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2014-11-18, 11:34 AM
On a suggestion to move this from the 4e threads to here:
So in an attempt to shrink down our maps from "taped together 6 by 6 foot monstrosities" to "something that will actually fit on a table", I've started making my maps on regular graph paper. However there is one problem; how will miniatures work on this scale? Our miniatures are far too big for the .5cm by .5cm graph paper i currently possess. I am not counting on the party remembering the position of everything at any point, and erasing/rewriting symbols is quite tedious(but if it has to be that way, so be it). Any solutions you guys have used that worked?

2014-11-18, 12:00 PM
Perhaps try using something like colored beads that have a relatively flat side.

Tarlek Flamehai
2014-11-18, 01:18 PM
I recommend a Doublesided MegaMat.


Use your cellphone to take a picture of the map for reference at the next game session.

2014-11-18, 02:42 PM
Get a bigger table? If you're playing a miniatures tactical combat game ( which 4e is), you need a playing surface of adequate size mostly dedicated to the battlefield map. Either make battlefields that are small enough to fit on your table, or look for a playing surface that fits your maps. Try putting two tables together? Get a couple of cheap collapsible tables and put then together, maybe?

I think the smallest you could get away with would be 1cm squares. Whatever markers you choose need to be big enough that you can differentiate them easily and easily tell what square they are on.