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"People of Earth, I am Darkseid! Lord of Apokolips! Here is your savior, bound and broken! I have crushed him as easily as I have crushed all who have dared to oppose me throughout the cosmos. I am power unlike any you have known! Absolute, infinite, and unrelenting! You have no choice but to prepare for a long, dark future as my subjects... and my *slaves*. " ~ Darkseid

The Impestus

Before the Sun lived, or the stories took shape, there was unyielding chaos, swirling together the tales of hundreds, thousands, millions of narratives and legends, without form, solidity, or shape, concepts and ideas. Then one stood out beyond the rest, and with thought and force of will it became something more, something greater, and thus the Emperyean was born, a self-aware story. With force of will and confidence beyond arrogance they led, an unyielding first, a truth of what was known as leadership, and as more stories gained sentience, they were their unequivocable ruler. And in their everlasting reign, they created the first Xenocosmic Mythos, establishing their right to lord over others, their undeniable power and will.

Then the Lawgivers came, and they dared to wage strife and dispute the Emperyeanís sovereign right, and their impudence caused a war beyond comprehension of the mortal thought, and in the end, when the everbeating heart of the Emperyean was wrenched into place and bound to Great Wheel, sewed into eternal agony of stories of rulers and tyrants and warlords and barons and dukes, an idea and creation of these rebel gods, reducing the idea of true monarchs into tiny thoughts and fragments blasted apart in the far corners of the planes.

From the Emperyean the word emperor came, a ruler of everything, but their delusions of grandeur and role in the wheelís path, chosen and dictated by what gods believe is great, were miniscule compared to the true magnificence of the original ruler, the one who was the first alive and the first to lead. Now, all ďleadersĒ are nothing more but pawns in the everlasting cosmos of gods and their whims and fancies. But then there are those who have a spark, a spark felt across the realms and planes, the right and magnificence to rule, those who lead others away from the predetermined path the gods have set, a true king in itself, one who create epics with their plans and reshapes the world with every decision. And with the pure, unbridled essence of rule, the Emperyean resounding in their minds and souls, they are known as the Impestus.

Making An Impestus

The Impestus is many things. They do everything and do it with excellence, for they forge their own destiny of glory and order, and with their right to rule they do it all. Where others are specialists, able to do one thing with their way, where rogues use deft hands and wit to get past a door, the Impestus force the door to open with their will for others to do as they see fit. Where wizards and clerics use their meager knowledge to change the rules of the world set by the gods for a short time, the Impestus merely scoff at the idea that rules bind them at follow the rules they choose for themselves.

Abilities: Charisma is the most important ability score for the Impestus, as only the force of their personality dictates what they can or cannot do. Everything else does not matter, for they are minor concerns that are crushed by the intensity of the will of the Impestus, that allows them to be as great as what the Impestus requires.

Races: There is no particular race predestined to become an Impestus. Any race can one day find in themselves the desire, and confidence, to rule over others.

Alignment: There is no specific alignment Imepstus are drawn to. The Impestus can be a merciless tyrant and conqueror, or a benevolent king and lord. The urge to rule manifests in both the kind-hearted and malevolent.

Starting Gold: 6d8 x 10 (As Aristocrat)

Hit Die: d12
Skill Points: 6 + Intelligence Modifier
Class Skills: Appraise (Int), Balance (Dex), Bluff (Cha), Climb (Str), Diplomacy (Cha), Disguise (Cha), Forgery (Int), Gather Information (Cha), Handle Animal (Cha), Intimidate (Cha), Jump (Str), Knowledge (all) (Int), Listen (Wis), Perform (Cha), Ride (Dex), Sense Motive (Wis), Speak Language, Spot (Wis), Swim (Str), Survival (Wis), Tumble (Dex).
Proficiencies: Impestus are proficient with all simple and martial weapons and all armor and shields.

1st+1+2+2+2The Ruler's Mythos, I Rule These Lands, Mythos Known, Exceptional Mythos, Excellence in Kingship, Emperorís Will I+2+1
3rd+3+3+3+3Emperorís Will II+1+0
5th+5+4+4+4Emperorís Will III+1+0
7th+7/+2+5+5+5Fantastic Mythos+1+1
10th+10/+5+7+7+7Emperorís Will IV+0+1
13th+13/+8/+3+8+8+8Legendary Mythos, Emperorís Will V+1+1
15th+15/+10/+5+9+9+9Emperorís Will VI+1+0
17th+17/+12/+7/+2+10+10+10Emperorís Will VII+1+0
19th+19/+14/+9/+4+11+11+11Exalted Mythos+1+1

The Ruler's Mythos: An Impestus's power is expressed in terms of one or more "Mythos", the building blocks of the legend that they are, and the stories that they have told and will tell. While any given Mythos varies from the rest, they share some similar traits. They are always Extraordinary abilities, and when they reference a difficulty class for an imposed saving throw, that saving throw is always calculated as (10 + 1/2 class level + Strength modifier, unless otherwise stated). When a Mythos references a "level" that is not clearly defined in some other way, such as "character level", it refers to "class level" as in the number of levels one has in the Impestus class. When a Mythos references "allies", it specifically does not refer to the Impestus using it. When a Mythos grants a feat as a bonus feat, it is regardless of whether the character meets the prerequisites for that feat (unless otherwise stated), and if the character already possesses that feat (in some permanent fashion - via the normal allotment gained by leveling up, or through another Mythos, and so on, but not those gained temporarily, such as via a "Heroics" spell), they must replace the prior instance of that feat with another feat that they qualify for.

Every Mythos has a Tier. The Tier of a Mythos ranges from 1 to 4, typically referred to as Exceptional, Fantastic, Legendary, and Exalted. Exceptional Mythos tell the tales of warlords and dukes, rulers of villages and towns, the story of the people who lead townsfolk against hordes of monsters and find themselves victorious. Fantastic Mythos are the ideals of presidents and kings, subjugating countries under their will and right.. Legendary Mythos are what emperors strive to be, rulers of the Material Plane, leading armies against each other, parting seas because they can. Exalted Mythos are for tyrant conquerors and emperors beyond the universe. They control entire planes and rule the Great Wheel, and Gods bow to them and Demon Lords are their manservants.

Some Mythos, in addition to their initial stated effect, have Basic and Advanced manifestations. When an Impestus gains access to a Mythos with a list of Basic manifestations, they may choose one such manifestation, and they gain that benefit immediately as well. This choice may not be changed later. When an Impestus gains access to a Mythos with a list of Advanced manifestations, they may choose one such manifestation, and they gain that benefit upon achieving their next level of Impestus. This choice may be changed at any point before receiving the chosen manifestation itself, but not after (choosing beforehand is just an easy way to mark it down on your character sheet so you don't forget that you'll be getting something later).

I Rule These Lands: Some Mythos refer to the Impestusís leadership level and land. The Impestusís lands are all the areas that they themselves control, where the people there recognize that the Impestus rules there. For example, if a town pledges service to the Impestus, then that is counted as his land.

Leadership level is the number of subjects/citizens/followers you have. The scale goes something like this:

1= 50 to 300 Subjects
2= 300 to 5,000 Subjects
3= 5,000 to 25,000 Subjects
4= 25,000 to 75,000 Subjects
5= 75,000 to 150,000 Subjects
6= 150,000 to 300,000 Subjects
7= 300,000 to 500,000 Subjects
8= 500,000 to 5,000,000 Subjects
9= 5,000,000 to 100,000,000 Subjects
10= 100,000,000 to 1,000,000,000 Subjects.
11= 1,000,000,000 to 2,000,000,000 Subjects
12= 2,000,000,000 to 3,000,000,000 Subjects

Mythos Known: A 1st level Impestus begins play with two Exceptional Mythos that he qualifies for if this is his first level in a PC character class. At higher levels, he gains additional Mythos as noted on the Impestus class table.

For characters that multiclass into Impestus after having taken levels in another PC character class, the 1st level of Impestus grants only a single Exceptional Mythos, rather than two.

An Impestus also has the ability to learn more Mythos, above the ones automatically allotted to him by leveling up - by giving his wealth to his subjects. At any time, an Impestus may give one of his possessions to his citizens. The donated item's value in gold pieces is recouped by the Impestus as an equal amount of Mythos Points.

By spending 1,000 Mythos Points, and 250xp, he may learn an Exceptional Mythos. A Fantastic Mythos requires 5,000 Mythos Points and 500xp. A Legendary Mythos takes 10,000 Mythos Points, and 1,000xp. And an Exalted Mythos takes 20,000 Mythos Points and 2,000xp.

For half the listed price for a given Tier, a Impestus may learn a Basic or Advanced manifestation of a Mythos they already know of that Tier.

Learning Mythos above the standard amount requires astounding, nearly single-minded devotion to the emperorís path. An Impestus may only utilize this ability while more than half of his effective character level (ECL) is devoted to levels in the Impestus class.

Excellence in Kingship: As denoted on their class table, an Impestus gains a certain number of abilities known as "Excellencies". These tend to be more general, generic, and passive than a Mythos, but are useful nonetheless, and are drawn from their own separate list, unsegregated by Tiers. Like a Mythos, a Impestus may learn more Excellencies above their allotted amount. Each one costs 1,000 Mythos Points and 100xp, plus an additional 1,000 Mythos Points and 100xp for each time a new Excellency is innovated beyond the first. (So, 2,000mp and 200xp for the second, 3,000mp and 300xp for the third, etc.)

Emperorís Will: What right is it for others to strike at their rightful ruler? The Impestus can add their charisma modifier to their AC as a deflection bonus. Their will is not based on wisdom and so they replaces their wisdom modifier with charisma for will saves. The Impestus also begins his path to conquest. They gain the feat Leadership as a bonus feat, but do not get a cohort. In addition, they also can add their character level to all charisma-based skill checks.

At 3rd level, an Impestus adds their charisma modifier to his saves. In addition, they multiply their number of followers by x2.

At 5th level, an Impestus adds their charisma modifier to their initiative. In addition, they gain the feat Extra Followers.

At 10th level, an Impestusís will allows them to be excellent at everything. The Impestus adds their charisma modifier to the rest of their ability scores. In addition, they multiply their number of followers by x1.5.

At 13th level, an Impestus gathers more followers, and gains the feat Epic Leadership as a bonus feat.

At 15th level, they gain the feat Legendary Commander, and double their level in determining their leadership score.

At 17th level, they multiply the amount of followers they have by 100 in each level. These extra followers can only take commoner levels. Calculate the normal amount of followers with actual class levels seperately, then multiply that number by 100 and subtract the number to determine how many commoner followers you have.
These all stack multiplicatively.

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Exceptional Mythos

Heed My Words
Prerequisite: 4 ranks in Intimidate

The Emperor is no mere man. With a wave of his hand and a sight of his glory, he awes his enemies who dare attempt to attack him as they have no choice but quiver at the sight of might, no hardened warrior nor fearless champion.

You gain the feat Imperious Command. In addition, you may attempt to demoralize the enemy as a swift action. This affects all enemies within 30 feet of you.

Crippling Glory Presence : You need not use embellishment nor bravado to strike awe and fear into the hearts of your enemies, for the Emperorís glory is enough.. Each round, you automatically make an intimidate check. If this intimidate check fails, the enemy can still be affected by a regular demoralize attempt..

Shock and Awe: If an enemy is successfully demoralized, they are dazed for 1 round before the effects of the demoralization check is applied.

Break Courage: The Emperor laughs at the idea of heroes with unbreakable will and courage. Any enemies immune to fear are still affected by your demoralization attempts.

See Your Champion Fallen: After you knock the strongest enemy in an encounter prone or bring them under 0 hitpoints, you can make an demoralization attempt as a free action. This attempt can still affect those who have already been affected by an attempt.

Heaven Falling Shots
Prerequisite: -

In a test of skill, it is inevitable that one with more skill shall beat the others, and who has more skill than the Emperor?

You gain the feats Point Blank Shot, Far Shot, and Precise Shot. In addition, you add your Charisma modifier to attack and damage rolls with ranged combat.

Inspiring Shot: After you make a ranged attack, all allies gain your Charisma bonus to attack and damage rolls with ranged attacks.

Protagonist Arrow:. When you make a ranged attack, all allies within 30 feet can use an immediate action to make a ranged attack at the same target.

Imperial Iron Fist
Prerequisite: -

Many rulers hide behind their armies and guard to fight, simpering in fear at the thought of a fight. The Emperor laughs at such notions and breaks his enemies with his bare hands..

You gain the feats Improved Unarmed Strike and Superior Unarmed Strike. In addition, you add your Charisma modifier to combat maneuvers with unarmed attacks.

Imperial Stomp: You gain the feats Improved Trip and Knock-Down. In addition, when attacking prone enemies with unarmed strikes, you double your strength modifier for damage.

Imperial Smash: You gain the feats Improved Bullrush and Knockback, as well as Power Attack. In addition, whenever an enemy attacks you and misses, you may make a free bull-rush attempt against them as an immediate action.

Imperial Choke: You gain the feats Improved Grapple and Scorpionís Grasp. While grappling an enemy, you automatically deal critical damage with your unarmed strike.

Royal Weaponmaster
Prerequisite: -

The Emperor is not foolish, nor is he weak. He doesnít hide behind men lesser than him, nor does he run away in cowardice. With a hand beckoning to the enemy, he challenges those to face him in combat, and to die by his hand.

You gain proficiency with one exotic weapon.

Conceited Einhander: You gain the feats Einhander, Dodge, Mobility, and Spring Attack. In addition, while wielding a weapon in one hand and nothing in the other, you add your Charisma modifier to attack and damage rolls.

Prideful Greatsword: You gain the feats Power Attack, Cleave, and Great Cleave. In addition, if you miss an attack, you may attempt to attack another opponent within your reach, adding +4 to the previous attack roll.

Arrogant Shield: You gain the feats Shield Specialization, Shield Ward, and Improved Shield Bash. In addition, you can add ľ your level (minimum 1) to your shield bonus.

Two Narcissistic Blades: You gain the feats Two Weapon Fighting and Two Weapon Defense. In addition, your off hand weapon adds your full strength modifier instead of half, and you do not take penalties from wielding two weapons.

Bloody Rule: You can perform coup de grace as a swift action. In addition, you may make it against opponents under 25% of their health, even if they arenít helpless. Whenever you can make an attack, you can make a coup de grace as long as they fulfill the prerequisites.

Effortless Parry: When an enemy attempts to attack you, you can make an attack roll. If this attack roll exceeds the opponentís, you interrupt their attack, and prevent them from making anymore attacks for that turn.

Neverfailing Strike: You may reroll any 1s and 2s on attack rolls.

Inspirational Voice of the Emperor
Prerequisite: -

The Emperor takes many forms throughout history, but none can say their rise to power was as a mere usurper or traitor. Rather, the Emperor draws his allies in with strength and power, and everybody is naturally drawn to magnetism and force of personality within them. And with a speech or a shout, his allies find strength within themself, for as long as they know he believes in them, they believe in him who believes in them.

You gain the ability to inspire courage as a bard of your level, but it only affects those with less hitdice than you. You add your Charisma modifier to the morale boosts given by this ability. The skill this is tied to is Perform (oratory), and does not need to be sustained, instead lasting for the rest of the encounter.

Awe-Inspiring Words: You gain the ability to inspire awe as a bard of your level.

Only You Can Do It: You gain the ability to inspire greatness as a bard of your level without the perform requirement. This does not prevent them from receiving the inspire courage bonus.

Believe In The Me That Believes In You: As a standard action, you can make a perform (oratory) check to attempt to end any effects on your allies. If an ally can hear you, they can use the results of this check in the place of any saving throw for that round. Alternatively, they may end any condition they have that does not have a save.

Tyrant Sacrifice
Prerequisite: -

An Emperor is not without his subjects, and their purpose is to benefit the Emperor. They are mere maggots, tiny parasites of his power. And as any individual within the might of the Emperor, they live to serve.

As a immediate action, after taking damage, you can transfer the damage to a willing ally within 100 feet. They cannot take damage that would exceed 0 hitpoints. If this occurs, they take enough damage to bring them to 0, while the rest of the damage still affects you.

Desecrated Strength: Whenever an ally falls to 0 hitpoints from this ability, they automatically die and you gain their strength as if casting death knell.

Make An Example: Whenever an ally is under 0 hitpoints, you can coup de grace them and automatically kill them. Your enemies then become shaken for 1d6 rounds, while your allies gain a bonus to their saves equal to your charisma modifier.

Feel As I Feel: Whenever you have an ongoing effect on you, once per encounter you can transfer it to a willing ally within 100 feet.

Unyielding Emperor Spirit
Prerequisite: -

You gain the feats Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes, and Great Fortitude. Once per encounter, after rolling a saving throw, you can choose to roll again and pick the higher result.

Immortal Health: You gain the feat Epic Fortitude. In addition, if you make a successful Fortitude save against an attack that normally would have a lesser effect on a successful save (such as any spell with a saving throw entry of Fortitude partial), you instead completely negate the effect.

Immortal Spirit: You gain the feat Epic Will. In addition, if you make a successful Will save against an attack that normally would have a lesser effect on a successful save (such as any spell with a saving throw entry of Will half, you instead completely negate the effect.

Immortal Speed: You gain the feat Epic Reflexes. In addition, if you make a successful Reflex save against an attack that normally would have a lesser effect on a successful save (such as any spell with a saving throw entry of Reflex half), you instead completely negate the effect.

Mad Maniacal Monarch
Prerequisite: -

The Emperor manifests in all sorts of people, and there are those who are unable to handle this fact, and they turn to madness in order to escape.

You gain the feats Willing Deformity and Deformity (Madness). In addition, you gain an Insanity score equal to Ĺ your level (minimum 1) + any taint you may have. You take this insanity as a penalty to all wisdom-related checks and skill checks.

Insanity Defense: You gain the feats Reflexive Psychosis and Insane Defiance.

Method To The Madness: Once every encounter or 5 minutes, you can add your Insanity score to one check.

Iron Failure Defense
Prerequisite: -

You are the Emperor. Why should weapons forged of steel hurt you? Why should a mere object created by mortal hands and tempered in fire eclipsed by your spirit cut your skin?

You gain DR 5/magic. In addition, if a melee attack fails to overcome your damage reduction, you deal damage equal to your x2 your total DR to the enemyís weapon, overcoming any hardness it may have. Your damage reduction increases by 1 every 2 levels from level 1.

Cracking Item Destruction: You gain the ability to shatter at-will as the spell. The caster level for this ability is equal to your character level.

Macguffin Sword Syndrome: You add your charisma modifier to your damage reduction. In addition, your protection now means that the insects and pests who send their champions to kill you merely fail, for only one weapon can cut your iron skin. Select a material, an alignment component (such as lawful or good), and a type of damage (bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing). You add these to what is needed to overcome your damage reduction. For example, if you pick cold iron, good, and slashing, to overcome your damage reduction your enemies need a cold iron magic slashing weapon with a good alignment component.

Emperorís New Clothes
Prerequisite: -

The Emperor is a king of kings, beyond humanity and mortality. Therein and therefore is it not right for the Emperor to wield and wear equipment beyond humanity and mortality?

You gain a set of armor. This armor can be of any type or category. It usually is extremely ornate, stylized in the form of whatever the Impestus chooses. It is automatically masterwork. If you take this mythos at level 1, you begin play with this set of armor. While wearing this armor, it does not lower your speed (if heavy or medium), and has no dexterity limit nor armor check penalty. This armor is a gift from the Great Wheel, woven together from the blood of the Empyrean and bathed in the heart of the Omphalos, a Mythos worn over you. As you wear it, it grows to suit your power and strength. At level 3 it gains a +1 enhancement bonus, and every 4 levels afterwards it gains another +1. This armor can then be enchanted normally. If the total enhancement bonus is reaches +10 then the armor stops gaining more enhancement bonuses.

After looking at a piece of armor made of a different material or with an armor template on it, this suit of armor gains all the benefits from that material or template, even if normally ineligible to receive the bonus. For example, if you see a Riverine piece of armor and an Adamantine piece of armor, your suit of armor gains the normal benefits of Riverine as well as the Adamantineís damage reduction benefit. You can choose if you want any certain material or template to be applied.

You can summon your armor as a swift action and automatically equip it.

The type or armor conveys special benefits:
Light: You gain a bonus to your speed equal to the enhancement bonus of your armor x20 while wearing it.
Medium: You gain the feats Endurance, Diehard, and Death Frenzy. These feats only apply when wearing your armor.
Heavy: You are immune to nonlethal damage while wearing your armor.
If any future enhancements of materials change the armorís type, these aforementioned benefits do not change.

Your armor (or any other item received by this Mythos), counts as a masterwork tool for Intimidate and Diplomacy.

Emperorís New Sword: You gain either a two handed weapon, ranged weapon, two one handed weapons, or one handed weapon and shield. This weapon/weapons gain the benefits of this Mythos.

Evolving Suit: When looking at piece of magic armor (or weapon, if you have the Emperorís New Sword manifestation), you can choose to get the magic abilities on that piece of magic equipment added to your piece of equipment, as long as the total enhancement bonus of your armor/weapon does not exceed +10.

Ruling Over [X]kind
Prerequisite: -

The Emperor is meant to rule over all things. It is his right, his purpose. And throughout history the Emperor has been many people, all connected and interweaved by their narrative, their legacy of blood and determination. And when he rules over the peasants, he feels as they feel and live through their footsteps with more experience than they ever had..

You gain 1 racial feature from any humanoid or monstrous humanoid race you have as a follower or which you rule over. This racial feature counts as:
-1 special quality/attack available to that race.
-all natural attacks available to that race
-1 subtype available to that race
-half any natural armor bonus available to that race.

In addition, you count as that race for all intents and purposes as well as your previous race.

You may select this Mythos and its manifestations multiple times.

Mongrel Tyrant Amalgam: You can pick 1 racial feature of either a different race or the one you already picked.

Full Transformation Of Body And Mind: You become the race whom you have picked for this Mythos. After one rest period, you turn into the race and gain all racial features available to that race. In addition, you retain any previous racial traits.

Impossibly Acute Emperor Sense
Prerequisite: -

A ruler must be perceptive. He must know what others are thinking and see what others canít. He must note the inaccuracies and falsities all around him, and to find those who may attack or harm him. Many kings and queens were trained from birth to learn the skill of perception.

The Emperor needs not train, for he watches all around him with his force of will.

You gain the feats Alertness, Skill Focus (Search), Skill Focus (Spot), Skill Focus (Listen), and Keen Eared Scout. In addition, you can add your Charisma modifier to search, spot, and listen checks.

Closed Eyes Point: You gain the ability trapfinding and the feat Trap Sense. You cannot use the part of trapfinding to disable devices. Anyone who has had the trap pointed out to them gains a +(5+your charisma modifier) circumstance bonus to disable it or on AC/Reflex saves.

Hearing Voices: You gain telepathy out to 30 feet. This improves by 10 feet at levels 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, and 15.

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Fantastic Mythos

Tyrannical Terra Cotta Army
Prerequisite: Craft (Sculpting) 1 rank

There was once a tale about a king, obsessed with statues and sculpting, He would whittle fantastical creatures and legends everyday. Everywhere, from the halls, to the rooms, would be filled with his masterpieces. One day a beggar came into to town, and asked for shelter from the cold winter at the palace. The king laughed. ďLook at my sculptures. Why would I risk you dirtying their gleam? Begone with you!Ē But the beggar was secretly a wizard, and he cursed the emperor, and in an instant his statues of warriors and demons and all sorts of monsters that go bump in the night woke up and ransacked the kingdom and ate the king.

The Emperor laughs at these cautionary tales and creates perfection to rain hell on his enemies.

After defeating an enemy in which you dealt the majority of damage to defeat it who has a CR greater than or equal to yours, you can carve a small statue of them out of any solid material. You must spend a day crafting a small facsimile of the enemy. This small figurine is up to 12 inches tall and 12 inches wide and long, and weighs up to 10 lbs. To craft it, you must beat the DC (20+CR of enemy+you character level). Once doing so, as a standard action, while holding the figurine, you can transform it into an exact copy of the enemy in any square adjacent to you. This copy loses their intelligence score and follows all your orders. For all abilities related to intelligence, treat it as 20. These copies go away after being reduced to 0 and revert into figurines, requiring 24 hours to pass before being able to use them again. You can revert all active figurines as a free action. You may have a number of figurines equal to your character level. If these figurines are ever destroyed, you must resculpt one before being able to use it again. Each summon has a +30 bonus to disguise itself as a statue when standing still.

I Choose You: You can summon your army even if you do not have their figurine as long as their figurine is on the same plane as you.

Look Upon My Works And Despair: Each of your summons gain the frightening presence ability, with a DC equal to (10+your character level+charisma modifier).

Emperorís Generosity: Your figurine can be used by any ally, as if they were you, in regards to being ordered, transforming it, and reverting it.

Commit To Memory: You can sculpt any creature with a CR less than yours without seeing the creature as long as you have a description. In addition, you can summon a copy of an enemy you are fighting with without sculpting it, as long as you spend a full round action observing the enemy in question. Once the summon is destroyed, you must take time to resculpt it afterwards.

Reflexive Emperor Celerity
Prerequisite: -

The strength in life is to be quick, for the slow die. The Emperor knows this on instinct, and is faster than quick. And in his vast kingdom, none could rival him, for he was swifter than speed and faster than light.

You gain the feats Improved Initiative, Fleet of Foot, Run, and Dash. In addition, while in your Lands, you can teleport anywhere within it as a move action. You cannot teleport into spaces that are already occupied.

Everlooming Emperor Threat: The Emperor is a leader, and what leader cannot protect their people? You gain the feat Combat Reflexes. This feat runs off the greater of either your Dexterity or Charisma modifiers. In addition, you threaten everything within your land. Whenever an enemy provokes an Attack of Opportunity within your land, and are out of your normal threatening range, you may teleport into an adjacent square and make the attack against them. If there is no square available to teleport to, then you canít make the attack.

Let Me Show You My Realm: You can teleport anywhere in your land from anywhere. In addition, you may bring a number of people equal to (character level times 200) to your lands or out of your lands that are within 5,000 feet of you when teleporting. This only works to bring them into or out of your land, and does not allow you to teleport them around inside your lands.

Speed Beyond The Mortal Eye: You act as if always under the effects of haste. In addition, you can make a number of swift actions each turn equal to your charisma modifier.

Omniscient Imperial Sight
Prerequisite: Impossibly Acute Emperor Sense

The Emperor truly sees, sees more than what his own eyes can see. He knows all and sees all.

You gain Blindsense out to your (character level times 20) feet. In addition, while in your lands, your blindsense upgrades to blindsight, and extends outwards to the borders of your lands.

I Know Your Plans: Prerequisite: Hearing Voices. Your telepathy affects everything within your lands while within them. In addition, anything you can sense with your blind sense/sight is affected by your telepathy.

Automatic Sense Knowledge: When a creature or person enters your realm, you automatically know their name, class, healthpoint level, equipment, and surface thoughts, as well as any family members, friends, or people connected to them. In addition, you gain lifesight affecting everything within your lands.

Heralding True Power
Prerequisite: -

The Emperor is a force that controls the world, manipulates fate, and defies the powers of gods and monsters, and no mortal, nor immortal, can deny his power, and when he takes a step everyone knows it was the Emperor.

Pick one storm weather effect. This weather effect is perpetually on as an aura around you in a 4 mile radius. It also affects everything in your lands, centered on any single object you choose. You can end the effect at-will as a swift action. When you die, the weather also automatically goes away. These storms come with severe wind, which you can choose to end separately or with the rest of the storm. Any penalties involved with the weather you choose donít affect you, nor does it affect any people you choose. You can not change this choice later.

Inspire The Masses: Your weather aura comes with a single emotion, affecting everyone within your weather, selected from the ones below:
Despair: The enchanted creatures suffer a Ė2 morale penalty to saving throws, attack rolls, ability checks, skill checks, and weapon damage rolls.
Fear: The enchanted creatures flee from you whenever they are in sight of you. (will save ends)
Friendship: The enchanted creatures react more positively toward others. Their attitude shifts to the next more favorable reaction (hostile to unfriendly, unfriendly to indifferent, indifferent to friendly, or friendly to helpful).
Hate: The enchanted creatures react more negatively toward others. Their attitude shifts to the next less favorable reaction (helpful to friendly, friendly to indifferent, indifferent to unfriendly, or unfriendly to hostile).
Hope: The enchanted creatures gain a +2 morale bonus to saving throws, attack rolls, ability checks, skill checks, and weapon damage rolls.
Rage: The enchanted creatures gain a +2 morale bonus to Strength and Constitution scores, a +1 morale bonus on Will saves, and a Ė1 penalty to AC. They are compelled to fight heedless of danger.
You can choose whether or not your enemies and allies are affected by this aura. You can take this manifestation multiple times. Choose another emotion each time you take it again.

Motivating Presence/Debilitating Presence: Your weather aura additionally deals 1d6 negative energy or positive energy damage to everyone within it. As normal, negative energy heals undead and damages the living while the opposite is true for positive energy. This increases by an additional 1d6 every 3 levels from level 7. Your lands cosmetically change as well-positive energy may make the lands more lush, and make crops bountiful, while negative energy may turn the land into a barren waste with a everpresiding gloom. You can choose whether or not the aura affects a person.

The Devil Wears Gold
Prerequisite: Diplomacy 10 ranks

The Emperor is a diplomat. From a tyrant warchief, to an illiterate farmboy, the Emperor is a master with words, a sly-tongued monarch with wit and flattery to match.

Whenever you succeed a diplomacy check to bring someone up to helpful, you may affect the person or people you have succeeded against as if you used the spell dominate person as long as what you ask of them is within reason. Whenever they are entitled to a will save, as noted by the spell, they must beat the result of your diplomacy check. They gain a cumulative +3 bonus +any previous bonuses every time they must make a save. For example, the first time they get +3, next time they add +6, and so on and so forth.

Monolithic Testament Of Power
Prerequisite: -

The Emperor is a king, and all kings need their palace.

You gain the feat Landlord, and are treated as a level (character level+follower level) for the purposes of this feat.

Motivated Army Inspiration: You, or any allies, gain a circumstance bonus to any skill check, attack roll, saving throw, or ability check equal to your charisma modifier while inside or within sight of your Stronghold.

Moving World Palace: You can teleport your palace anywhere within your lands as a standard action. Any creatures already occupying a space you teleport your palace into must make a reflex save or take 10d6 damage and be dazed.

Executing Hopes And Dreams
Prerequisite: Heed My Words

The Emperor can be many things, from conqueror to poet, from tyrant to father. But one they have been many times is despot and destroyer, and what an average day for one can be the life-changing event for others.

Whenever you kill someone (either from you ordering someone to do it, or you yourself killing them,) , if anybody who is humanoid, monstrous humanoid, animal, or giant who was deeply touched by the person you killed is nearby and able to see it, they must make a will save. If they fail, then they must cower for a day. After each day, they must try to make a new save in order to get rid of the cowering debuff. If they succeed on the save, they instead become panicked for 1 hour.

Once they get rid of the effect from this ability, they must make another will save, against a DC of (10+character level+charisma modifier+days afflicted by this Mythos),. If they fail, they swear vengeance on you. If their alignment was good, they shift to neutral. They take a penalty to their Charisma and Wisdom equal to the number of days they spent cowering or hours panicked down to a maximum of 1. Any favored enemy or any other special ability focused on killing a specific type of creature instead becomes against you. If the person in question had NPC class levels they automatically retrain all of them into class levels. If they had a standard array it automatically upgrades to an elite array. In addition, whenever the person affected by this mythos sees you, they automatically act as if they were in a rage, and must target you in every attack or make an effort to try and come closer to you to attack.

Heart-Breaking Sorrow: Instead of succeeding and becoming panicked, they instead cower for 3 rounds, then become panicked.

Arenít I The Worst?: This Mythos now affects any creature type.

Gilded Iron Throne
Prerequisite: Monolithic Testament Of Power

The Emperor rests on a throne built by blood and gilded with power.

While inside your stronghold, you gain the ability to place a throne. This throne counts as a large object, and is 10 feet tall. The throneís appearance is decided by you. While on your throne, it takes you only 1 hour to count as an extended/full nightís rest. While sitting on your throne, you do not need to eat or drink. You do not age, and your natural healing rate increases by (follower level+charisma modifier). When sitting on your throne, all Mythosís numeric effects are multiplied by x10, excluding save DCs, bonuses to attack and damage, skill or ability checks/rolls, or damage dealt by a Mythos. You can automatically sense if someone is in the room where your throne is, and you can teleport onto your throne as a swift action.

Soothing Chair Of Healing Hearts : After resting on your throne, you automatically get rid of any ability damage or drain, negative levels, or disease affecting you.

Cursed Stone Trap: If someone sits on your throne, they must make a saving throw, or take a number of negative levels equal to your Charisma modifier.

Army Of Myths
Prerequisite: -

The Emperor is a legend. It is merely fitting that his subjects are legends.

All followers from the leadership feat you have are Mythos classes. Any followers you already have can retrain any class levels they have to take Mythos levels. Your followers, in addition, gain ľ their NPC wealth in Mythos points. None of your followers can take levels in being an Impestus.

Mythical Court: You gain a court of 5 people, who, more or less, function as cohorts, although they are only 1 level below yours. Your court is tied to your lifeforce, and you are unable to be killed, as long as any member of your court are still alive. Your court, if they have class levels, must have to have at least one level in a Mythos class. If any of your court ever take the Leadership feat, they do not get a cohort. Any followers or land your court gains count as your own.

Legend Greater Than Any Other: You gain your base (as in, without any increase from feats and class features) amount of followers from Leadership and Epic Leadership x5 as Mythos points. This is affected by everytime you gain another follower.

[b]Make My Minion Grow
Prerequisite: -

The Emperor is a pedestal to which all should be compared, so he carries the burden of leadership, to lead his underlings to power and glory and future conquests. And though he canít expect his servants to be as great as he, he can still make them think they can.

You can, as a swift action, transform one of your willing allies within 10,000 feet. They grow 1 size bigger, as well as their equipment, as long as they also spend a swift action on their turn. Each size increase gives a stacking +2 size bonus to strength and constitution, stacking +5 size bonus to movespeed, and a stacking -2 size modifier to dexterity, as well as the normal size modifiers for growing a size (minus ability modifiers). In addition, if you and your ally both spend a swift action, your ally can grow an additional size. You can only grow an ally a number of sizes equal to your follower level, (max colossal). You can shrink your ally back to normal form as a free action.

To I, There Is No Zero: Instead of increasing size, you can make a willing ally decrease in size. They shrink 1 size smaller, as well as their equipment. They gain a +2 size bonus to dexterity, a -2 size modifier to strength, and gain all relevant modifiers for decreasing size (minus ability modifiers). You can only shrink an ally a number of sizes equal to your follower level (max fine).

One Man Army: You can create a copy of any willing ally (including yourself) as a swift action. These clones are indistinguishable duplicates of the original, all of which share the same ability scores, personality, class levels, skills, feats, and memories. They carry the same arms, armor, and equipment as they did (but only have mundane versions of any magic gear), and they cannot cast spells or spell-like abilities or use any spell completion or spell trigger items. They are friendly toward each other and your companions and will follow any order you give them (even actions that they wouldn't normally do, such as charging a dragon or jumping off a cliff). The duplicates you create each have one-quarter of the originalís hit point total at the time of casting and take damage as normal in combat. If a duplicate is slain, it disappears and the original takes 10 points of damage. These copies last as long as you live, or until you dismiss them as a free action.

2014-11-13, 07:24 PM
Legendary Mythos

Sacrifice Of Prosperity
Prerequisite: -

The Emperor is a king, and his kingdom does not, will not, never suffers. No matter the cost.

All of your followers become immortal. They cannot age, and suffer no aging penalties. They become immune to diseases of all types, and never need to eat, drink, or sleep. They all get fast healing equal to your charisma modifier, and, if they die in battle, they are revived the next day with full health, without any memories of what happened the day before. All of your followers must make will save against (10+your character level+charisma modifier+days the Mythos has been active) in order to notice these effects or else go on as normal, forever frozen in time. All of your followers must obey any order you give them, without any attempts to find loopholes or to deviate from their path.

The Peopleís Champion
Prerequisite: -

As long as someone believes in you, you will succeed. This is a truth. The Emperor can never fail to succeed, for his kingdom believes in him. This is also a truth.

You add your follower level to your ability scores, as a morale bonus to attack and damage rolls, and to all ability and skill checks. Whenever you can see the majority of your followers putting their faith in you, whether it by a horde of them cheering you on, or them raising your hands and sharing their energy with you, the bonus doubles.

Imperial Nihilism Shintai
Prerequisite: -

It is an undeniable fact that the Emperor is a ruler, a king, a tyrant, a conqueror, whatever it is called. And it is his right to do as such. They rule because it is what they do. They rule because it is their purpose. It is their story. But there are exceptions to all stories.

Once an era beyond history, the Emperor warred against monsters beyond comprehension and thought. Once before that, the Empyrean was a proud titan ruler. But the Lawgivers came and thought to rebel against the titans. And in a war that followed came out the titans defeated and the Empyrean standing tall, ever strong, ever lasting, yet alone. Alone, without any allies left. Alone, against the rebel gods. And alone did the Emperor stand against the monsters. But he didnít fall. He had no army, no citizens left, but he didnít fall. His followers were gone, but he didnít fall. And until nothing is left and the Great Wheel is gone, he wonít fall.

In order to take this Mythos, all of your followers must die, or your kingdoms must be taken over. If this event ever happens in the future, you gain this Mythos for free. You can never regain followers. Your kingdom, and all of your lands, crumble apart and are reduced to mere barren husks of its former glory.

Your follower level, as a result, is permanently set to the highest it had been before getting this Mythos. Your lands are now counted as everything within a 5,000 mile radius from you.

In exchange, you count as your own ally and follower for all purposes.

Awaken The Godbeast
Prerequisite: -

The Emperor is a legend. A story, without compare. A myth, told from family to family, a narrative that never ends, one of glory and power. And all legends have their own monster.

Select one creature that is suitably terrifying or dangerous that you have defeated in single combat. Perhaps a dragon, with teeth like knives and claws like swords? Or a kraken, terrible in size and consumer of the sea. Whatever the case, it is now associated with you. The creature you select has all their hitdice maxed and has the advanced template applied. It gains immunity to all mind-affecting effects, poison, sleep effects, paralysis, stunning, disease, critical hits, ability drain, ability damage, energy drain, negative levels, fatigue/exhaustion, polymorphing, petrification, and any form-altering attack. They gain spell resistance equal to double their hitdice and regeneration 20. It gains a natural armor bonus equal to the greater modifier between strength and constitution. They gain the ability to use the maneuver Iron Heart Surge and recover as a Warblade. It gains the ability to fly at double its land speed with perfect maneuverability. It grows one size category and gains all relevant modifiers.

Whenever an enemy sees the creature you chose, they take a morale penalty to their saves and attack equal to your follower level. They automatically know that it is connected to you in some way. The creature cannot attempt to attack you. You can summon the creature as a full-round action. You can direct it to attack, but can't give it more complex orders beyond attack or defend unless the creature is sentient. The creature gains a circumstance bonus to their intimidate check equal to double your follower level.

2014-11-13, 07:26 PM
Exalted Mythos


2014-11-13, 07:27 PM
And one more, probably for an example character.

2014-11-13, 07:29 PM
Now you can post. I was going to try and complete it first, but I figured I might as well unload here beforehand. Just need to finish Legendary, Exalted, and Excellencies.

commander panda
2014-11-13, 09:31 PM
huh. this is pretty damn interseting.
one quelm i have is that this guy seems to be a bit to focused on combat and not focused enough on using his huge pool of followers. being a tank in combat is fine, but the way it's looking now, it seems like the finished product will be able to give the bellator a run for her money in a one on one fight. i think he just needs to have more of his mythos focus on using his subjects in a fight. (i actually have my own idea for a mythos to that effect. i'll try to get that up soonish.)

also, some of his fantastic and exeptional mythos seem a little bit to strong for their level. i'll go more in depth later, but an example would be ruling over [x] kind because the way it's worded the emperor of a particularly multicultural nation could have a racial feature from half the races in existence, or heralding true power shuts down every nonmagical ranged attack ever at level 7.

2014-11-13, 10:03 PM
I wouldn't qualify a -4 penalty as shutting down ranged attacks all together.

commander panda
2014-11-13, 10:47 PM
I wouldn't qualify a -4 penalty as shutting down ranged attacks all together.
:smallredface:yeah, i read that wrong. i read weather effect to mean you could be surrounded by the weather type of your choice at all times. meaning constant lightning storms/blizzards/etc.

2014-11-13, 10:51 PM
I don't know why, but I am in love with that shintai.

2014-11-13, 11:09 PM
A lot of the Exceptional and Fantastic Mythos are either overpowered or poorly written. Sometimes both!

Like infina-teleport by 7th level. Or getting 5 extra characters,one level weaker than you, that make you immortal as long as they exist.

Mythos classes are intended to stand toe-to-toe with Tier 2/1 characters, but they still have to follow the dictates of game balance.

Silva Stormrage
2014-11-14, 05:55 AM
Agreed, as written this class is far too strong. I will write up an in depth review later as I really like the concept but definitely removing the 5 super cohorts would be a good start :smalltongue:

2014-11-14, 07:53 AM
Yeah, many of this are probably messed up mainly due to the fact I write these while half dead and after work at like 1 am. The note about the teleportation is that it only works while in your lands or out of your lands. It allows you to dip back to your home for something and go back. The only place where it becomes extremely strong is in the case where something might be invading your home and you can do an epic battle. Then you can laugh at your DM because you're built to defend your homeland. The court one made me go huh when I retread. Going to change them to normal -2, and give like regeneration or something. The class is basically BBEG+ now.

2014-11-14, 08:55 AM
One thing you really should do is run a comparison between your Mythos and, say, the Teramach and Bellator.

Mainly, your combat Mythos.

(Also, Emperor's New Clothes is inappropriate as an Exceptional Mythos. That's a Fantastic Mythos at least.)

Oh, and The Devil Wears Gold is broken, because it absolutely breaks expected math. You might as well say that they never get any saves ever, because no-one is going to be able to pass those saves (I can build you a 3rd level character who gets a +21 bonus to Diplomacy without items, after all). May I suggest a solution like the Eikonoklastes' [Lie] Mythos, where certain Mythos don't allow a save against their effect unless someone can make a check that beats 10 + your Diplomacy modifier? Maybe using The Giant's Risk vs Reward Judgment table to modify the check?

So, for example, The Devil Wears Gold wouldn't create a Dominate Person effect; instead, people who are Helpful towards you must follow your orders unless they can beat your Diplomacy modifier + 10 with (say) a Sense Motive check. If you order them to run into battle naked, they get a +10 bonus on their check; orders to let your soldiers sleep in their barn would give no bonus (in fact, it might give a penalty if there are bandits around.)

Or, if you want the DC to be beatable in the first place, 5 + Diplomacy Ranks + Class Level + Charisma modifier bonuses. That would give you a DC of 22 + Charisma modifier when you first get the Mythos (assuming you picked it up at 7th level), and scales up to 48 + Charisma modifier by the time you hit 20th level.

Maybe call them [Mandate] Mythos.

Scanning through Xefas' classes, the basic effects of an Exceptional Mythos are about as powerful as 2 decent feats. Mythos classes get their power from the fact they don't have any (imposed) limits on the amount of power they can have; you could theoretically have every single Mythos of any tier you qualify for. It's the same principle that tips spellcasters from "good" into "godly".

2014-11-14, 09:14 AM
I just added a clause making it within reason, and also gave them a stacking +3 bonus each time they make a save. Simple.

2014-11-15, 09:34 PM
Added a new legendary mythos.

2014-11-16, 11:53 AM
This class is way too much. You need to think about what this is relation to other Mythos classes and not what you want it to be using the mythos system as a ad-liberty card to put in whatever comes to mind.
1. This class is supposed to a fighting capable support as such why does it have a d12 hit die? Any mythos class that has 6 skill points only at most have a d10.
2. The follower scale is just beyond massive and why do they have a range? What you ought to be thinking about is a minimum and then allow certain mythos as well as a general multiplier to gain more as well as be more specific on who they are. After all how may of those on the pictures were actually rulers?
3. A lot of your Exceptional Mythos is more of Fantastic level and so on and so forth. I'll give examples with the following.
4. The Emperor's New Clothes equals the Bellator's Armament-Forging Soldier Sagacity and Marching Fortress Stamina plus free magical bonuses and enchantments as well as speed bonuses and/or feats.
5. Imperial Iron Fist equals the base ideas of 3 different Teramach mythos.
6. Royal Weapon Master again equals the base ideas of 3 different Bellator mythos.
7. At level 2 you can get better coupe de grace abilities than a level 10 Black Blood Cultist build.
8. Imperialism Nihilism Shintai effectively comes with no cost as the cost is compensated+ in addition to putting yourself in the buff loop. All Legendary Shintai abilities come with a sort of alienation cost or conditions in which must be observed.
I am sure there is more here to critique but I think this covers the base of the issues I see in allowing this if it is.

2014-11-16, 12:42 PM
I think that many of your ideas are good. The names are nice, the fluff behind them is nice, but the mechanics of your Mythos are somewhat overwhelming.

For instance, Reflexive Emperor Celerity is much too strong, as is. However, it would be absolutely perfect if it was dialed back just a touch. Rather than base it around the teleport spell, why not go with something that comes online at level 7: Dimension Door. You could give the Impestus the ability to use Dimension Door at will whilst in their lands, teleporting to squares within range. It would be both limited and limitless at the same time. The manifestations would require some reworking as well, because honestly, threatening everything within their land is sorta ludicrous. You could increase their threatened range while in their land, though. That would be much more on-par.

Omniscient Imperial Sight is also too much. I think it would be much more balanced to give them short range, slowly scaling blindsense (10 + 5/3 levels after 7) that upgrades to a wider-radius blindsight (maybe 20 + 10/3 levels?) while in their lands. This would also require some reworking of the manifestations, but that's par for the course.

One other thing that might be useful when it comes to balancing this class: bumping Mythos up a tier. You have many, many mythos that are powerful enough that they could be a full 1 tier higher. Sacrifice of Prosperity and Awaken the Godbeast seem like good fodder for Exalted Mythos, for instance. Tyrannical Terra Cotta Army needs a rework, but it ought to be a Legendary Mythos. Army of Myths is just crazy, and probably needs a complete reworking. If it just let your followers take PC class levels, it'd be Legendary too.

And one final thing. How does the Impestus measure their leadership score? Cha+level is the norm, but that'd mean that typical first level Impesus wouldn't have any followers. You ought to give them the "great renown" bonus for free, as well as something to get their leadership bonus to 10 as fast as possible.

commander panda
2014-11-16, 01:08 PM
you should probably also put some kind of limiter on Awaken The Godbeast. at present, there's no reason why i couldn't take a CR 60 monster as a pet at level 12, short of DM fiat.

2014-11-17, 01:43 PM
you should probably also put some kind of limiter on Awaken The Godbeast. at present, there's no reason why i couldn't take a CR 60 monster as a pet at level 12, short of DM fiat.

Yes there is, it's called you probably can't beat a CR 60 monster in single combat at level 12.

2014-11-17, 02:17 PM
Yes there is, it's called you probably can't beat a CR 60 monster in single combat at level 12.

With as many things it adds to it along with the Advanced Template it at least adds about 8 CR right there.

commander panda
2014-11-17, 03:19 PM
Yes there is, it's called you probably can't beat a CR 60 monster in single combat at level 12.

i dont think it said in single combat yesterday.
regardless, that problem is fixed, so there's no point worrying about it.

2014-11-17, 06:49 PM
Yes there is, it's called you probably can't beat a CR 60 monster in single combat at level 12.

Well, you can kill the CR 20 Tarrasque at level 3 with a couple tricks, so CR probably isn't the best measure of a monster's effectiveness.

Also, you get Legendary Mythos at level 13.