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Innis Cabal
2007-03-23, 05:13 PM
Nobles with guts, warriors with spirit these are what Dragoons are. Though this class cannot use spells there are many better abilities it can use. Usually when a person shows signs of being a Dragoon they are masters with swords, spears or staffs, and bows. These Characters can leap over enemy lines and may be mistaken for outraged fighters in battle. The reason for this is because they attack with fury.
People of riotous heart usually become Dragoons because they help the needy, are never hasty, and can put up with almost anybody.
NPC Dragoons may be found in huge strongholds with important officials. They may be a high-ranking officer in an army.
Hit Dice: D10
To qualify to be a Dragoon A Character must follow the following criteria.
Race: Human, Half-Elf, Elf.
Ability Scores:
Strength: 14
Dexterity: 13
Intelligence: 12
Charisma: 14
Feats: Toughness, Quick draw.
Jump: 4 ranks

Class Skills
A Dragoons Class skills (and key ability for each skill) are Jump (Str), Craft (Int), Ride (Dex), Climb (Str), Handle Animal (Cha), Balance (Dex), Open Lock (Dex), Swim (Str), Tumble (Dex), Heal (Wis), and Use Rope (Dex).
Class Features
All of the following are the features of the class Dragoon.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: The Dragoon is Proficient with all Simple and Martial Weapons and all types of armor.

Dragon Sword: The Dragoon may use various Techniques that all must be done holding a sword.

Volcano: you attack 4 times and divide it in half then round up.
2 handed critical hit: you perform a critical hit if you hit your enemy but you lose your shield bonus until your next round.
1 handed critical hit: same as the 2 handed version but you keep your shield bonus.
Hyper Quadra Slash: you attack in a row four times none of these may be critical.
Harpoon: you may use your sword for piercing damage instead of slashing Jumping Quadra Slash: you attack four times in a row but the last hit is critical.
Spinning Slash: you attack 5 times in a row none may be critical.
Boomerang: you may throw your sword 20 feet it will come back to you.
Boomerang Slash: same as boomerang but you may hit someone after this.
Omni Slash: you attack all enemy in a 5 foot radius of you 3 times each the 3rd hit for each enemy is critical.

Dog Friend:
Use the dog abilities in the Monster Manual for its status. Along with the normal dog’s abilities it gains these extras.

Dragoon Level Bonus HD Natural Armor Str. Adjust Int Special
1 to 5 1 .+1 .+1 5 Empathic Link, share saving throw
5 to 10 3 .+2 .+2 7 speak with Dragoon
10 to 13 4 .+3 .+3 9
13 to 20 5 .+4 .+4 10 Command other dogs
20 + 7 .+5 .+5 12 Spell

Bahamut Wish: One time ever at level 20 a character may wish for one of the following
Winged Bahamut Scale Mail: Fly at normal speed with good maneuverability protection from fire, water, and electricity damage.

Dragon Scale Mail of the Deep: one element immunity. May Breath water and converse with water animals. It is also immune to pressure.

Sword of Bahamut: Great Sword that does 3D6 + 5 damage

2007-03-23, 09:16 PM
This seems... Odd to me.

Let me review this.

Race: Ok. Makes Sense.
Base Ability Scores: Err... No. These dont make sense. A PrC should NEVER have ability score requirements. Change it to feats that have the same pre-reqs, or something else.
Also, if this is a NORMAL Base Class, then Remove the pre-reqs (Other than Race) All together.

Having a dragoon be proficient with all weaponry, when all his abilities are used with a sword, seems counter-intuitive. Make it so he is proficient with only swords.

Speaking of his abilities, they seem... Sketchy. Can you explain to me

Abilities: Could you tell me when these things are fleshed out?

Volcano: Ok. So you attack 4 times, using what BAB? Then you Divide the damage by two?

Critical Hits: Err... These seem odd. I'd change them completely.

Harpoon: Now this is a solid skill. A Stabbing motion.

Hyper Quadra Slash: No. This skill is WAY under powered. 4 attacks? See a BAB. that gives you 4 attacks. No useage whatso ever.

Spinning Slash: Err... No. See Quadra Slash.

Jumping: NO! No auto critical hits! Way to overpowered!

Boomerang Skills: No. These make no sense what-so-ever.

Omnislash: What? THis makes no sense, and is WAY to overpowered. Say your DM gives you, say, a swarm of tiny things. You Omnislash, instantly killing them all in one hit.
Dog Friend: Seems underpowered, and not fitting with the concept

Wish: No. This is completely off base. The Mail of the deep outdoes both of them: Immunity to an element.
IE: You know that the next dungeon is a volcano. You wish for the mail of the deep, and gain fire immunity. Bam. You can do what you want in the thing, without harm.
Sword is uber-Underpowered. re-do this one.
The scale mail... bump it up to perfect manuverability.

Also, provide a chart which tells us what level the stuff is gained.

Innis Cabal
2007-03-23, 09:19 PM
i really wish i could take credit for this abomination....well not really. This is off of the original WoTC forum when 3.0 was first introduced. After years of drifting like a dead god through the astral forum plane it found its way to Dicefreaks where it has stayed ever since as a source of derision and anguish...i thought i would bring it here...

2007-03-23, 09:29 PM

I feel dirty just reading that. Your right Innis that is an Abomination.

Most of its abilities don't even make any sense, to me at least.

2007-03-23, 10:00 PM
Yeah, I really agree with Osiris. Abomination rific.

Barely readable, half of the powers are ridiculously overpowered:
Volcano: this one is actually ok
2 handed critical: OVERPOWERED
1 handed critical: same as 2 but better...
Hyper Quadra Slash: Volcano without the half damage?
Spinning Slash; Hyper Quadra Slash with another hit?
Boomerang: ok in terms of power, if somewhat unrealistic
Boomerang Slash: same as Boomerang: ok.

You get basically everything at level 1, the prereqs are quite ridiculous, it can be taken as a first class, the three last items are not only imbalanced but onetime items. The dog pet seems unrelated. No written BAB or saves, the proficiencies are a little off, as Korias said.

Even the grammar makes the flavor text at the top kind of confusing.

If you fix up all of the crazy, rework lots of the dragon sword abilities, make sure you get them at different times, rework the wish, remove the dog, and change the prereqs, I think it'd probably be a pretty reasonable class.

Innis Cabal
2007-03-23, 10:24 PM
i dont want to clean it up...ever....i revived this and my soul is tainted by the blackness of pure CE...i wish i knew who made this class becuase i would commit my life to make sure he would never play D&D ever again

2007-03-23, 10:38 PM
I support that decision.

Innis Cabal
2007-03-23, 10:44 PM
thought you all might, send this to 110 of your friends and youll be cleansed of all evil it brings...

2007-03-24, 08:54 PM

Now you just had to make me do it, didnt you...

The Dragoon
Image in Spoiler


The Dragoon is a warrior that has been given the essence of a dragon, and with it, the dragons strength.

Jump: 8 Ranks
Tumble 8 Ranks
Diplomacy 4 Ranks
Race: Human, Half Elf, Elf.
Feats: Iron Will, Toughness, Skill Focus (Jump), Weapon Focus (Sword)
Special: Must have come into peaceful contact with a dragon that is of Adult age or older.


HD: D8.
Skill Points: As Fighter
Skills: As Fighter
BAB: As Fighter (+1 every Level)
Saves: All Good (+2 at level 1, +3 at level 3, +4 at level 5.)

Special Class Abilities
1: Dragoon Sword Technique
2: Dragoon Sword Technique, Dragoon Magic I
3: Dragoon Sword Technique, Bonus Feat
4: Dragoon Sword Technique, Dragoon Magic II
5: Dragoon Sword Technique, Dragon's Spirit.

Dragoon Sword Technique: You may take an ability from the set below. You can use each ability 3/day. Each extra buying of an ability allows an extra 3/day for the ability. Each ability is a full action.

Volcano: Volcano allows you to attack multiple times, but all attacks suffer.
You may attack 3 More times than you normaly could with a full attack, but all attacks suffer a -10 Penalty to hit, and a -4 penalty to damage.

Dragon Fang: You may strike with the ferocity of a dragon's bite. You make one attack, instead of a normal attack, to strike your foe for x2 Damage. This ability may not be used in conjunction with a critical hit. If so, the critical hit is wasted.

Dragoon Jump: By using your ability to take flight for a short amount of time, you can strike your target down from the skies. You may attack anyone within a 5ft range, including diagonals, and add your Jump skill ranks to your attack roll, and add half your Jump skill ranks to your damage roll.

Dragon Spin: Your knowledge of the dragon's tailspin is second to none. You may deal 1 attack at 2/3 your highest BAB and deal 2/3 Normal damage to every target you can reach. (Round up on all fractions)

Dragon Magic I: You may cast "Fire Seeds" 3/day as a spell like ability. Caster Level = Class Level.

Dragon Magic II: You may cast Fire Seeds 6/day and Delayed Fireball 3/day. Caster Level = Class Level.

Bonus Feat: As A Fighter.

Dragon's Spirit: Your spirit is fused with the spirit of a dragon. You sprout wings, and may fly at your base movement speed +10ft at Good Manuverability. The wings are any way you wish to describe them.

2007-03-24, 09:14 PM
This Dragoon isn't bad. I don't like the prereqs though, they can be met at first level :confused:
Volcano is definitely overpowered. Greatsword, anyone? That is 4+full attacks...bit much. I say lower it to 3 attacks total. I'd say weaken Dragon Spin too, a little bit overpowered. Lower it to 1 attack per person within reach, and I think it'd be ok. Then make Dragoon Sword Techniques full actions, and I think it's pretty good.

Innis Cabal
2007-03-25, 12:11 AM
Korias....you win the internet

2007-03-25, 12:19 AM
Jump: 4 Ranks
Race: Human, Half Elf, Elf.
Feats: Iron Will, Toughness, Skill Focus (Jump)
Special: Must have come into peaceful contact with a dragon.

A mere 4 ranks? That means I can get this PrC at level 2, if I have two flaws. Bump up the ranks needed.

Innis Cabal
2007-03-25, 01:28 AM
lets not forget the come into contact peacefully with a dragon....get that at level 2 and we need a long talk with your DM....not to mention...look what this PrC came from...an abomination so foul it makes children cry and women flee from the room

2007-03-25, 01:31 AM
Yes, and it has already reached the level of interesting/quite good PrC. I still suggest upping the req as well...things like "come into contact peacefully with a dragon" are actually pretty simple to get through, if your DM thinks you should be able to get this. I say add a little more to the prereqs.

2007-03-25, 08:31 AM
Korias....you win the internet

I am siging this.

Also, made some changes, I think I fixed it all.

Innis Cabal
2007-03-25, 08:33 AM
but what about the riotus heart!

2007-03-25, 08:51 AM
Omg - I think a larger portion of my brain just shut down for reading this....Ouch! Nice find, however.

Besides: A Dragoon is just a heavy Infantrymen who moves and marches on horseback, but fights on foot. Hell yeah, thereŽs also a game involving other "Dragoons", but a dragoon is something depressingly ordinary in 17th-century warfare....
Making a dragoon class would be very, very, utterly depressing. IŽd encourage anyone wanting to play one (Or a Samurai for that matter) to use a Fighter Core-class and adapt it via the feats.........

Innis Cabal
2007-03-25, 09:07 AM
well....i knew that....but we didnt make the class...Korias cleaned it up...and he already won the internet...so GG everybody. I dont know what the person who made the original "class" was thinking....and i think that was part of the problem, he wasnt thinking, but he certianly didnt have a riotus heart and i know for sure his dog friend helped him make it

2007-03-25, 09:32 AM
It sounds to me as if he was taking the "Legend of the Dragoon" Game (Where, I will say, was the inspiration for my version.) Due to the Volcano attack.

Also, Innis, Its "Righteous Heart"

Yeah, it didnt seem to be very co-ordinated. I often make classes off of spur of the moment ideas, but I then refine them.

Innis Cabal
2007-03-25, 09:46 AM
"People of riotous heart usually become Dragoons because they help the needy, are never hasty, and can put up with almost anybody"

thats what the guy said....its riotous heart.....because the dragoon is never hasty...thanks to his dog friend....i love this class...it mekes my soul hurt

2007-03-25, 10:10 AM
I wonder if some birth defects could be considered a riotous heart? I should ask my dog friend.....

2007-03-25, 10:14 AM
Innis, I know what he said. He has horrible spelling.

Kioran: So you made this class?

Innis Cabal
2007-03-25, 10:16 AM
he wont tell you....only dragoons have riotous hearts

Innis Cabal
2007-03-25, 10:17 AM
i doubt it.....unless he was like 10 when 3.0 came out...

2007-03-25, 11:06 AM
he wont tell you....only dragoons have riotous hearts

Ok. This is getting on my nervers.

Its Righteous. Get it right. As for that, get ALL of your grammer together.

Second, Dragoons dont neccessarily have to be good. Dragons arent neccessarily good, are they? We have Chromatic, which are the evil ones, and the metalic, the good ones. Do you think that evil creatures think that we are righteous when we slaughter them?

Seriously. If you want a "Righteous Heart" peice, just add an alignment Pre-Req.

Innis Cabal
2007-03-25, 09:02 PM
youre taking it a bit serious...and this was supposed to be from FFT...which came before Legend of Dragoon....so the dragoon was not based on dragon but the dragoons of england which were heavy armored calvary...why this class dosnt get...a horse....or armor....ya....i really dont know why this class gets anything.....other then a dog friend....its the best

2007-03-25, 10:11 PM
Nice new Prereqs, a lvl req of 5 is normal for PrCs.

2007-03-26, 12:30 AM
youre taking it a bit serious...and this was supposed to be from FFT...which came before Legend of Dragoon....so the dragoon was not based on dragon but the dragoons of england which were heavy armored calvary...why this class dosnt get...a horse....or armor....ya....i really dont know why this class gets anything.....other then a dog friend....its the best

The FFT Dragoon (which is based off the Dragoon that first appeared in FFIII) is nowhere near the actual Dragoon. Also, the Dragon motif armor came from either FFIII or FFIV with Kain.

Either way, "righteous heart" is not a prerequisite. Kain spends most of the time under Golbez's control, after all.

I'm still unsure what you're saying in most of this thread. Did you make it yourself? Are you claiming it came from some official WotC source or site (which I can guarantee that it didn't, due to the hideous copyright infringement contained therein)? What is it you want with this thread?

Innis Cabal
2007-03-26, 06:20 AM
i did not make this class....here is the link of its previous resting place


if you wish to see other peoples derision and hate for this insipid class then be my guest to visit. This is a joke...meant to amuse and scare those of this board...that was its purpose from the get go, im almost cerian. The lamentation of children and wives follow this class as it travereses the great expanse of tubes we call the internet. It in no way is a copy or even an objective look at the dragoon/dragons/ or any other mutation of the word. DO not think it is some video game/historical reference for it is not....i should have put up a disclaimer.....

2007-03-26, 10:07 AM
I agree with the disclaimer.

I also vote that we set fire to this class and anyone who played it or is thinking about it. right now, lol

2007-03-26, 10:46 AM
I'm sorry Korias, but after reading the first version of this post, my mind has shut itself down to protect it from further damage. as a result, I'm currently unable to actually critic your version of the PrC

2007-03-27, 10:41 PM
I dunno alchemy.freak, I think Korias's version came out pretty good.

However I COMPLETELY agree on that comment for anyone who played or though about playing this class. Burn it. and them.

(also, the quote is ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD)

Innis Cabal
2007-03-27, 10:58 PM
i dont think any sane person would think of playing this abomination....after all it takes a san check to read it...think about what it takes to play it....