View Full Version : DM Help shopping some ideas for my game, DarkRealm

2014-11-15, 06:51 AM
So, I've been having a case of DM dysfunction. I finally got a group together, but I can't seem to get my stuff right. My last game was going to be inspired by Xorvintall, but I decided I didn't want to write a rule set for that.

My new game is pretty simple, I stole the idea from Ultima 8.

The players are transported to a world known as DarkRealm (because f*** originality, right?), which is the home dimension of an evil fungus god named Mykon from my main setting. They have to figure out how to get back.

DarkRealm is dark because there is no sun. There is still a moon, meaning that day and night are essentialy switched, but where it gets it's light is a mystery. Everyone has either died, gone underground or mutated. A few groups and powerful individuals still cling to the surface, creating entire villages surrounding giant magical bonfires or special beacons.

I'm looking for suggestions of what to populate my word with. I've got the basics down (giant mushrooms, nettle patches the size of forests, creatures bigger and deadlier and more accustomed to a night environment), but I wanted to see if anyone had suggestions, questions, or comments.