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2014-11-17, 04:07 AM
I am not sure whether to call this a challenge, or a cry for help. In the future I plan on running a planescape inspired pathfinder game. As part of this each player can play a race from any other setting (or in some cases genre), and they....well through a series of crazy events all end up from their respective realities in Sigil. Or a city very much like Sigil...not sure which I will do yet...

Anyway, one of my players got a bright look in their eyes and questioningly said "...Andalite..?"

And they sounded so hopeful that I did not want to dash their hopes immediately.

So here is my challenge/cry for help:

How would you make a pc balanced Andalite race?
I only ask to keep it medium if at all possible, and no morphing (didnt touch the escafali device)


And by go I mean Id greatly appreciate any attempts.

2014-11-17, 05:22 AM
Ah, the Andalite! Quite the fine dish.

Here's one that our good friend Krimm Blackleaf prepared earlier. (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?37082-Andalite-creature-race)