View Full Version : D&D 3.x Other Glitches - overpowered feat-type abilities

2014-11-18, 03:47 PM
I have no idea what kind of game you would use these in, but I started coming up with them and they are mildly amusing. Basically the idea is that your character picks a couple video game glitches to apply to them, and they have ridiculous abilities that they can use in the game. They don't necessarily need to be glitches as long as they are ridiculous video game tropes. These are obviously completely unbalanced, both in-game and against each other.

Whenever you are adjacent to a surface that permits a climb check to move along, you may make a jump check (DC 10) as a move action. If successful, you move five feet along the surface in any direction you choose. If you fail, you move five feet along the surface in the most downward direction possible.

You can press your face against any wall of thickness 5 or fewer inches, and make a search check (DC 20). If successful, you can see through all walls, floors, ceilings and the ground for a distance of 100 feet (but not through any other objects or creatures). If unsuccessful, you may not make another search check on that five foot square of wall for 24 hours.

Whenever you kill a creature, that creatures body twitches and convulses repeatedly. For the next 30 seconds, the squares the body occupies and all adjacent squares are difficult terrain

You may designate one ally to follow. If at any point you are separated by at least 30 feet in distance, or there is a wall between you and your ally, you instantly teleport to a square adjacent to them.

You may make a search check (DC 20), or a survival check if outdoors. If successful, you notice a faint yellow line on the ground that is guiding you to your intended destination. The line lasts 60 feet, after which you may make another check to re-find it. This ability can be re-used immediately after a failure.

You may make a gather information check (DC 15). If successful, any NPCs in a 60 foot radius centered at you who have a potential quest for you have a large yellow arrow appear over there head, pointing down at them. This arrow is visible only to you, and fades after one minute or after you talk to them. If unsuccessful, the NPCs within 60 feet of you are unaffected by further uses of this ability for one hour.