View Full Version : Randomly generating character class using community input.

2014-11-22, 01:31 AM
Disclaimer: Idea is stupid, and while probably fun, wouldn't fit most games.

Initial idea was to have a circuit/contingent based class that was given limited elements and could combine them so that if element eventX occurs, element valueY increases, and so on, until the elements wore out somehow. The power level would be very unreliable, but playing it would be an interesting puzzle, and probably a lot of fun.

Where these many elements comes from is another problem. For the system to be interesting there would have to be many kinds of elements, and a fair variety in each list. I'm certainly not going to write all that. I could have the player accumulate elements in game by copying from the world, but then the player could manipulate the 'random' array of elements to give them powerful combinations at all times. Combining an initial set plus player additions might work, but still has both problems to lesser degrees.

By far the most interesting possibility would be to have the player addition, but with the pool growing from everyone playing the class in the community. A player's own additions would come up, along with the contingencies and entities and all other sets of variables other players think would be fun.

Along the same line of thinking, the entire class table could be community generated, like a randomized playground built class.
I should point out that if we graph this function, as content approaches infinity, balance approaches 0. We have a horizontal asymptote on our hands.

Player has a set of elements, which wear with use, and are refreshed in some way, several times a day.

A set must include at least one form, which are used to combine elements. A fairly generic form might be:

After eventx, target of type T becomes elementY of type T.

Because the form requires an event, the player's set must include at least one event, such as:

You take damage.
A creature within 30ft with at least one HD dies.
You spend a standard action.
It is the beginning of a new minute.

The set also requires at least one target-able element, to fulfill the rest of the form. Clearly some work will have to be done to decide how targeting works, and more subdivision of elements to avoid confusion (how would you target a form?).
This last element could be of many different types. If it is a material, such as leather, than after the event, the targeted material is turned to leather. If it is a biome, such as jungle, the targeted biome is turned to jungle, ect. Rules are needed, clearly, but this should show the idea. Elements break after being used a number of times. If an element is used in a form, and that form is triggered the required number of times, the element breaks in all forms it is currently in, and must be replaced before the forms can be used again.

Ideas for balance? I think either all effects should be temporary, or they are undone when the element related to them breaks, or something similar, so that maintaining the effects limits the player.

Also, I've no idea why, but I'd like the class to be called 'The Juicy Sack'.
Unless that sounds weird and sexual. It sounds like a bag of smushed oranges to me.

Edit: I remember where these ideas came from now. I was half asleep in bed one night, which is why the ideas sound like I was seriously intoxicated at the time. I'd also had the thought of crimson pigs, instead of levels. When you gain experience for a level, you instead gain a crimson pig. Crimson pigs are hard to feed and maintain, but can be farmed with some effort. Kissing a pig causes it to dissolve, giving you the effects of a level up. Eating its juicy red meat should do something too. Plus you can make them fight for you.