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2014-11-21, 06:11 AM
Hey guys, I'm creating a new RPG now that I'm setting in a steampunk scenario, and I've come to the class creation part of it

Up to now I've created a mercenary, an alchemist, a muse, a blacksmither, a psycho (pretty much a berserker) and a thief, and now I'm working on my gunfighter.
Problem is: I'm not actually having good ideas for him... I've made a sketch, but it's mechanism works pretty much as the pathfinder's gunslinger, and I don't want that...
I like the idea of him having some unique abilities to use with guns, but I don't know how would the mechanics of these abilities work...

The world will have both melee and ranged combat, so guns can't be so strong that other weapons won't have a chance...

Do you guys have any suggestions to give me? I mean, anything is accepted, this topic is for brainstorming ideas, so everything you come up with, you can post here

Extra Anchovies
2014-11-21, 06:18 AM
Pathfinder's Gunslinger (http://www.d20pfsrd.com/classes/base-classes/gunslinger) has some nice ideas to draw from. Be sure to check out the archetypes.

What sort of system is your RPG?

2014-11-21, 06:31 AM
I'm using d12, not very common, but I liked the idea of having smaller numbers..

And I did get some ideas from pathfinder, but I wanted a new way of using the abilities, instead of grits and deeds, I just couldn't come up with any

2014-11-21, 07:20 AM
could you give us an example of one of the classes? a rough layout, something?

2014-11-21, 07:56 AM
Sure, I'll tell you a bit about each class

The mercenary is pretty much like the fighter in dnd, he has weapon proficiency with every non-exotic weapon, he gains extra feat points (as feats are bought and not simply chosen) each even level and bounty contracts (that can be completed for rewards) each odd level
He will be the richest class late game, and pretty much versatile..

The muse focus on the use of musical instruments, and each even leel she learns a new musical arrangement, which gives bonuses for herself and her allies. If she stops playing music for 2 turns, all bonus are ended, and her arranges combo, which means that depending on which one she plays, the others may give better bonuses

The blacksmith will have to choose one out of three focus: grafts, automatons and tech. The graft one will specialize in building grafts for him to use and boost his overall stats (ex a mech arm that gives a boost to strength). The automatons one will build robots to fight for him, and the tech one will specialize in building weapons, armor and other gadgets that will aid him in and out of battle

The psycho is a guy that was used in experiences and every day he received a dose of adrenaline. He will be able to use this as a way to boost his stats, and he is proficient with all melee weapons.. Pretty much, he is a big stupid fighter

And the alchemist will work pretty much as Mage, but there's no magic in this world, so there's an alchemist :P

If I would describe them with too many details this post would be longer than it is, so pretty much this is it..

If you have any advice, I'd welcome them (:

2014-11-21, 08:29 AM
so aren't you basically making this?

2014-11-21, 08:45 AM
haha, no, not even close to it.. Specially regarding the fact that there ain't no magic in this world.. It's impossible to create something from nothig, like lights, fire or so.. Even though the Alchemist will have stuff like a reactional flask that unleashes lightnings when it colides, he won't be able to do it without the flask, and he won't create the flask without the materials..

Moreover, the way my classes work are pretty different.. I got some ideas out of MMOs and turned them into a tabletop, changing as necessary.. I just gave you a preview of the classes, but I'm trying to make something a little bit different.. That's why I don't wanna copy the gunslinger..

Anyway, this wasn't the point of this topic.. What I want is.. Like, I want a way you can use the gunslinger "deeds", without actually using "grits", but it has to be somewhat limited.. A wizard in D&D has to prepare his magics befor the day begins, a crusader will recharge his abilities after some time, the gunslinger in pathfinder will use grits to limit the amount of abilities he can use, and I want some sort of mechanic to limit this gunslinger ability use, that is not the ones I've said here before..

Do you have any ideas?

2014-11-22, 02:31 AM
How wide of a berth are you giving the concept of a gunslinger? Maybe if you're going on the feel of the Pathfinder Gunslinger, he pulls off his deeds in the midst of crazy action (mechanically, he needs to succeed on a specific skill check). This is however worthless for the sniper style, which to fit it's feel, would want something closer to called shots and successful attacks making their next attacks easier.