-lived that other races have theorised that their lifespan can reach 5000 years.
Alignment. While most Argon prefer any of the Neutral alignments (True Neutral, Neutral Good, Lawful Neutral, Chaotic Neutral, Neutral Evil), they still hold their ancestral spark of Chaotic tendencies. A minority of Argon, however, still follow the teachings of Byss; the God of Chaos, Destruction, Natural Disaster, and Revenge who created the race, adopt Neutral Evil or Chaotic Evil mindsets; despite having gained free will after the god’s defeat.
Size. Argon are big and bulky as well as heavy from naturally thick muscles, standing taller than a Human at around 7 ½ feet tall on average, and weighing around 450 pounds on average. You are considered to be Medium-Sized.
Speed. Despite their bulk, Argon base walking speed is 30 feet. In addition, your speed is never reduced by wearing Heavy Armor.
Darkvision. Having eyes that glow as part of their natural “flames”, Argon have superior vision in dark and dim conditions. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were dim light. You cannot discern color in darkness, only shades of grey.
Abyssal-born Immunities. Ancestrally speaking, you were born in the fires of Byss’s domain, granted immunity to Fire damage. This means that you take no damage from all attacks and effects that deal Fire damage.
Corona of Flames. Having the color of burning elements, the Argon has a natural crown of flames that covers his head, as a Human has a crown of hair covering his head. This crown of heatless flames gives off a “torch-like” glow with a range of 20 feet, being considered bright light in low-light conditions, and considered dim light in dark conditions. This glow grants you Disadvantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks, as well as granting this Disadvantage to all creatures within this glow. Covering it up with a piece of headgear (like a helmet or a turban) removes the Disadvantage for you and other creatures in the glow, but you cannot gain Advantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks. Also, you cannot use this flame do deal damage, nor can you use it to catch an item on fire.
These flames can be in any bright color that fire can burn at, with the most common colors being red or yellow-orange, and the rarest color being white or nigh-invisible.
Renowned Toughness. You gain 1 extra Hit Point at 1st level, gaining 1 extra Hit Point whenever you increase your Character Level or Hit Die. In addition, you are proficient in Constitution Saving Throws.
Spartan Lifestyle. The Argon have a militaristic lifestyle, beginning to train at a young age to do combat for whatever cause possible for any specific clan. Choose any 3 Martial Weapons. You are considered to be proficient in those weapons, in addition to being proficient in Light Armor, Medium Armor, and with the Shield.
A Stubborn but Weakened Mind. As a creation of Byss, all Argon are susceptible to certain effects that tell the Argon what to do, but they are hardy in spirit and never back down from threats. You have Advantage on Saving Throws against Paralysis, Fear Effects, Illusions, and magic Sleep Effects. You also have Disadvantage on Saving Throws against any Mind-Affecting effects that don’t cause Paralysis, Fear Effects, Illusions, and magic sleep effects. Also, you can never be proficient in Wisdom Saving Throws, even if a class would normally grant it to you.
Languages. You can speak, understand, and are literate in the Common and Argon languages. The Argon language is derived from the Infernal tongue, used by the Argon as part of their culture, filled with words, phrases, and alphabetical characters that are, in a similar fashion to fire itself, both harsh and powerful.


God of Chaos, Destruction, Wrath, Betrayal, Disaster, , Revenge, and Vengeance.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Allowed Alignments: Chaotic Evil, Chaotic Neutral, Neutral Evil
Favored Weapon: Any, but depicted with swords of all different kinds.
Suggested Domains: Trickery, War

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Argon Racial Templates
All of these templates require the character to be an Argon, and must be applied at the character's creation.
A Racial Template gives the following bonuses:

New Ability Score Increase
Character keeps Size, Speed, and base racial traits.
Templates may change character's creature type.
Character must replace 1 class feature of the listed class level with the appropriate template feature of the same level.

Born with natural horns, these Argon are seen to be destined; able to lead their people to victory against their enemies.

Ability Score Increase. Your Charisma score increases by 1.

Level 1: Gifted Leader
Level 5: Aura of Command
Level 10: Warlord
Level 15: Aura of Inspiration

Gifted Leader. You gain proficiency with two if the following skills: Deception, History, Insight, Intimidation, Persuasion.
Aura of Command. At 5th level, you gain the ability to create an Aura of Command once per Short Rest. When active, you grant all allies within 60 feet (that can see and hear you) a bonus to Attack Rolls, Damage Rolls, and Saving Throws equal to your Charisma modifier. This Aura lasts for 1 minute or until the end of the combat encounter, whichever comes first.
Warlord. At 10th level, you gain a single Expertise Die and 2 maneuvers from the Battle Master subclass feature, usable as normal. If you already have Expertise Dice and Maneuvers, you gain 1 extra Expertise Die as well as 1 extra Maneuver.
Aura of Inspiration. At 15th level, you gain the ability to create an Aura of Inspiration once per Long Rest. When active, you grant all allies within 60 feet (that can see you and hear you) Advantage on Attack Rolls, Saving Throws, and Skill Checks. This Aura lasts for 1 minute or until the end of the combat encounter, whichever comes first.

Born larger and tougher than normal Argon, these beings are the namesake of the phrase "Brute".

Ability Score Increase. Your Strength and Constitution scores increase by 2.
Size. Large. Cannot use weapons with the 'Light' and/or 'Finesse' keywords.

Level 1: Brutal Strength
Level 5: Powerful Strike
Level 10: Toughness of the Brute
Level 15: Improved Brutal Strength

Brutal Strength. You deal extra damage on a melee attack equal to your Proficiency Bonus.
Powerful Strike. At 5th level, you gain the ability to make a melee attack into a Powerful Strike once per Short Rest. The target of this attack must make a Constitution Saving Throw (DC = 8 + 1/4 Hit Dice + Strength Modifier), being knocked prone and pushed up 20 feet if the Saving Throw fails. A success does not knock the target prone, nor is he pushed.
This ability is used as part of a melee attack roll, and cannot add your Proficiency bonus to the Attack Roll when this ability is being used.
Toughness of the Brute. At 10 level, you add another 1 Hit Point per level gained, adding 1 Hit Point per Hit Die gained after 10th. In addition, as a Reaction once per Short Rest, you can roll a single Hit Die (adding your Constitution modifier to the roll) to take less damage from any type equal to the total roll.
At 15th level, you can use this ability at-will, as a Reaction but only once per round.
Improved Powerful Strike. At 15th level, all of your melee attacks made using the 'Powerful Strike' ability gains the 'Brutal' quality, meaning that you reroll any 1s rolled in the attack's Damage Rolls until you get a value of 2 or higher. If the melee attack that you use this ability with already has the 'Brutal' quality, you reroll any 1s and 2s in the Damage Roll until you get a value of 3 or more.

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Argon Masterwork Equipment

Argon Masterwork Weapons gain the 'Brutal' quality.
With the 'Brutal' keyword, you reroll any 1s rolled in the attack's Damage Rolls until you get a value of 2 or higher. Better Masterwork values increase the base needed damage.

Argon Masterwork Weapons: Brutal 1 (reroll 1s)
Cost = x3; Rare

Argon Masterwork Weapons: Brutal 2 (reroll 1s and 2s)
Cost = x6; Very Rare

Argon Masterwork Weapons: Brutal 3 (reroll 1s, 2s, and 3s)
Cost = x12; Extremely Rare

Argon Masterwork Armor
Can only be applied to Medium Armor and Heavy Armor, and must be made of metal.
Grants Resistance against any or all of the following damage types: Acid, Bludgeoning, Piercing, and/or Slashing.

Argon Masterwork Armor Rank 1: Resistance to 1 listed damage type.
Cost = x2

Argon Masterwork Armor Rank 2: Resistance to 2 listed damage types.
Cost = x4

Argon Masterwork Armor Rank 3: Resistance to 3 listed damage types.
Cost = x8

Argon Masterwork Armor Rank 4: Resistance to all listed damage types.

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Argon, hm. Make sure to say that they have trouble bonding with others :smallbiggrin: