View Full Version : New gamers thinking about getting into Dark Heresy

Demon 997
2014-11-17, 06:05 PM
A few friends and I are thinking about starting a Dark Heresy Game. A few of us have done some roleplaying, but mostly at a cobbled together semi freeform system level. We might be able to get a slightly more experienced person to DM. I'm curious as to whether the playground thinks this is a good system to start people off on, as well as whether to get edition one or two, and which supplements are worth getting?

I also wonder about how both the system and groups deal with the fact that the players are working for a group with at least some chain of command, and pretty clear consequences for disobedience and failure. It also seems like the other systems in the family would have the same problem only more so.

Demon 997
2014-11-18, 06:26 PM
Could a mod delete this? I didn't see the general thread under other systems.